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fire fighter recruitment

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  • fire fighter recruitment

    I have a fee questions for anybody that is on the edmonton or calgary fire department. I am pursuing a career in firefighting, 6 years of volunteering has gave me the reason to pursue my dream, anyways what do you reccoment I get for courses to become a recruit for either of these departments. I am working my *** off to get all the credentials I can so I can apply next spring, any help is very much appreciated.

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    Calgary has a very thorough explanation of what you need before you apply posted on their website (http://www.calgary.ca/cweb/gateway/gateway.asp)As far as certifications, you need as a minimum - High School Diploma, CPR, EMR within the last year (5 years if you are practicing) and a Class 5 licence. Most people who get hired also have FF2 (NFPA 1001 Level II) before they apply.
    Anyway, check out the website and good luck
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      Yeah I have checked out both Calgary and Edmontons site I know what the min qualifications are I want some tips like getting 1001 Level 2. I would like to know what other courses most ppl get before applying to make the stand out in the stack of resumes. Thanks for the help.


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        I'll tell you the same thing I tell the guys around here that want to get in the job. Be prepared to travel. If your serious, don't limit yourself to applying to one or two Departments, apply to all that you can. Trust me you will have a much better chance
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          hey heavyduty,

          look at the extras that Calgary/Edmonton or any other dept has. (ie. Divers, High Angle, HazMat, Trench) Try that route if you want to standout above the rest. Checking the sites is one thing...talking to the training officer is another. Update your driver's to the highest you can get 1A, trades of any sort always help.

          As far as classes...Vermillion offers courses...Brandon offers courses...Justice Institute in BC. Plenty of stuff to go for. Good Luck and like Smoke says don't limit yourself to just a couple departments.

          Good Luck


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            Thanks for the replies. I have a course already booked in the spring for my scuba course. The nice thing about the fire department that I am at now is they will pay for all the training that applies to our local fire department, so that saves lots of money. I will be taking the fire courses at vermillion and also at our hall because the deputy cheif taught in vermillion. Any of you people that think I am taking advantage of the fire dept I am not the cheif knows my plans of becoming a career firefighter and he is still willing to pay for everything. Anyways keep the good info coming ppl. Thanks for the help.


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              Fire Department Hiring Processes

              Credentials are all fine and good, plus they are certainly neccessary to challenge for a spot with a career department. The fact is that standing out above the crowd to get your foot in the door is not important with the hiring process at the Calgary FD. Each file is handled individually and you will get a chance to prove your worth but you must come prepared because others certainly do. Lots of others, and they bring proof of positive past performance.

              Courses may help in your quest, but the more important feature will be your ability to show positive trends in your life. Consider that a candidate can state all manner of great traits such as optimism and dependability. They can tell us that they are hardworking and able to problem solve while keeping a friendly professional demeanor, even while the world about them is in total chaos. Candidates will tell us pretty much anything they perceive we may want to hear. Credibility is the issue, what have they done to prove they are, as they are promising us?

              Hiring is based on lowering the risk to an organization of buying unknown goods.(hiring a recruit)The more positive information you can provide to the hiring decision the less risk the candidate is to hire. Gone are the days of hiring based on a few attributes such as being a strong back and friendly fella.

              Dive or trench rescue courses mean very little in the big picture of hiring an individual for a thirty year career. We will train a candidate who shows positive behaviours that fit within a department's criteria for abilities and decision making competencies. Are they adaptable, optimistic and personable? Has this person demonstrated they are accountable in their behaviours? The public sure expects it once you put them in a uniform? Have they demonstrated positive well rounded characteristics. An example is the issue of volunteering with a volunteer fire department. This is a great step for understanding a little about the career and giving back to the community. Yet all to often the candidate appears to be doing this to suck up to get hired for a career department. Candidate number two shows up at our door without a bunch of courses but volunteers for whatever cause which they personally truly believe in and it shows. They are learning other skills which may be things that training and fire courses could not cover off as well. Workplaces can't teach skills you mother should have taught you, but being involved with the community for the right reasons often does. Which person suits the job more? Well; consider the positive trend issue.

              The CFD is expecting to hire in large numbers in the coming years and the NFPA 1001 certification will be a minimum qualification as of January 1 2006. I would ask any candidate to be certain the school you are paying your money to is offering you value beyond a simple certification. If they are promising that their training will be key to your success would you not wonder how many others were promise the same thing. The key for you will be to ask yourself this question....."what part of this do I own?" FD's have never hired personnel because of their technical skills. Personnel are choosen because they have a mix of positive attributes. Desire alone does not make a good organizational fit. Is your school offering training to build your understanding of the service needs beyond simply putting the wet stuff on the red stuff?

              Once you apply for any department they will need evidence not only in words but in deed of your stated qualifications and attributes!!! Success will not come simply because you played a game of chase the certification. It will be because you understand how your attitude and behaviours are important to a FD. The last key will be your ability to provide proof in your presentation and that of your references that a department is buying a superior product.

              Best of luck in your quest, stay safe.
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                Excellent post. That is something every recruit should read.


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                  Thanks Heavyduty

                  Thanks for starting this thread Heavyduty! I had the same question about getting ahead of the stack for the Calgary Fire Dept., and I did find some great help on the other threads, but this has been the best for help by far!

                  To those of you that posted replies...thank you very much! It helps not only the thread starter, but many of us who are looking at the same departments, and need that extra little advice to help us get to the top!

                  Hope you get into Calgary or Edmonton!!!

                  Last edited by wannabeFFgurl; 11-10-2004, 09:58 AM.
                  "There is no expiration date on your birth certificate, so make every day count" - William Phelps from "Lethal Guardian"


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                    That was by far the best advice I have gotten so far. Thanks eighteenatone.


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                      great post eighteenatone


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                        As a spark of hope to all you hopefulls for Calgary. Our dept. which will remain anonamous but is one of surrounding dept., has had 2 personel get hired in Calgary in the last year. Considering they were the only ones from our dept. who applied is a good sign. eighteenatone had awesomw comments, both of our personnel never had any certified training but have been onm our dept. a while.
                        GOOD LUCK


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                          18, you have good advice & some good old common sense.

                          It's easy to say that fire departments are looking for people of good character;however,how does a person of character get off that huge stack of applications piled up on in the HR's office to the next level?

                          Minimum requirements are pretty tough here in the lower mainland for most of the departments. NFPA is a minimum, OFA III is pretty much a minimum..these are very hard minimums to achieve for someone who's raising a family.

                          But, these are minimums and without them, you'll never get off that floor of dusty applications.

                          I'm really curious as to the process that HR uses to weed out the first wave of app's. Do they really have that much time to carefully search through 700 applications (probably a minimum considering there are only 2 departments here that don't require the NFPA & OFA III as a minimum requirement)to determine which person has genuine character?

                          Or do they have a checklist and use a point system, take the top 50 recruits with points and move on? If yes, how can they possibly find a "character" candidate if he/she doesn't have that "Underwater/high angle/cave rescue" certificate needed to get in that top 50?

                          Just venting a little I guess, but it has been a little frustrating trying to pursue this dream of mine as I race the clock and try & somehow shine through all those competing "stacked" applications.

                          Again 18, good advice..only wish we had the same minimums here & maybe I'd get a fair crack.

                          It's all I'm asking for...


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                            Is there a minimum age for being hired I will be 20 soon. As long as I present myself well enough will I have a chance at getting recruited.


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                              min age requirements


                              In Calgary the minimum age is 18, so you are clear. I don't know about Edmonton, I tried looking but not very hard, but I am sure it is 18 as well, but double check to make sure.

                              Hard to say, all depends on what the FD is looking for I guess. Just practice everything from your answers to pral board questions (which I have been doing) to the workouts! All you can do is go for it and hope you make a good impression to get on.

                              Have fun!

                              Last edited by wannabeFFgurl; 12-16-2004, 10:56 PM.
                              "There is no expiration date on your birth certificate, so make every day count" - William Phelps from "Lethal Guardian"


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