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I just hate stupid people, don't you?

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  • I just hate stupid people, don't you?

    Okay folks, there was a thread on here not too long ago about stupid things that FF/EMS people have done, either in the firehouse, or at a call.
    And more recently, there is a thread on here about gas leaks, and as Captain Gonzo says "Upon investigation, there had been an odor of gas in the neighborhood for a week or so, but nobody thought it was dangerous, so it went unreported!"[Thanks Cap}
    So, lets here. What amusing / stupid / negligent things have your local citizens done?

    "I hate it when someone says something is impossible, because then I have to go and find a way to do it."
    Whatever it is, I didn't do it, and I don't know anything about a fire. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
    Stay safe, boys and girls. It's for keeps out there.

  • #2
    This one is easy!!!!!

    Two summers ago, we got dispatched to a gasoline spill at the local Amoco. A motorist forgot to remove the nozzle from the car before they drove off. The damaged created spilled a considerable amount of gasoline. We were able to stop the gas from flowing into the sewer, BUT........as we began the clean-up....a nosy citizen walked up to the scene, laughed and criticized the the driver..................AND PROCEEDED TO LIGHT A CIGARETTE. Fortunately...one of the guys close to him spotted the stupidity and immediately "TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS"



    • #3
      Must be something with gasoline.....

      A couple of years ago we were dispatched to a reported fuel leak at one of the gas stations at the top of a hill in town. It seems that the station had received a delivery of fuel to the inground fuel tanks. Somehow, either the delivering fuel company or the owner of the station did not realize that fuel was just delivered a few hours prior. The tanks must have been real low because last I checked, an 8,000 gallon tank only holds 8,000 gallons. Well they tried to cram 9,000 gallons into it and ended up spilling an estimated 500 gallons of fuel into the ground and out the overflow valve. Wait....it gets better......The call was received by the police of fuel running down the hill into town about a couple of blocks long. The first patrol car on scene parked in the spill, on the hill......after FD arrived, the PD closed the road....what was the method the police used to close the road??? You guessed it FLARES..at the bottom of the hill no less.....

      Another smart gentleman decided to remove a colony of ants living in a tree stump in his yard. He figured he would pour some gas into the stump and light it. He poured about two gallons of gas on the stump lit a match and dropped it in. The tree stump blew apart, hit him in the head, knocked the gas can out of his hand and caused one heck of brush fire. Can you say "Terminix"

      Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)


      • #4
        Well we had a crazy old lady pour gasoline on her sidewalk and lit it on fire to get rid of the grass between the cracks.

        But if it wasn't for the stupidity of the public then all of us wouldn't have such an interesting job! And probably wouldn't get half of the runs we get!

        The statements above are my own opinions

        FF Greg Grudzinski
        Oaklyn Fire Dept.
        Station 18-3


        • #5
          Man, what is it with people and gasoline? What about other substances? Any other bizzare happenings with them?

          "I hate it when someone says something is impossible, because then I have to go and find a way to do it."
          Whatever it is, I didn't do it, and I don't know anything about a fire. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
          Stay safe, boys and girls. It's for keeps out there.


          • #6
            OK, here goes. In the old days of running the ambu, we were disp for a pregnant female with abdominal pain. We arrive to find a 18 y/o f, washing dishes. We explain we were called for the above complaint and where was the patient. Dishwasher replies it is her. After being asked to wait till she finishes the dishes(we didn't), we get her in the ambu. Asked for her doctor, she replies she doesn't have one. Well, we ask, how do you know you are pregnant? With a perfectly straight face she replies:


            I excused myself the the front of the unit, closed the door and laughed myself to tears all the way to the hosp.


            • #7
              Oh and you can't forget the character who can walk up to the chief, in front of a house blowing smoke and fire, surrounded by engine co's and truck co's, and ask: "Whats goin' on?"
              fav reply:" Bake sale. Cupcake?"


              • #8
                Oh, how about the time we get disp. as a second due automatic mutual aid to a motel fire, with about 3 units off and fire showing. PD gets on scene, "Just send one engine and a tanker, they should be able to handle it."
                Needless to say, the box was filled.


                • #9
                  From the resident of an apartment above a 'former' restaurant at approx. 02:30:

                  "well I started smelling something burning around 10:00, but I didn't think anything of it and went to bed! Now I'm standing in the street in my nightgown! Do you think I can get back in my apt. anytime soon?"

                  Hey just remember, if it wasn't for stupid people, half of our jobs could probably be eliminated.


                  • #10
                    When there's fire blowing out of every crevice of the building, and some schmuck asks "What's going on??" My favorite answer: "A Submarine Crashed."

                    Actually had a guy go "Ohhh, ohhh kay" and walk away....After about 10 steps, he turned around and says "HEY wait a minute".....I was laughing to hard to look at him..>!!

                    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


                    • #11
                      I'll add one to the fray: A while back, I was a passenger in a Sable Wagon that got nailed from behind. Turned it into an instant sedan. Anyway, this was the model that had the rear windshield wiper/washer. As I am sitting on the ground, waiting for the FD/PD to come, I see this construction worker, who had been working nearby, come over. He asked if I was okay, did I need anything, etc. Real nice guy. He did have a problem. He was smoking a ciggarete, and was ten feet from a car that just had been crushed. Again, would not have been that bad, except for the fact that there was an as-yet unidentified liquid pouring out of what used to be the wheelwell area. I made mention of this fact, thinking about where the gas tank was, how fast the fumes would travel... Anyway, he goes over, and I swear to you, it was the dumbest thing I have ever seen: He tasted it. Not just sticking his finger in it, but cupped his hand, and had a good quarter cup or so. Then he turns around, and with a striaght face goes "Nope, that ain't gas."
                      Thank God the REAL proffesionals were on the scene in a moment or two, and politely got rid of the nut.

                      "I hate it when someone says something is impossible, because then I have to go and find a way to do it."
                      Whatever it is, I didn't do it, and I don't know anything about a fire. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
                      Stay safe, boys and girls. It's for keeps out there.


                      • #12
                        There you have an example of Darwin's theory in action. Left alone, the gene pool will weed out the stupid.


                        • #13
                          A neighboring district had a call for a possible chimney/structure fire yesterday. On arrival black smoke pouring out, good working chimney fire. Talking to the homeowner afterwards and found that they were starting a fire in the fireplace. Being impatient sorts they decided gasoline was a great way to get things moving a little quicker. Needless to say the loud boom and subsequent fire taught them a rather expensive lesson in fire safety! They were fortunate enough to escape uninjured, in possession of their facial hair, and still have a house left to live in.

                          Another great lesson in learning just how many scary/stupid people are among us is to work Fire Police on a road shutdown. EVERY car will stop and ask how they get from here to there.......and you find out that they live a mile from where you are but apparently have never traveled any other way and have no clue about any route other than the one you are blocking.


                          • #14
                            A man goes to the gas station and fills up his 2.5 gallon gas can for his lawnmower and sticks it in the trunk of his car. Well the can was filled a litle too much and some of the gas leaks out into the trunk on the way home. When he gets home he opens the trunk, reaches in to get the gas can and the cigarette he is smoking falls into the trunk. When we pulled up that car was engulfed and the one next to it had significant heat damage.

                            As the saying goes "People don't call the fire department when they do something smart"


                            • #15
                              Tulsa recently (oh, 6 or 8 months ago, maybe) worked a house fire. Split level w/garage under bedrooms. Homeowner was "tuning up" his race car in the garage, and it backfired.

                              Investigator asks: "A backfire started a structure that had the garage/bedroom end fully engulfed on FD arrival"? (about 3 minutes response - daytime).

                              Homeowner replies - well, they do shoot some pretty awesome flames, sometimes.

                              The "race car". An alcohol burning dirt track sprint car. (Think world of outlaws!) This thing runs straight pipes, pointed up! And burns pure ethanol.


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