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Fire based EMS agencies

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    In Virginia, Fairfax City (not Fairfax County) is always hiring for Firemedics.

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  • LaFireEducator
    Most career and larger combination departments run some form of EMS here in Louisiana. The majority do not transport, as that is handled either by a private or a parish run third service.

    That is the case in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, as well as many other departments in the southern 1/2 of the state. I don't believe that New Orleans Fire runs to EMS calls, but I could be incorrect.

    Here in the northern half of the state Shreveport, Bossier City and Ruston do their own transports. I'm not sure about Monroe and West Monroe but I believe transport in handled by a parish based thiord service.

    In my fire district, we run EMS first response, as does all the combination and primarily volunteer departments in the parish. All of the departments run BLS first response, with the exception of mine. My district generally has 2-3 paramedics on the daytime staff (with several who volunteer and may respond) and at least 1 at night, so the majority of the time our first response is ALS.

    Transport is handled by a parish-wide third service. Three of the fire departments in the have back-up rigs (including ours) provided by the parish and the fire department will staff them when the run volume requires.

    We have an excellent working relationship. One of the rigs is housed in our station.

    Across the river to my west in Caddo Parish, all of the combination districts (there are no volunteer departments) do their own transports, with the exception of 2 that uses a hospital based service.

    To my east, Webster Parish uses 2 privates to run transport. About half of the volunteer districts do EMS first response. My volunteer department does not do EMS first response. The largest city in the parish with a combination department does not run any type of EMS first response.

    The two primarily rural parishes to the south uses a parish-wide third service. Most of those departments are volunteer and may or may not run EMS. The combination departments do run EMS first response.
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  • MemphisE34a
    I doubt you find anyone from their department on here, but the Germantown, TN Fire Department just took over EMS transport last year. They are a suburb to Memphis with 4 stations. I bet if you contact their Admin, they would find someone to help you.

    webpage - http://www.germantown-tn.gov/index.aspx?page=102

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Germa...13451452021087

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/germantown....ghters?fref=ts
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  • SmithMD
    Researching information for Fire Based EMS

    I am currently attempting to gather data concerning pro's and con's of FB-EMS.

    SPECIFICALLY I'm looking for any fire departments that have taken over EMS services in the last 5 years.

    Is there anyone that is affiliated with such a department that would be willing to share "hard data" with me?

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  • MFD171
    Here in Ohio most career/paid FD's are fire/ems. Seems to be that in cities that have separate departments, they're transitioning to fire based ems due to the revenue provided from ems billing. The big cities here, Cincinnati, Dayton and so on do things a little different but provide ems services out of the fire house. In order to be hired FT in most places here, you either have to be a medic or they get preference. The only civil service(non-cert required tests) that I know of are at the big cities.

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  • blinkemt
    Im in the Houston area, I know Houston Fire dept is a great one to work for (schedule, pension, etc) and they will make you a paramedic if you want to. But most of the paramedics there dont really get off the ambulance much to ride the engine, so a lot of them dont like that. Bellaire FD in Houston is well paid and all of their FFs are paramedics so they rotate. Texas City FD is trying to be the same way, hire more often, and they work a "9 day rotation." The woodlands FD is well paid too and do ALS response, but dont transport, so does Missouri city FD and Sugarland FD, all in the Houston area. Other small depts in this area have FF/paramedics but i dont know the pay scale or how often they rotate off the ambulance. I also think Austin FD does ALS response and I think Dallas Fire/Rescue does their own ALS transports.
    I also know San Diego FD in CA does ALS response and doesn't transport.

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  • BoxAlarm187
    Henrico County, VA is currently accepting applications. They run 20 engines, 5 tower ladders, 3 heavy rescues, and 14 ALS ambulances (soon to be 15). The medics ride the ambulance and the other rigs assigned to their station, they're not "stuck on the ambulance." Addtionally, EMT-I's get a 9.4% incentive above base pay, and EMT-P's get 14.8%.

    Starting pay is $41,000 (effective date of hire) and the recruit school runs 20 to 22 weeks.

    Here's a link with additional information, and be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page as well for a lot of good detailed information about the department and the hiring process as well: http://www.co.henrico.va.us/fire/hel...ent/index.html

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  • fire49
    Originally posted by Legliss View Post
    Hey guys, new guy here. So I've heard that some states to look for Fire/EMS departments are Texas, Florida, and Virginia. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any particular departments, if so, what are they? I plan on becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic and heard that Fire based EMS is the way to go versus working for 2 separate departments. Thanks for the help


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  • rescue_1
    If you're looking for departments which would allow you to be both a paramedic and a firefighter, I can give you a few off the top of my head.

    In Virginia, most of the county fire departments do both. One of the best (so I hear) is Fairfax County Fire Rescue. They're always hiring paramedic certified recruits, and the pay is very nice. From what I understand they have one of the best funded departments in the nation...but good luck trying to live in that area. Some of the Tidewater region departments do both, I know Virginia Beach FD does, though they do ALS response, while transport is done by local rescue squads. Not sure about Norfolk and the others. Arlington also is Fire/EMS and very well paid.
    Prince William County also does both, I think. There are a whole bunch of counties in VA with combo departments, just looking around you should find a few that are hiring.

    Maryland also has a bunch. Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, possibly Fredrick County, and Prince George's County (where you will see a crap-ton of action) all have county fire departments that run Fire and EMS. The pay in Maryland is also pretty good--Howard and Montgomery County firefighters probably are some of the highest paid in on the East Coast.

    I'm not really familiar with Texas and Florida, but I do know that almost every Florida department is going ALS. However, Florida also requires you to have a Florida Firefighter Certificate, which means you will have to go and attend a Florida fire academy BEFORE you can start applying. Unless you already live there, it probably isn't worth it.

    California is also big on FF/Medics, though they usually do fire department ALS response, with a private ambulance doing the transport. Los Angeles Metro Fire Department is supposed to be hiring soon, and they run ALS Ambulances and (I think) ALS engines. LA County is always hiring.
    The pay is good in CA, but I think the state has a pension crisis looming, so watch out.

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  • Tipys
    I am confused at what you are asking.

    Are you asking what departments run EMS calls?

    What departments run their own ambulance?


    What departments run there own ambulance but are separate from fire (IE hire EMTs and PAramedics that don't have to be Firefighters) ?

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  • Legliss
    started a topic Fire based EMS agencies

    Fire based EMS agencies

    Hey guys, new guy here. So I've heard that some states to look for Fire/EMS departments are Texas, Florida, and Virginia. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any particular departments, if so, what are they? I plan on becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic and heard that Fire based EMS is the way to go versus working for 2 separate departments. Thanks for the help

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