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Bush Recommends Cutting FIRE Act; Project Impact

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    I have to agree with the MINORITY of the posters here. The federal governements' job is not to fund local governments. There should be no fire grants, no police grants or any of this type of thing. The local government is obliged to provide this. NOWHERE in the US constitution does it state that this is to be a service of the federal government. This country is so used to sucking at the tit of government and wants hand outs that it is blinded from common sense. Nowhere is the US governement supposed to be a support agency for the failure of local government or the failure of individuals. We want government to send out all kinds of money from these programs and we Bith, ****, Moan, Whine and Complain when we see our tax statements. Then, when someone tries to cut programs, so taxes can be cut, people Bitch and Whine. If more of these support programs were cut less money goes to Washington and more inot our pockets and more would be available in local budgets to adequately fund public safety.

    And one more thing. The reason the police have gotten all of these grants is because they rallied together as one, something the fire service has NEVER been able to do, to make sure that congress and the public know what the situation is. I don't agree with this but this is why the police get grants and the fire service doesn't. It's our own fault. Whine all you want, but the blame for the loss of these grants is the fire service's fault not Pesident Bush's. It does no good to complain now because the decision has been made. The fire service blew its shot at this a long time ago.

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      Hmmmm...very interesting.

      So far, every arguement I've heard on why the police get the funding and we don't really doesn't hold water. Take that case, and substitute "firefighter" or "fire service" for "police officer" or "law enforcement" and it applies just as well.

      As for law enforcement having more of an impact on interstate commerce...what happens when the widget factory burns down, throws 100 people out of work, and can't sell widgets anymore across state lines? Substitute anything you like for "widgets." Microsoft, UPS, t-shirts, computer printers, whatever.

      Anyone can make a legitimate case that fire protection is not a federal activity. But if that's the case, there's no legitimate argument that law enforcement is, either. You can't have it both ways.

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        What a slap in the face.

        After all the political wrangling we went through JUST to get the $100 Million that we got, now a President who obviously doesn't have a clue wants to take that money away.

        The federal government DOES have a responsibility to assist ALL emergency services, be it PD, FD, EMS, FEMA. By saying that it's not their responsibility is a real joke.

        To those who say it's the local government's responsibility to fund the FD, you're not looking at the whole picture. It took until the middle of January for our Vol. Department to get its 2000 budget from our fully Republican town council. The fire service is NOT asking the federal government to fund FD's, it's asking for the same help that PD's have been getting for years.

        Write your congressmen (www.house.gov and then put your zip code in, you'll get your reps, and www.senate.gov) and let them know that the president is off base on this one.


        ***These views are fully my own, and do not represent the opinions of any department or organization to which I belong***


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          This has got to be the biggest slap in the face a politician can slap on the fire service. Firemen are out there putting their lives on the line day in and day out. Sometimes they get hurt and sometimes they die. They do this to protect family, friends, neighbors and more often complete strangers. To cut funding to the thousands of deserving fire departments is not only rude, but disturbing. To know that for the next four years a man who puts us all last in the great scheme of things means that more firefighters will be hurt and killed.
          Every firefighter across America should band together and show their support for this.


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            For all Bush's talk about being non-partisan and "working together", he's shown his true colors. This is nothing but a revenge tactic against IAFF for supporting Gore. Too bad it hurts all of the people we serve. This is not a knock against the union just an observation that it's politics as usual.

            Now that I'm done complaining here, I'm going to complain where it might make a difference: to my Senators and Representative!

            These opinions are mine and do not represent my department.

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              I truley want to apoligize whole heartedly to everyone for voting for Bush. I will never ever make the mistake again.

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                From day one of the campaign, little Georgie W. was thoroughly disingenious, often cartoonish, outright dense and, usually, unintelligible. He was, and is, nothing more than a spoiled little rich child looking to use the Presidency as a stepping stone to his real ambition...the office of Commissioner of Baseball. Thanks to a failed and corrupt political system, where tradition counts more than accuracy and nepotism and patronage sit firmly on the bottom line, the loser ended up in office and the majority of voters ended up as the losers. It's no surprise...it's about the result I'd expect from our fine, uninformed, apathetic, self-absorbed citizenry.

                To all of you that pulled that Bush-Cheyney lever last November...and, equally, to those who didn't vote at all...you're now getting just what you deserve. The rest of us (the majority of voters, I might add) will have to suffer along with you. Fortunately I experience little disappointment. As I posted when this act originally passed, I never expected to see a penny anyway.

                Hope y'all are happy now. Only 1,421 days left until little Georgie W.'s (rightfully, unlike him) elected replacement is inaugurated in 2005.


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                  Now before I go anywhere with this post let me just preface with the fact that I did not vote for Georgie Boy so I am sure as hell not defending him.

                  That being said, I truly don't feel this is George's fault. Yes he is a big factor, but he is also the messenger and haven't we learned "not to shoot the messenger?" Just about every person in this country cries for tax cuts and breaks, and every elected official tries to produce it so he "looks good" Old George is picking to cut something that we let get sliced and diced from the beginning. Did he have anything to do with the previous cuts to it? No, that came under a democratic reign so I think we need to ditch the "republican vs. democrat I told you so about George W. BullS##T" and realize that it is the standard role of a politician to simply see a large number to cut and not look down the line at it's impact. The said part is we sit in forums like this and bitch about it, and send one IAFF rep (maybe 2) to argue for us, a population of how many? Do you think a couple of people are going to make a difference for us? I doubt it! But the fire service UNITED (Vol, Career and all in between) is a huge voice. Perhaps we should consider using it. Oh, and for the IAFF backing Gore, do we know he wouldn't have cut the Act too? Remember politicians are known to say one thing to get votes and once elected do something totally different because now they are on the hot seat and under the microscope. Not saying that he would have or wouldn't have, but it will forever be unknown so let's not jump to the conclusion that he would have been better. After all he was the VP when the Fire Act was introduced and whittled down to what it is now.


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                    Bush's proposal is a slap in the face. It goes against everything we have worked for and shows that the nation's number 1 man is against us. Write your Congressman/Congresswoman and tell them to vote against the budget proposal. Do it for your fire department and your community. And remember this when the next election rolls around.


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                      Once again, it appears that a decision has been made based on not understanding the facts. I did vote for our President. I feel that the general public should retain their own earnings and spend as they see fit. Not thru being taxed to death. However, there are certain things that will required funding. Obviously the Fire Service would be one of these.
                      Law enforcement is also one of these. The equipment they require to effectively do their job also costs twice as much as it should.
                      Traditionally, it has taken a major disaster to effect change in the Fire Service. I sincerely hope this does`nt happen.
                      Time to contact your respective State Representatives and Senators.


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                        What everyone is forgetting is that we will be taking a double whammy from Bush. Not only are we losing funding from the Fire Act but Bushs tax cut will cut aid to States and the States will have to cut aid to Municipalities. Then guess who gets their budget cuts!! ( Not the Police)


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                          Harry Carter and myself had a e-mail discussion about which candidate was pro-firefighter. I guess that answer is clear now. Funding like this makes it possible for fire departments to keep thier heads above water. It makes me sick that the money is going for a tax break for some yuppie that makes a million dollars a year. Who coincidentally just moved up the street into the new housing development and won't donate a dime during fund drive. This person is also the first to complain about the fire department when he needs us. Thanks George!!!!


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                            I think the argument about the fire service should not receive no money from the Fed. Govt. is a complete joke..I can think of many things, organizations, corporations, Law Enforcement, School, ect. that receive federal dollars year in and year out..and everyone knows these things are not Fed. supported, so what is wrong witha little help from our government...also anyone that states that who cares my dept would not receive any money from the Fire act anyways....that too is a joke....it should not matter if your dept. receives $ or not it was a start and could have developed into something larger..Bush is and will be a terrible president..riding on his Daddy's coattails..For the record I voted for Gore along WITH THE MAJORITY of this country...


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                              Originally posted by Dalmatian90:
                              Goodness forbid you have to work with your local politicians on a predominantly local problem. Gosh, that would take developing leadership skills to influence public opinion to put pressure on the local pols.

                              Funding local fire protection equipment & personnel isn't a federal responsibility. Funding law enforcement is only marginally more so since has more of an impact on interstate commerce. Plus they've developed a good PR program.

                              Oh, and playing politics probably doesn't help. What was the first union to endorse Gore anyway? Guess what folks...still don't have the public visibility to withstand political payback. But maybe that PR would come from working locally...
                              Hey dalmation90, how is a small rural fire department in an unincorporated area supposed to influence local politicians? Maybe it would help if they had some... The FIRE act was created to help departments like this, because they cannot help themselves. Law enforcement is more deserving of federal funds because they have a greater impact on interstate commerce? Who do you think provides fire and rescue protection to people traveling on US highways and interstates that pass through thinly populated rural areas? Volunteer rural fire departments. The FIRE act does not impact full paid departments, who have a union and political clout. But, it is our duty to help out volunteers at risk from irresponsible fiscal planning. If worrying about the political backlash from standing up for our brothers in smaller departments has you frightened into not speaking out, it must have been one of the other guys on your job that has "leadership skills to influence public opinion....


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                                Ah...but the Federal Gov't provides a lot of money for the fire service. From NFA to the National Institutes of Standard's Fire Research...to the Forest Service's Research efforts and suppression efforts. Areas of proper federal responsibility -- for their own lands, and for basic research that applies nationally.

                                But they have no role in funding local fire protection. They shouldn't fund cops or teachers, either.

                                If you moved to or continue to live in a very rural area, that's a decision you made. If your County or State taxpayers would like to subsidize better goverment services...that's there choice. It shouldn't be coming from my pocket 2000 miles removed from your local situation.

                                If you live in an area that can afford a better level of fire protection and chooses not to, that's YOUR problem, not mine. I come from a town that had poor funding for decades; an area where departments in my mutual aid group still go without tax funding because they refuse to work with the town politicians. We've worked with our town leaders closely for over 30 years and have developed the support we need.

                                If YOUR residents REFUSE to pay taxes to support THEIR department -- let them live with the results. Do not come whining to the Federal Government.

                                If you live in an area that can't support the quality of departments other areas can...that's a decision YOU made. It's not just fire protection...the Federal Gov't should only offer Flood Insurance ONCE -- to allow someone to build again outside a flood zone. The Federal Gov't shouldn't subsidize fire protection just like we shouldn't subsidize someone coastal vacation home by providing insurance for it.

                                Federal funds are at the whims of national politics -- build up your local political support that will last decade in and decade out!


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