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Busiest Companies

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  • Busiest Companies

    What kind of areas are you busiest companies in? Are they in areas in need of urban renewal? Are they in high population areas? Are they in areas with alot of high-rises? Tell about these areas and what kind of equipment is assigned to them. We have two engines that are always going back and forth about who is the busiest. One is in an area with alot of apartment complexes and high-rises, with just a few residential areas. The other is in a area that is just a potpouri of everything that you can think of.

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    Based on Stats...New York Ciy os the busiest, but that encompasses everthing.


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      Engine 10 of Washington D.C. is the busiest engine in the nation. There response area consists of everything from row houses to garden apartments to industrial/commercial areas to high rises. I think that the busiest companies usually are in economically troubled, densely populated areas.

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        Not true.. Engine 1 from San Francisco Fire Department beat 10 engine last year, and I am sure, thanks to some stupid dispatching procedures there, they will be up around 7200 calls this year.
        Their response area is the downtown area by pac bell stadium made up of residential hotels and high rise. They basically do laps around their district. They have a HUGE homeless population in their area, which is the main reason for the call volume.


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          Actually they didn't beat 10 engine last year. The run stats were sent in but they said they didn't receive them. DCFD Local 36 sent a letter to Firehouse Magazine to clear that up, but I don't know what came out of it.


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            Anyone can have 3000 first responder calls......Who is the busiest engine/truck in the USA for occupied structural working fires???

            "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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              Army truck

              Nice rip on Engine 10. Did you have your feelings hurt there too like you did in Pg County? Actually it is more than 3000
              medicals. Maybe if you are lucky enough to get hired in Philly you'll be assingned to some company that runs a bunch of medicals like that. Of course "anyone can do it like you said.


              • #8
                I didn't get the impression ArmyTruck was directly slamming DCFD's Engine 10...the way I read it, he was just asking for the busiest firefighting company vs. who leaves the house the most.

                Could we perhaps not get our knickers in a twist over stupid things, folks?

                I haven't been reading the posts on PG county, and if that's the type of irrelevant "slamming" that's in them, I'm not missing anything.

                I wish the Forum folks would start up a "Pointless ****ing Match Page" and all the career/volly, EMS/non-EMS. E-One/Pierce, leather/rubber, and bunker/fatigue combatants could go duke it out there, and leave everyone else out of it...


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                  Rs-1 Alum....that wasn't meant to be a rip, if it sounded like that, my apologies....But since you brought it up- what's wrong?? Does the truth hurt??? Does it **** you off that while E10 is out tossing band-aids, somewhere else some other company is getting more WORK???? Hmmm should I twist the knife in your back some more and ask who is the busiest heavy squad in the US for actual WORK????

                  "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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                    Lets see, total running, that would be E-33. I think they did about 4400 last year. They are in a mostly high rise district, and have lots of schools in there first due area.

                    Busiest fire Company, That would be Rescue 2. 2200 plus calls, 950 building fires. That makes them the busiest running FIRE company in New England. Rescue 1 and ladder 23 had about 500 total fires each.

                    Brockton squad A I seem to recall is the busiest running Squad in the Nation, but they do everything from Medicals, to outside fires, to central station alarms. I think they run about 25% of all the City of Brockton running.

                    ** The opionions are mine and mine alone, they are not that of my dept or the local**


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                      DCFD Engine 10 mite have to push band-aids. But when it comes down to get to work. Engine 10 is one of the best to have on a good working fire. someone should get though head out of his xxx.


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                        Boys, boys, BOYS...

                        Thanks for the actual stats there, BFD. 950 building fires is a chunk. Is that "dispatched as building fires" or actual working fires? Either way, it's a lot!

                        Richmond's busiest company (Quint 5) had just over 3000 runs - both fire and EMS. It's also our only platform.


                        • #13
                          bfd...give me a break Boston, an excellent FD, ain't doing the work like they used to(like most depts.) It's real difficult to tell who's doing the work anymore, occupied structural workers stats get inflated, AFA's schew things, a lot of areas have companies on top of each other, whatever.

                          Sure, the dime gets a lot of hype but they get a job at least every 72 hrs. Yeah, a lot of nickel and dime but it sure beats smells and bells all night. On the other hand, after twenty med locals who give a f*&^ about a job.


                          • #14
                            Your correct DC, Boston is not as active as they used to be, they used to run 10 to 12 fires a day on average, to day we run about 5 a day.

                            I took the stats from the company, your correct, Rescue worked 721 Building fires, 14, Transport fires, That could be either ship, train, plane, or car, 221 other fires. Add them together you get 956 fires for the year.

                            I have the company stats that i will e-mail anyone who wants them. Below is the code we use.


                            ** The opionions are mine and mine alone, they are not that of my dept or the local**

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                              The busiest engine and truck company in Prince George's County, Kentland (33), is in an economically depressed, highly populated area. A lot of their second and third due is the same too. Most of the busiest companies in this county are in those types of places.

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