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would like an opinion from some paid Fire Fighters

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  • would like an opinion from some paid Fire Fighters

    I am currently a Junior Fireman on a vol. department but would like to become paid. So my question is do you recomend taking a pre-employment training program or am i ok with 2 years volunteer experince?
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    From my own experience getting hired in Toronto, there was a mix of everything. Some guys were volunteer, some had taken pre-courses at community colleges, some guys had trades and some guys like me just had life experience. The volunteer is good, add some courses to that is better and common sense is the most important.
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      I agree with what Scoop said. I also had a broad mix of backgrounds in my class when I started here in Calgary. I would recommend taking some advanced medical training(EMR, first responder, EMT) as medical calls make up a large part of our daily runs. Not all departments have the same priorities in mind when hiring so the best thing to do is research the departments you are hoping to be accepted with. A lot of the smaller cities in Canada will only hire people that have taken a pre employment course from a fire college.
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        Jr, you don't specify which Province you are from so I will give you some options for Ontario.

        Many Departments are looking for EMS training. Unfortunately BLS here is a two year college diploma. ALS is another year on top of that.

        IF you are already a Volunteer, then see if your Department will send you up to the Ontario Fire College to take the Volunteer Firefighter Module courses. Attendance at the college is free, no cost for you or your Department (includes all meals too) so if they'll let you go, do as much as you can there.

        I know of quite a few guys who were hired with the preservice courses.

        My biggest advice? I'm not sure how old you are hon, but count on at least 5 years if you are only a junior. Most Departments now are looking for someone with some time under their belt. Mature, settled, been around the block a couple times. Be patient. Get an education. Make contacts. And most of all, keep trying.

        Good Luck


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          In our jurisdiction, the surest way to get hired is to attend a recognized fire school, some guys have got hired with volunteer experience, but there is no counting on it
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            All the goods points have been covered but I can add that when you do get hired be keen and attentive. Some of the guys I have seen hired recently more less come thru the door and say move over and give me some couch!


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