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Cardiac Monitors- Which is best?

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    I am on a small vol dept but the guy that we put in charge to get our de fib was a full time EMT P in the Twin Cities for about 20 years. He has seen and tried them all and he not only chose the ZOLL for us but also for the dept he runs.

    This is a VERY easy machine to use, faxing 12 leads, pacing, shocking, and on and on. I have no trouble teaching any of this to my members. We use ZOLL E series in both our Ambulances and will untill for at least as long as I am on. Keep in mind also, the resale on the machine you will get, if like us we keep them for only a few years as they do out date fairly fast. Yes there are updates but there is some things you cant update.

    We just got a C PAC making CPR a breaze no matter how ruff the road. Maybe you could get both and strike a deal. Oh for those who dont know C PAC is a automatic CPR machine.


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      Originally posted by LVFD301 View Post
      Along this line - I am donating an AED to our local school. I have been looking for a refurb Lifepak 500, if for no other reason that is what all the Fire Departments in the area use, our trainer is a Lifepak 500 trainer, etc.

      Best price I find for a biphasic is around 600, (and even then some of the dealers advertising don't appear to have in stock what they advertise)

      Any good sources?
      I'm a Physio-Control distributor and I extend a 15% discount to firefighter/ambulance professionals. Just use the coupon code EMS in our online catalog. Or message me directly.


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        Don't know if you have purchased yet or not but thought I'd give you another side of the MRx. We have had these for almost 3 years now and since we got them we have been less than impressed. We have 17 ALS Ambulances and only 1 Engine that is ALS these trucks run about 36,000 medical/MVC calls a year.

        We switched from the LifePak 12 to the Phillips and have found them to be less durable. We break the printer every once in a while, lots of little crevices where blood and other gunk can collect.

        Other issues are with obtaining 12-leads, we have lots of artifact and tend not to get as clear of a printout as we did with the old LP 12's. The full-size color screen is nice however. The paper is shorter in height as well causing everything to be pushed together more.

        Another on-going problem we have had was the temperature probe that comes from Phillips, the tympanic temp probe was incredibly innaccurate, its average reading was in the 87 degree range. The oral/rectal temp probe was slightly better aaveraging in the low 90's when used. We tried different probes, updating the software, everything we could working with the rep and could never solve the issue.

        The pulse ox probe looks nice in theory but doesn't fit well on people with big hands. The pediatric pulse ox probe is retarded, just a downsized adult probe, I much preferred the tape on pulse ox probes from Physio.

        We have problems with the case as well, it is held to the monitor by velcro straps that are about 1"x1", that's not a lot of contact space and they are always coming un-done. A few other straps are about 2 inches long but only a quarter inch wide, never stays velcroed so we have resulted to taping over the velcro, real nice.

        Overall as a service we are not pleased with them and considering the issues they don't give us anything our old LP 12's couldn't have been upgraded to give (LP 12's were monophasic, no NiBP, and no EtCO2). All in all we wish we had gone a different route.


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          lifepak is my favorite


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            Zoll X-Series

            Just released a couple months ago, but based off the very popular Air Medical verison the ProPaq MD. Smaller than all other monitors with more capabilities than them all. Check it out, I'm impressed!


            300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


            Upper 300x250