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Explorers are FIREFIGHTERS

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  • Explorers are FIREFIGHTERS

    Chief Gebel. WFD

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    I am sorry, Chief, but I disagree. The Explorer program is an excellent program, but is not a substitute for real Firefighters. I was an Explorer for 4 years with a Sherrif's Department, but that did not make me a Deputy Sherrif by any means. I personally would rather see my home burn down than have a group of young Explorers risking their lives and limbs to save it. I do not care what their abilities may be, they are still minors, still legally children. The program is good for building base job skills that will aid future firefighters in their quest to become the professionals that they are already well on their way to being. I wouldn't ask students of a military school to fight in a war either. Putting these young lives in jeopardy is absolutely ridiculous. The program is absolutely excellent, but see it for what it is.



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      Well, I will answer this later. After I cool off mainly. It is not everyday that I find out a child does not just more than me, but 100x more than me.

      Doc DC3


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        unfortunetly your argument displays only your immaturity. while it is true juniors are a great resource and are full of heart and ambition you are not quite full of knowledge yet. it takes years of practice, training, learning and growing up to become a seasoned firefighter. no one questions your heart because you wouldn't be there if you didn't want to be, but you must learn your place in the food chain. don't let your anger displace your heart, if you realy want to become a firefighter apply your abilty to learn, that is where you need to start.


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          Three words for you Chief....

          KNOW YOUR ROLE


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            If you smelllll lalalal phildabox is cookin.(just had to add that). I agree with these guys chief. Sorry, I am a Junior myself, Im 17. I would never compare my self to a 20 or 30 year vetern of the fire dept.
            They were putting out fires long before I was born. I think you should realize, eventhough your a Jr/or explorer doesnt mean your a true firefighter. It takes years of skill and doing the job. So, just cool down.
            If someone gives you a hard time for being a Jr/Explorer, thats thier problem. Also you must understand where that person may be comming from. Some,not all,some Jr/Explorers are "whackers"(have no idea what that means).
            They are immature at times. This may give the true Juniors/explorers who are in it for the passion of making a difference in thier community a bad immagine. But remind your self why your in it for the first place.

            There should be a mutual respect among us, we're all here for the same reason to fight fire and to help serve the community.

            Well thats my two cents.

            Godbless guys and take care.

            Truxton vol. FD



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              I started as an explorer when I was 14 and am now 20 and a certified member of my department for two years. I was recently appointed explorer coordinator.
              You are right about explorers not being hose rollers, but the rest of your statement is very disappointing, especially for an explorer chief. To say you can do something without having a heart attack is disrespectful. At 20 I damn well may be able to move faster than the 40 and 50 y/o members, but they know a hell of a lot more about the business than me. I put up with the condescending attitudes of older ff when I was an explorer, but hey, I was the irritating new kid, its how I learned. If you want to be able to make the transition from explorer to firefighter, you'd better learn to be more respectful of those who have been doing it awhile


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                You need to take a look at what you're saying! I believe that the Jr program is an awesome program, and obviously others believe this too. What you are saying is that you are a better firefighter than a twenty year veteran of the fire service. Not only is this ridiculous but disrespectful. First of all, most Jr. firefighters aren't certified in any interior fire fighting evolutions. Secondly, you may be good at wrapping a hydrant but that means nothing once you get on the inside of a burning building. You need to sit back, chill for a little while, and reevaluate your situation or as phildabox put it:
                KNOW YOUR ROLE.
                Also, by you going out and saying that you are a better firefighter than everyone you're not only giving yourself a bad reputation, but also giving all Juniors/Explorers/Cadets EVERYWHERE a bad reputation, and that's inexcusable. Just remember your not a firefighter yet..once you reach that pinnacle in life than you can honestly say that your a firefighter. Just remember, by opening your mouth like this, you might screw up your chances in the future. I'm pretty sure that you're not the only one in your fire department that has access to this site. Once somebody reads what you have to say, you're not going to be liked at ALL. I've seen it happen in my department. Best advice:
                Chill Out!


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                  Kid your heart is in the right place. But I have to tell you something, your not a firefighter. I went through a fire academy to get my title, and even when I was a volunteer I took all my designated courses. While you do perform vital SUPPORT operations on/around the fireground that doesn't make you a firefighter. I served in the Marine Corps, I signed up as a senior in High School and had to wait nearly 7 months before I left, I learned a lot about the corps, and did things in the community with the recruiter and reserve unit from the area, but that didn't make me a marine yet. And believe me I was called a lot worse then worthless in Parris Island. Even in the academy years later I heard it. So before you go and belittle the firefighters of your dept., and they treat you worse you might want to check yourself, cause your age and inexperience are showing. Your time will come, and when you grow up you'll do the same thing to the juniors that happened to you. Your kids, and you want to be firefighters, your full of energy, so your gonna do more, and they will let you. But you know what, they earned it, you haven't, and about the hydrant thing, as long as its hooked and opened before 500 gals. runs out I don't care, its not a race. You'll see that when you mature.

                  The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, am a member of, or deal with.


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                    Yet another one of our own that's going to give us a bad name...

                    You almost make a good point about some explorers being better at some things than some firefighters, almost. But you are simply being disrespectful. And the fact is, you ARE NOT a firefighter, you ARE an explorer. If you WERE a firefighter, you WOULD be doing interior attacks and driving the trucks.

                    I do see your point, though. But you're going about it the wrong way. Have a calm and rational post, explaining your concern, preferably not telling firefighters to go to hell, and how much better of a firefighter you are. Think about what you are saying, please.

                    Explorer Chief Ravell
                    Post 2193


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                      Well I've fought this battle before and to all the Explorers out there that crucified me when they said this never happened well one of your own "leaders" is now doing the same exact thing that you guys said never happens!

                      I've said it before and I'll say it again Explorers are not FIREFIGHTERS! God when are you guys going to learn that.

                      And "chief"(and I use that term loosely) if this is how you "lead" your guys then you should resign, because your guys need a more mature leader to follow.

                      Also before anybody else starts up I do think that the Explorer program is a good program, and when it works it works.

                      The statements above are my own opinions

                      FF Greg Grudzinski
                      Oaklyn Fire Dept.
                      Station 18-3

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                        Sorry, Chief. You are WAY out of line saying that, I know that being a jr. myself. I've been in for two years, and being a second generation vollie have been around a fire house all my life, and I am heavily involved in the explorers program in our station, teaching them what I know, and learning what I don't from someone who does. What you said was TOTALY arrogant, and I know you were only defending your position from some of the more arrgumentitive people around here, but you lost your cool and said a lot you shouldn't have. That only prooves you're not any better then the rest of 'em. Remember, though, if you THINK you know everything and can do anything, you won't LEARN anything. Peace out.

                        Newtown Fire Association
                        Station 45


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                          This is chief gebel. I am sorry for what I wrote. I know that I was way out of line. I really do enjoy watching and learning from all of you firefighters. I am sorry I gave explorers a bad name, and wish I could take every word back. I owe unlimited respect to firefighters, and wish everyone safety in times of emergency. Once again I am sorry everyone.

                          chief gebel


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                            it is nice to see you reply with the apology. you will learn if you go about thingss the calm and collective way it will get you allot further. I hope you learned something from ALL the firefighters young and old.

                            stay in it
                            chief 46-2


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                              "chief" gebel, I think i hear your mother calling you.


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