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  • Fundraising

    Our department is trying to start into Auto Extrication. We need to do some serious fundraising. Anyone have any ideas on fundraising oportunities and/or government grants available?
    Thanks in advance for all your great ideas


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    Hi Joel,

    Couple of things: where is your department? 2nd are you a new department and is their mutual aid departments with extrication equipment?

    Just need some more demographics? If you are around oil producers, they generally like to support local fire services. We have STARS air ambulance and they put out a grant to fire departments to purchase equipment - totally depends where you are as to grants and stuff.

    We have a similar situation, we are a larger centre and have extrication tools, we have 2 surrounding towns that have small departments (volunteer)with minimal staff. One of these towns has said it would like to perform extrication - the governing body in the municipality kiboshed it due to our proximity and the number of calls the department gets where 0,1,2 people are available. Make sure your governing body supports you in this decision!

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    -People will forget what you did,
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      Hmmmmmm, I wonder what small rural department that would be that only gets 0,1,2 members responding????? Do I get 1 guess or the traditional 3? LOL......Have a good 1

      Dave Burn
      (EMT-P Student)
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        Start with a C - the other one that start with a B understands the proximity situation. Ha Ha Take it easy Burnsy!
        -I have learned people will forget what you said,
        -People will forget what you did,
        -But people will never forget how you made them feel!


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          Sorry, been busy for a bit.
          We are located in central BC. We do have a mine that 90% of the employees travel through our area as do the equipment trucks.


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            Your community should be able to apply for a JEPP grant. It's through the Provincial Emergency Program, the trick would be convincing them of it's value on a whole, not just for auto X. With the recent mud slides in BC, now might be a good time, since the JAWs of life can be used for all sorts of extrications.

            Anyhow, our dept did some major community fundraising about 10 years ago for the same thing. Hit up any community service groups like the Lions, Masons, Rotory Club, and the local Legion. These groups general have lo operating budget, but huge donation budgets. We also made up t-shirts with a big shark shallowing our rescue vehicle, and raised alot of money that way. If you get out there in your community, I think you'll be surprised at how much you can raise.

            Good luck, and let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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              more idea's

              We've got a few avenue's.

              1 an existing history of donations from the legion's ladies auxillary and other service groups

              2 annual fundraising event (ladies night out) dinner served by ff's , entertainment, games, t-shirt sales, silent auction, bar, etc. One of the most popular auction items year after year is the firefighter auction. women bid on a change to have 8 ff's come to thier house and do a half day of yard work.

              3 charity challange - local nightclub, ff's serve drinks etc and challange another charity to highest till sales. a portion of the nightly take goes to our dept. nightclub staff get a night off. This was an iniative by the nightclub, we were a lucky selected participant.

              You may have success talking to organizers of other events, and have an oppourtunity to preform functions they are paying for (ie bartenders, security etc)
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