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Making a trip to NYC

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  • Making a trip to NYC

    Hey guys, I plan on taking a trip down to NYC for 9-11 I would kind of like to visit a couple houses while im down there. Anyone make any suggestions of which houses or local watering holes? Im making this trip just to pay respect to those fallen 10 years ago inspiring me to pursue the fire service, so the tourist stuff is not for me. Personally, I can see the Statue Of liberty any time.

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    I am sure a few of the FDNY guys may pipe up, however being an experienced FDNY buff myself, I will lend some words of wisdom.

    You will never receive a bad reception at an FDNY house, however remember that Manhattan is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the universe. Anyone and everyone who is even remotely connected to the fire service wants to stop in at a house and get a t-shirt or patch, or to get their picture taken with the rigs or whatever. All of the houses in Midtown and Lower Manhattan get inunduated with visitors all year round, especially the summer months. Then you have E10/L10 which is literally in the shadow of the WTC. These poor guys get people knocking on the doors 24/7/365 with idiots asking questions like "were you working on 9-11?" "Did you lose any friends on 9-11?"....the list of moron questions goes on and on. Same thing for the guys at E54 L4 in midtown near Times Square. These guys are smack dab in the center of 8th Avenue in Tourist Central.

    Therefore, I tell folks asking questions like yours: Avoid E10/L10 at all costs. If you want to see the bronze memorial on the side of the house, ok fine take a peek, but do not knock on the doors, leave them alone for god's sake. If the doors happen to be open, ok take a picture but do not go inside un-invited.

    I also advise people to avoid houses in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, as they also get their share of morons. Remember, there are other firehouses in NYC......Why not do some buffing in Upper Manhattan.....There are some great houses......E69 L28 BN16, E59 L30, E58 L26......Or head over to the Bronx, E88 L38 in Belmont, E46 L27, E82 L31.......Brooklyn has some great places too. Explore the entire city, it's not just Manhattan.

    You will always be welcomed in an FDNY firehouse- but do you really want to be the 45th person that day to "be welcomed?"
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."


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      Definatly, I was kind of figureing that on that particular day most houses are going to be a huge tourist attraction especially on the 10 year. thats exactly why I brought the question here, Of course im going to visit ground zero and pay my respects and catch a cerimony, But id like to meet some brothers as well. The low key houses are the ones ive had in mind but not being from NY I would have no idea where to start.


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        Private message me your email and I will send some addresses and telephone numbers so that you can set up a visit or two in advance.

        And remember- if you pre-arrange a visit you should knock with your elbows because your hands should be full of cakes/pies/pastries/bagels. AND NOT CHEAP DOUGHNUTS!
        "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."


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          10 House

          having visited 10 house many times with out of town FF's - if the bay doors are open there is always a FF on duty to keep the tourists out. they sell 10 house patches to out of town FF's last time there I paid $5 - gave them $10 as said keep the change for the coffee club. so intro yourself as one of the brotherhood - you will be well recieved

          Nioce guys all!


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            I would agree with FWD for the most part. Although the couple times I was near 10 house, there was someone keeping people away from the doors or to take pictures. Although I would recommend stopping by it because this is the house with the 9/11 mural on the side and is quite moving.

            FWD is right about Manhattan and tourists. The one house I do tend to try and get to when I was in NYC was L-5 and E-24, although I did have the honor of staying at that house a couple days for my first trip to NYC just after 9/11. Although, you can tell some of the aura of the crew or FF's if they want to talk or not, but there is definately a ton of tourists in Manhattan.

            On the flip side the last couple times I went to NYC we went to Brooklyn where by brother in law lives. The first time we visisted we walked to a firehouse on 4th Ave (I believe) and the doors were closed. Since my brother in law went out of his way to look this up and we made the effort, etc, etc, I did ring the bell and played "tourist". I said I was on the job and was looking for a patch, T-shirt, etc. The FF took me to the kitchen to see if someone had the key to the locker, but the crew invited me to sit down. We talked shop for awhile, while my wife and brother in law chose to sit outside. I guess I was inside for 45 minutes, so it definately was a different feel between Manhattan and Brooklyn companies.

            If you can get a chance I would recommend Brooklyn, it was actually pretty quiet compared to Manhattan without people stopping in front of you to take pictures. I'll be going to NYC just over a week for an IAFF conference and plan on heading to Brooklyn for a bit.
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              I went to NYC over St. Paddys Day last year and asked here for the same type of information. Thanks to FWD, and a few others I got the scoop, these guys won't lead you astray.

              From my experiences, if the doors are open at the Ten House, you can stop and say hi but don't stay unless they approach you. They have yellow chains across the bays so idiots don't run in, trust me it happens all the time. I was standing with the crowd at the chains looking at the murals on the walls of the fallen brothers and was approached by one of the guys. He saw my FD shirt (didn't realize I was even wearing it) and asked if I was a FF. We talked a bit and he said c'mon in and lifted the chain. He showed me the walls of memorials and the station. Those guys are awesome!!

              I also checked out Ladder 8, the Ghostbuster station. Another great bunch of guys! However, the guys at the Caveman station Uptown (E40/L35) are wonderful too! It's a neat station that is a bit off the beaten path and are very receptive if you are respectful!
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                Regarding the advice of exploring the outer boroughs, please keep in mind that while the men in the firehouses will be receptive, the locals may not be. 69/28, 59/30, while maybe not the ghettos they once were, have *not* been disney-fied the way a lot of Manhattan has been.

                During the day, at the house, youre fine. But dont go exploring these neighborhoods- particularly on foot- after the sun sets. The potential for these areas to turn into the wild west after dark is very real.
                To Persist is to Conquer.


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                  Originally posted by SkylinePCG View Post
                  Regarding the advice of exploring the outer boroughs, please keep in mind that while the men in the firehouses will be receptive, the locals may not be. 69/28, 59/30, while maybe not the ghettos they once were, have *not* been disney-fied the way a lot of Manhattan has been.

                  During the day, at the house, youre fine. But dont go exploring these neighborhoods- particularly on foot- after the sun sets. The potential for these areas to turn into the wild west after dark is very real.
                  Yes, a very good point. Also, no matter where in NYC you travel, you should empty the interior of your car. And when I say empty, that means EMPTY, of EVERYTHING, including the ashes in the ashtray. Leave NOTHING on the interior. N O T H I N G except for the OEM equipment. If they can't see anything, chances are they wont break in, unless they want the whole car which in any case (interior loaded with goodies or not) they are going to break in.
                  "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."


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                    Originally posted by FWDbuff View Post
                    ....... Explore the entire city, it's not just Manhattan............
                    Just a note here, If your not in Manhattan your only camping out

                    OPEN TO ALL -- On Sunday September 11, 2011, at 8:00 am, a Memorial Service will be held at the quarters of Engine 40 Ladder 35 "The Cavemen" in remembrance of the members of The Cave who made the Supreme Sacrifice on 9/11/2001. Engine 40 Ladder 35 is located at 131 Amsterdam Ave and West 66th Street in Manhattan.
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