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  • Thanks RT!

    Originally posted by RainierTruckie View Post
    Hi Vin,

    Beautiful post dude. To watch the re-interview, it certainly does seem that Lloyde England was lying, doesn't it? It does seem ridiculous to claim that a light pole slammed into his windshield, and penetrated all the way to the back seat after being hit by a passing jetliner, without creating any damage to the hood, doesn't it? Thanks for the education.

    It is interesting that none of the "professional debunkers" here have responded to your post. My guess is that they missed it because of the 24-96 hour lag time between when you hit "Submit Reply", to when it actually hit the board. Once you get a few posts under your belt the Mods will move you up to "insta-post" status.

    In the meantime let me help our friends out by quoting your post in it's entirety...

    Lt Tony, c'mon dude, this is your "Dodge". Vin posted a pretty solid argument that the Pentagon attack was bogus. I think it deserves a fair debate.
    Thank you so much RT. Yes Lloyd's account is beyond ludicrous. The fact is it is proven lie when you consider the plane was nowhere near the poles.

    I appreciate the heads up on the posting procedure here. It does seem a little extreme, but hopefully I can reach that insta-post level.

    What we are dealing with here are emotionally immature men, who are not only arrogant in their assumptions but who are frightened by the implications of being wrong.

    I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's see if they can make some concessions and remain intellectually honest.


    • Define troll

      Originally posted by CaptainGonzo View Post
      The sound of silence can be as deafening as the clap of thunder....

      Go away, troll.
      No what you just did... is called trolling.

      I am trying to stimulate discussion on the subject matter. I am here to bring the 9/11 truth, the firefighters are speaking of.

      Here, since you have a short attention span:

      It's only 9 minutes.

      He admitted involvement.


      • Originally posted by FWDbuff View Post
        No, it's because my mother taught me to ignore *******s.
        Did your mother also tell you look before you leap? How about manners? Did she teach you those? Did you she teach you never to support mass murderers? How about reporting a crime? What did she teach you about that?

        I am trying to give you invaluable information centering on the future and security of our country and it's citizens and you are turning this into a schoolyard sh*t talking fest.


        Let me know when you have acknowledged that the plane approached on the north side of gas station.


        • Wow. Some hero.

          Originally posted by CaptainGonzo View Post
          My post was directed at VinDickheadcator911.
          Wow, and you are entrusted with people's lives?


          • Hey Moderator,

            Had the chance to expose large scale scam
            but you chose to keep it a secret from the
            members on the board

            Thank alot for allowing this to continue

            Really thank you for allowing skel scam operation
            tp get away

            Thank alot

            My Dead FDNY NYPD brothers thank you too

            Paul (New York Sentinel)


            • Chief, please...

              Originally posted by ChiefKN View Post
              All this to call all the first responders who went to the pentagon liars. They found airplane parts (large ones) and actually found pieces of uniforms...

              And you expect us to believe they are all lying?

              What a load of crap.

              No they were all fooled.

              Airplane parts? What airplane parts? The few that were found were planted pre-explosion. In fact, they were conducting a "renovation" in the EXACT section that was damaged. There were many unoccupied areas, perfect for pre-planting of aircraft debris. Would you like see some 1960's precedence:

              (Source: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHART...orthwoods.html)

              "At precisely the same time that the aircraft was presumably shot down a submarine or small surface craft would disburse F-101 parts, parachutes, etc approximately 15-20 miles off the coast and depart. The pilots returning to Homestead would have a true story as far as they knew. Search ships and aircraft could be dispatched and parts of aircraft found"

              Again, Chief, once you accept that the plane approached on the north side of that gas station, then you accept the plane did not hit any light poles, or the Pentagon, 9/11 as inside job and the cab driver as an accomplice. Unless you want to tell me all those witnesses interviewed on location on camera are all drastically mistaken about the exact same simple right or left detail at the same time, in the same way. Is that what you are telling me?


              • Lets see what we have seen so far:

                Moderator letd puke skel scam operator to discrace
                the memory of fallen brother speak all over the board
                running confidence scam

                But some new guy post evidence jetkoff running scam
                tries to raise alarm to fellow firefighters of scam moderator
                covers for scam by not posting relevant post.

                Atta boy

                Takes a real american to censor a patriot

                Yes it does

                Great show



                • Im really really lucky to have been with the FDNY
                  Auxiliary Fire Corp for twenty years went through 911
                  Watch 343 firefighterd die watch *** skelz scam off the ****ing
                  deaf only to have some jerkoff premodanna moderator cover for criminals
                  letting information regarding crimes connected to scam and posible
                  foul play with 911 fireman son just blow away

                  Great show man

                  Thanks awhole lot



                  • Whatever

                    Originally posted by FyredUp View Post
                    No, you can take the sound of silence as a sign of disgust of you conspiracy buffs with no more of a life than to continue to attempt to make what you believe real. Sorry NO, the FDNY that was there has NEVER come forward as an agency, or as a Union to claim this was explosives. Why do you suppose that is? Because it simply isn't true. Do you believe for one second that you could keep the entire FDNY quiet if they felt it was anything more than an airplane crashing into the towers and the subsequent fires that brought down the towers.
                    Well I am not talking about the towers. I have proof for the Pentagon attack.

                    It's not disgust, it's kneejerk incredulity from men who can't reply without getting emotional, who can't reply without insulting. I know this is confusing, but please realize a lot of us do this because we care about our country and the victims of 9/11. No more no more less. So get off your soapbox with your violin and pointed finger, and realize we are not the bad guys as much as you would like us to be.

                    Answer me this since you are talking about the towers. Can a demo expert wire and blow out support in the the 94-98th floors of the WTC and make the whole thing collapse downward without stopping? We are simply talking about swapping the concept of the immediate elimination of support(explosives) for the gradual elimination of support(jet fuel fire). What would happen? Would you expect a demo expert can wire 1/10 of the top of a building and make the whole thing collapse downward with no retarding with no stopping due to resistance of the lower floors???? Think about it.

                    BTW there were explosions, many people heard, felt and experienced them.

                    I have a few questions for you, since your ilk seems to hang together on topics:

                    1) Do you deny the Holocaust occured?
                    2) Do you believe the assasination of JFK was an inside job and Lee harvey Oswald was a patsy?

                    Nice generalization.

                    1) Yes, I believe many Jews and non-jews died in concentration camps
                    2) Inside job all the way.

                    But I know, you are the consummate know it all. It's all just a coincidence. Just like John Hinckley Jr shooting Reagan while being the son of John Hinckley Sr. head of Vanderbilt Oil/Energy-Bush family friend and major campaign contributor. You know, George Bush Sr., who was originally running against Reagan and forced to be his running mate, who would have become president if Reagan died. I know it's just coincidence that John's Brother Scott Hinckley was going to have dinner with Neil Bush that same night. Just a coincidence that they buried that part of the story yet made him out to be a Jody Foster loving drifter nut in history books. It's all just coincidences. Coincidence Theories.

                    All the consoiracy buffs I know simply refuse the evidence because it debunks everything they live for.

                    Whatever. You haven't debunked anything I have presented.

                    Do us a favor and go back to you 911 conspiracy wacko site because no one here gives a damn about what you have to say.
                    Clearly you do, or you wouldn't be posting trying to bully me with your tough talk.

                    Look, the plane was on the north side of the Citgo. The cat is out of the bag. It is over. You can't change it. You can't move a plane.

                    Learn the significance of these implications and then come back later.


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