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  • Firefighter Roy Chelsen FDNY LODD

    Rest in peace FF Chelsen you and your family and the FDNY are in my thought's and prayer's.

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    Rest in peace Brother.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers


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      9/11 Hero Leaves Legacy Following Cancer Battle
      Firefighter Roy Chelsen died from bone-marrow cancer believed caused by his time at Ground Zero.
      BY HEATHER CASPI and SUSAN NICOL - Firehouse.com News

      Posted: Wed, 01/12/2011 - 12:40am
      Updated: Wed, 01/12/2011 - 12:05pm
      ..An FDNY firefighter and 9/11 response hero passed away on Jan. 9 after battling bone-marrow cancer believed to be caused by his time at Ground Zero.

      Roy Chelsen of Engine 28 is credited by his colleagues for saving numerous members of his company by ushering them out of the North Tower before its collapse. He was also known by many in the fire service for his efforts to establish a registry of potential bone-marrow donors both for himself and for others.

      The date of his death was 1/9/11, a poignant coincidence, noted friend and colleague Kevin Murray.

      "Personally, he saved my life on 9/11 so I have a different feeling about Roy than most guys. He was probably the toughest guy in the firehouse," Murray said. "To see him get stricken was a big deal to us."

      Chelsen retired in 2006 due to the cancer, and his death came despite the discovery of a long sought-after match and transplant administered on Dec. 3, 2010. He was 51.

      "We thought he would pull out of it but it didn't work out that way," Murray said.

      Fellow firefighter Bob Alverson added, "He fought harder than I ever saw anyone fight for anything, and never complained about anything." He would get chemotherapy one day and be out chopping wood the next, Alverson said.

      Chelsen had wanted the registry efforts to continue on to help others, so those friends and family involved hope to do so in some form, Murray said. There are a few thousand people on the registry now, he said.

      Chelsen was also on the forefront of trying to get legislation passed so other people wouldn't have to go through what he did, Alverson said. His death came just eight days after the signing of President Obama's 9/11 bill to provide five years of free healthcare and compensation to thousands of sick responders and survivors.

      Within weeks after Sept.11, FDNY had established an office to track personnel health for those worried about what they may have came in contact with, said Jim Long, an FDNY spokesman.

      To date, Chelsen and 25 other FDNY firefighters and one FDNY EMS provider who were sickened at the World Trade Center site are receiving benefits from the department. Two other cases are pending, he said.

      On Monday, Chelsen's name was added to the USFA on-duty firefighter database -- a first for a firefighter cancer death.

      "Some people use the word 'hero' very easily," Murray said, "but Roy definitely was a hero."

      WTC DEATH: Funeral/Wake Services FF Roy Chelsen (Engine 28)
      The UFA is sorry to inform you of another FDNY member WTC victim. Retired FF Roy Chelsen has died as a direct result of his exposure to WTC toxins during the course of his duties. The UFA is asking active and retired members to turn out as a sign of respect to our deceased brother and his family. Service details are as follows:

      Lazear-Smith & Vander Plaat Memorial Home
      17 Oakland Ave
      Warwick, NY 10990 Map.
      Tel: 845-986-4331

      Thursday, January 13th, 2-4pm & 7-9pm
      Friday, January 14th, 2-4pm & 7-9pm

      Funeral is on Saturday, January 15th, 11am at Warwick Valley High School
      89 Sanfordville Road
      Warwick, NY 10990 Map.
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        What a sad day this is the earth has lost one hell of a great man but heaven has gained a angel. I remember when i first heard Roy's story, I tried to help by entering into the Bone Marrow Registry hoping that I would be a match for him. Sadly I was not and encouraged my friends to do it as well to try and give him a new lease on life. I was happy when I heard he found a match and now sad again to see that it didn't take to him. If I am ever a match to anyone it is because of Roy and his sister Joan and I will without hesitation do it and do it in Roy's honor.

        Thank you Roy for everything you have done in your life on 9/11 and the millions of lives you have potentially saved after.

        You will be missed.



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          Rest in Peace Bro


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            Roy was the toughest man I ever knew and a legend at E28 L11. He is credited with saving E28 and L18 on 9/11, and for all the blood drives since, he will continue to save lives even after his passing. Rest in Peace Roy.
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              sad day..


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                RIP Firefighter Chelsen, join your brothers now and rejoice in their company.


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                  RIP Brother. We now have the watch.
                  FF II, EMT, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I


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                    RIP Brother


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                      9-11 claims the life of another Brother....
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                        R.I.P. Roy Chelsen NEVER FORGET
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