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fire fighter recruitment

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    If you want to get into Calgary's Fire Department, and you want to enroll in a college before hand to get educated in Firefighting knowledge then be prepared to redo all that training with CGY's FD because they train their own as you already have read. Just to help you save some finances apply straight to them instead of a college.

    I just got accepted in to the Manitoba Emergency Services College in Brandon and I am on my way to my dream of a Firefighter/Paramedic starting Sept. 2005

    Cheers on your trip to becoming a CGY or EDM Firefighter!


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      I thought I had heard rumblings not too long ago that Calgary was not going to be training their own anymore; rather they would be recruiting Fire School grads. Perhaps I'd heard wrong.
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        Time is running out

        Not to be rude Pfire, but I hope you are wrong. I can't afford to put myself through my EMR training, so I don't know how I am going to afford putting myself through Fire School if that is the case I may have to write recruiting, and maybe, just maybe they will tell me if that is the case. Although I haven't seen any kind of information like that on their website yet. Yikes, I better get moving!
        "There is no expiration date on your birth certificate, so make every day count" - William Phelps from "Lethal Guardian"


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          I think January 2006 Calgary will be hiring 1001 firefighters from colleges. Apply now - and no problem. For more info contact the CFD training centre.
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            I wish I could apply

            Dave, thanks for letting me know that what Pfire says is true. DARN!

            I am desperatly trying to get everything ready to apply. I have the application filled out, and I have the money to submit that. The only thing holding me back at this moment is the the EMR program, as that is part of the basic application process.

            I have also just signed up for my CPR course in January. So I will atleast have that.

            Anyways, back to the grind here.

            "There is no expiration date on your birth certificate, so make every day count" - William Phelps from "Lethal Guardian"


            • #21
              hey spinhunt,

              I graduated Brandon in 2000 and got a job a week after I finished. If you have any questions about what goes on there...feel free to email me [email protected]


              the one thing that has stuck with me since I graduated Fire College is something an instructor said "How badly do you want it?" I borrowed money, applied for a student loan.... If this is the profession that you want you are going to find a way to do it.

              18, something everyone should read bravo....I reminded myself of why I got the job and it wasn't only because of the schooling I took, but what I had done with my life prior.




              • #22

                Well great news! I have finally enrolled myself in the Standard First Aid with level C with St. John Ambulance! I can't wait, too bad it is in the middle of January. But I can't wait to get that done and over with, hopefully it will be more of a refresher for me since I did learn it in high school (which was less than 5 years ago). I am now that much closer to my goal!

                in regards to fieryred943's response. I have figured out that with New Years just around the corner, I would apply to one of the bars here and see if I can't get in being a beer tub girl. Not that I really want to, but I will have no problems bringing in cash to pay for the EMR course I need aslong as I get hired.

                So wish me good luck and I will keep you posted!
                "There is no expiration date on your birth certificate, so make every day count" - William Phelps from "Lethal Guardian"


                • #23
                  NFPA 1001

                  Hope everyone is having a happy safe holiday!!

                  To answer the questions about 1001 skills and the CFD. Yes in the near future we are making these a minimum requirement. Don't go yelling at the messenger, you can't possibly tell me anything which I have not already argued about and for, or heard from so many others. The Chief has battled city hall for years with me on this but the budget push has won. January 1 2006 is the date this standard will be a requirement. The hiring needs are so great right now we are looking to hire classes before then which will look very different from how we do business currently.

                  There are many options available to gain your 1001 certs so please shop around and demand value for your money!!!!

                  Be safe.


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