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  • Utilities

    Does your department personnel handle shutting off utilities or do you wait for the utility company to handle it?

    What utilities do you handle? Gas, Electric, Water

  • #2
    Lt.D hows it going. we handle pulling the meter if there is a immediate hazard to the crew. we will shut off the gas and have removed the gas meter from a fully involved structure with the direction of gas co on scene.


    • #3
      We still pull meters - not me personally though. I can't convince them it's dangerous, even though the electric company has trained us not to pull them.

      We (and I) will shut off gas and water if needed and electricity at the panel box.


      • #4
        Typically, the truck co. or the rescue co. will handle the utilities. We will take care of the gas and water, but do not pull meters anymore, as this can be a very dangerous practice. We'll shut the power off at the breaker panel, and leave it at that.

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        • #5
          We (and I)(The Department) agree 100% with benson911 and lumpy649. Pulling meters and such nature is very dangerous. We let the power company handle their stuff. there is enough stuff to kill us, the utility's won't be one of them.

          [email protected]

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          • #6
            We do not pull electrical meters anymore, thank god. We will shut the gas off anytime we can and it is a hazard. Problem we have is many times we are unable to shut the gas off because the valve will not turn and then we have broken the valve.


            • #7
              We do not pull meters, we will turn off the main breaker and let the electric company do the rest.

              We will only turn off gas and water if needed, but we have the gas company come out and take care of their equipment when we do have a fire at a residence or business


              • #8
                Our Department (mostly) only has to deal with Electric & Gas.

                Gas is fairly easy around here because it's all storage tank - no service pipeline system - just shut off the tank and presto - no gas. The only other major problem with gas is the location of the tank itself. Older systems have tanks against a side or rear wall of the house, while newer ones have the tank removed about 50+ feet from the house (Possiblt burried underground - so look close for that pressure regulator/sensor where the pipeline enters the house).

                As for electricity it's either trip the main breaker or use a service disconnect (if available).

                My "Real Job" is with a major electric utility and I have seen enough training & demonstration videos on what can happen if a meter is pulled wrong, not to mention the hazards with securing the still energized meter base.

                I am personally 100% against Emergency Services personnel trying to pull meters. I am a big advocate of building codes that require a main service disconnect even in residential construction. The cost is minimal when compared to the benefit & decreased risk to Fire/Rescue personnel

                O.K. - off my soap box now.

                Take Care - Stay Safe


                • #9
                  We do not pull meters at all. We have a mutal aid run the other night and the host company had someone pull the meter and was a lucky one. I didn't see it but from what I heard he was a lucky one. I think pulling the meters is best left to the electric company.

                  Kyle www.chalfontfireco.com


                  • #10
                    Thanks for the replies, I was just curious about what the rest of the world is doing.

                    Our local electric company has spent considerable time and money to train the area departments in pulling residential meters and cutting overhead service (when the power co isn't available) I was just wondering what everyone else does.

                    Thanks again for the replies.


                    • #11
                      We try not to pull meters, but if our FF's inside encounter live electrical wires, we will pull it. The electric company can take from 30 - 60 min to get here. We try to turn it off at a disconnect, or panel box if possible, but sometimes you can't access it. All water in our area is well, so if the electric is off, so is water. All gas is bottle gas, so it is shut off at the tank. A similar concern that we encounter frequently is Heating Oil tanks, which are more often that no sitting right next to the house. Although not pressurized, it can still gravity flow oil into the house, and they can also get very hot if the house is on fire.


                      • #12
                        we turn off the gas , but for the electric we shut off the main if we can get to it.
                        also our power co. pulls the breaker on the pole itself. we had a fire a few years back on a -10 degree nite and the electric co. pulled the meter. we called them back when sparks were seen inside. the ice hade formed around the meter causing it to conduct electic.
                        also the service still comes to the house before the meter

                        asst. chief kevin smith


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