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    Someone has told me that in the mountain of paperwork we call NFPA Standards, there is a standard that requires a dept to buy a personal SCBA mask for each member. I'am unable to find this anywhere. Can anyone shed some light?

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    Before you consider NFPA -- which is good to follow, if you can -- you must first consider OSHA and/or NIOSH -- you HAVE TO follow them -- NFPA is a consensus standard.

    As taken from the NFPA handbook, 18th Edition...
    OSHA requires that only positive-pressure SCBA be used during all structural fire-fighting operations; at all hazardous materials incidents; in oxygen-deficient atmospheres; in areas such as sewers, confined spaces, and silos; and wherever a hazardous or oxygen-deficient atmosphere may exist. OSHA mandates that fire departments have a respiratory protection program meeting the requirements of the general OSHA standard for respiratory protection, 29 CFR 1910.134. This OSHA respiratory program includes requirements for quality of breathing air, maintenance, disinfecting, and special wearing conditions.

    That having been said, you may want to consult NFPA 1981 - Open-Circuit Self- Contained Breathing Apparatus for Firefighters, and possibly NFPA 1500 Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program

    I think that by offering their firefighters each, an individual mask; they feel that they are putting the responsibility for a clean mask -- on the firefighter.

    I personally like having my own mask, and take care of it religiously. Do you really want to put on a face mask that someone may not have cleaned? When was the last time it saw any preventive maintenance?? If the firefighters are responsible for their own masks -- then they will stay much cleaner, and if they don't, well- I guess that it's that individuals prerogative. After all, he's the one stuck wearing a dirty mask......


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      I'm no NFPA expert but I don't think you'll find a "requirement" for the department to issue a personal mask to everyone.

      I also don't believe it's an OSHA requirement (or your state OSH department if applicable).

      Good practice maybe, but I don't think it's required.


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