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  • need lots of advice

    Ive tried looking on the internet for other Ladies Auxiliary forums but cant seem to find any so Im hoping that maybe there are still a few people that still read this forum.

    Im looking for some ideas for attracting new members to the auxiliary.I think the few that we have are starting to lose interest because there hasnt been anyone other than the treasurer coming to meetings in the past couple months.

    Also, what are some things others have done as fundraisers? Im not sure of the exact details, but something about our station being owned by the boro, we cant have alcohol or gambling in the firehall. (the men have their own private room where they can have a beer, but it must stay IN the room). The last time we had a few members at a meeting I had suggested a dance, however the others at the meeting said nobody would come because you cant have alcohol. I would at least like to try because maybe theres people who dont HAVE to drink to have a good time or that want to bring their whole family.
    Anyways, to my question.....has anyone had any event that DIDNT have booze? Did it work out and have decent attendance?

    I was also thinking of having a bake sale at the fire hall either around now (thanksgiving.....pumpkin pies, etc) or later on at Easter.....decorated easter cakes. Has anyone ever done anything like that?


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    Some ideas

    Hi horcgal,

    I am a member of the newly formed auxiliary in our city and we are also looking for ideas to keep members interested in attending meetings and volunteering their time to different events. In addition, our volunteer fire department is fortunate enough to get funding from our city, but, we (the auxiliary) would like to reach out to the community to raise funds for local charities/food pantries. Some ideas I have seen other departments do include an ice cream social, cake walk, spaghetti dinner, steak fry, chicken dinner, pancake breakfast, rummage sale, craft fair (have a minimal charge for each vendor) and raffles. If you have a fire department open house, could you serve breakfast, lunch or refreshments for a minimal charge to raise money. At Christmas, have a picture with Santa & decorate cookies or make simple ornaments. At Easter, sponsor an egg hunt with fun games and a visit from the Easter Bunny. I hope some of these ideas help you.

    In response to having a dance, could it be held at a different location in your town with access to bar? Could you have the firetrucks at the location?


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      My dept has a ladies auxillary. Somethings they have and are currently doing include square dances, yard sales, steak dinners. I have suggested bake sales, spaghetti dinners. My dept. has a social every year. None of them serve alcohol. My dept. banned alcohol several years ago from the premises. We havent had a problem. Im not saying the guys shouldnt be able to have a beer while doing weekend projects or something but alcohol CAN cause problems in a firehouse.
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        Well, since my last post Ive come up with a couple ideas for fundraising. I dunno how well they'll work and I dunno how much help I can count on from anyone else. But, figured I'd post them here in case some other auxiliaries could use the ideas.
        Christmas is coming, I saw in the local grocery store they had this little (dinner plate size) tray of christmas cookies.....NOT from the bakery or anything, just out of the box, put on a plate with a bow, NOT even in a big mound or anything either!......selling for $13.99 !!!!!

        I was thinking butter cookies (the kind you make with the cookie gun) are fast and easy and make a lot, with a few other types for decorative purposes. On larger plates or atleast in a nice MOUND so it actually LOOKS like something.....make up a bunch of trays of them, wrap them pretty, advertise around town that on Dec X, X, and X you can buy cookies at the firehouse. pricing is already determined by the grocery store and if you advertise that these are HOMEMADE that might help too.

        Sweetheart Dance in February.....or something similar.

        Easter time, make easter cakes. The cake molds/pans are easy to find, simple cake mix in the pan, icing, decorate, again advertise that on whatever dates people can come to the firehouse and see what cakes are for sale.

        I dont think I'd go with a whole "pre order" thing for cakes or cookies because unless you are sure youve got a lot of help, you could end up in trouble. Also, if theres trays of unsold christmas cookies.....so? take them home! less baking that has to be done for the family so theres no real loss or waste, same thing with the easter cakes, or give them as gifts or ????

        I still want to try a dance at our firehall, even though the other women are saying it wont work without booze. I think it will because theres lots of families that would like to go out for a few hours but its hard finding a babysitter. or there may be lots of under 21's or just those that dont like to drink or maybe quit drinking and dont want the tempation around but would like to go out for some fun. I think its worth a try at least, you just never know til you try what might turn out to be a great money maker.

        Anyways, those are my thoughts.


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          Why not try a sock hop or luau themed dance? The "DARE" group in our area just had a dance open to all ages at the high school. They had a local band play and only charged $5 per person. It was well attended. Advertise a lot. Our schools let us send flyers home with the students.

          We have had good success with a company called Antiquities. NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET FOR YOU. You sell coupons for $10 for a 10x13 picture of their children. Your group keeps all of the money from the coupon sales, plus you get a bonus from the company for the number of sittings they have. They make their money off of the packages. Antiquities brings all the clothing (lace dresses, hats, bibbed overalls and t-shirts). They have a lot of neat props. The pictures are printed in sepia tone. It is good to do a few months before Easter or Christmas. They have always been really great for us.

          We also have a soda machine outside the firehouse for the public to have access also. It's not much money but there is no effort involved either.

          We have a lot of groups that sell "Krispy Creme" donuts if you have them in your area.

          If you plan to do a barbeque or dinner, try to get donations from your area businesses to increase your profit.


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            The Krispy Kreme fundraiser is a HUGE one everywhere! I'm not with an auxiliary but my daughter's ski club did it as have other groups in our area. The nearest place is in Mass but they will deliver them to you the morning of the sale. And people seem to go crazy for them. I know I buy them three dozen at a time! LOL! And you can get the info online by googling Krispy Kreme! That's a great idea!


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