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Need jokes for Fire Fighters Ball

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  • Need jokes for Fire Fighters Ball

    I am the MC for our 2nd annual fire fighters ball on March 24. I need some jokes to poke fun a police, EMS and of course fire fighters.


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    As you introduce the line officers, have the DJ play "Send in the Clowns."

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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      Here's one that covers all three divisions. But I must warn you it's pretty bad.

      A firefighter, a cop, and a medic found themselves at the pearly gates on day. Upon arrival, St. Peter said to them; "Everyone must pass a test before being allowed into heaven and because you have all dedicated your lives to helping your fellow man you get the easy test, all you have to do is count to ten. So who wants to go first?"
      The medic says I will and starts counting. "1.2.3.... um, let me try that again. 1.2.3.... Nope sorry, I can't do it"
      St.Peter looks at him and says " you mean a person with all your medical training can't even count to ten?"
      The medic answers " I use to be able to, it must be from always repeating 1.2.3.lift, when we were loading a patient."
      Right away the cop sees his chance, jumps in right away and starts counting, but only gets to six. St.Peter looks at him and asks him to try it again.The cop says "no problem and starts again, don't remember any more. It must be because every morning for 20 years I got up in the morning and loaded my gun. 1 bullet, 2 bullets, etc...."
      St.Peter looks at the firefighter and says "well, it's all up to you now, do you think you can do it?"
      Firefighter "No problem,"
      Everyone else stops and stares at him in amazement. St.Peter asks him "can you count higher than that?" and the Firefighter answers "sure no problem" Jack. Queen. King.


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        This one includes a warning lable on it:-)
        One day, a fire chief passes on and finds himself in a long line at the gates of heaven, St. Peter manning the post. So the fire chief, in full dress uniform (scrambled eggs, gold badge, tie, hat, ect.) walks to the front of the line and says "Here I am Peter!" Peter turns to the chief and says "well, I'm sorry, chief, but your going to have to go to the end and wait your turn." Unwillingly, the Chief goes to the back and waits. A couple hours pass, and another chief appears at the back of the line, full dress uniform as the other, marches to the front of the line and says "hows things going, Pete?" Promptly opening the gates, Peter replies "Just fine, sir." Furious, the other chief stomps to the front of the line to confront Peter, asking "who does he think he is, God?" Peter replies, "that was god he just thinks he's the fire chief."
        (pretty bad, huh!)

        Newtown Fire Association
        Station 45


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          Try this one, its a little long and little lame, but its clean.

          The Hythe Fire Deparment pulls up to the 10 story burning building. Fire is showing from the 8 & 9th floors. On the top floor are trapped two schmoes from B shift and a schmuck from A shift.
          The firefighting heroes from C shift quickly set up the rescue net and start shouting "Jump Jump". One of the B shift fella's jump and halfway down C shift notices this. The net is quickly pulled aside and the poor lad is a stain on the pavement. The net is reset and the firefighters yell jump jump. Again another B shift fella jumps, again the C shift firefighter say, "ahhgg, its one of those B shift schmoes" and jerk the net aside.

          With the net set up again, the C shift Heroes yell jump jump, the schmuck from A shift says - "oh no, I saw what you did to those last two fellas. I'm not jumping until you set that net on the ground."

          Oh course you should insert two other groups you want to tease. We really tell the joke with two fraternity boys and a sorority girl here in our university town.

          Hope you have a multi story building and the joke helps.



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            Here is an old one but still a good one...

            There was a fire in a warehouse district in a big city. All the city trucks were there battling the blaze to no avail. They had called for several mutual aid companies form the surrounding rural county area to provide manpower to relieve the tired city guys.

            All of a sudden, this rattling old 1962 American LaFrance pulls up from the county fire department and slides right in between all the city truck, right up to the fire. The county firefighters all jump out and start fighting the fire like no one has ever seen. Of course, the fire gets put out rather quickly.

            The owner of the warehouses is so impressed with this display of raw courage and skill that he decides to reward the county fire department for saving his warehouses.

            He has a special ceremony for the department with all the fan fare. He calls up the Chief of the department is called upon to receive a check for $100,000.

            The owner says, "In honor of your departments valliant efforts in saving my warehouse, I present you with this check for $100,000. Now tell me Chief, what are you going to do with this money?"

            The Chief kinda scratches his head and says, "Well, first I think we are going to get the brakes fixed on that blasted '62 LaFrance!"

            Like I said, it's and old one, but still good!

            Hope your celebration is a success!
            ****Train Hard, Work Hard****

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