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Turn out gear designs

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  • Turn out gear designs

    I'm looking for good ideas for new turn out gear. What options or "EXTRAS" would you like to have on your TOG? Thanks for your ideas!

  • #2
    If you are planning on having the zipper front on the jacket try to make the zipper easier to find and hook in the dark. It may be impossible but thats the biggest problem I encounter, besides excess weight and reduced mobility. Well actually mabye a thick layer of padding at the knee and shin area on the pants thereby keeping your knees and shins a little more comfortable while doing search and rescue on the floor directly above the fire.


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      I would get Arashield cuffs, elbow, and knee patches - non absorbent and very durable. I would also try to get padded knees/shins. A radio pocket with a loop for the mic.


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        Morning Pride has a feature on their bunker pants known as "heat shield knees". I feel that they are a life saver. They save alot of wear and tear on your knees, and they are fully replaceable. You can get heatshield knees from any of their distributors, you just have to be able to tell them what material they need to be made from.

        It also saves down time, instead of sending the pants to be fixed professionally, you just pull of the old worn out knee, and put on the new one.

        Check out their website... www.morningpride.com


        "In Omnia Paratus"

        -- The opinions presented here are my own; and are not those of any organization that I belong to, or work for.


        • #5
          Bellows pockets on the pants are very nice, this way the members can carry their extra equipment with them.


          • #6
            Our Dept.uses cairns turnout gear outer shell p.b.i. gold. also each coat has a radio pocket on one side. The other side has a clip and strap for a flashlight. Our jumpseats have survivor rechargeable flashlights installed. With both items installed on our jackets. I feel keeps two important items within arms reach


            • #7
              In addition to what was mentioned, get the extended wristlets that have a thumb hole so you can put a pit of Gauntlet golves on fast I have them on my Globe PBI gear, this gear style is my personal favorite that I have used, I wouldn't mind trying morning pride sometime but am extreamly happy with my stuff. I personally like haveing the high back and the short coat. You get the same protection as the traditional styled gear but with less weight. Make sure you get pockets in the coat and on the legs. And the radio pocket is a good idea to, I don't use mine often but when I do it is because I really need it right there. I also like having a zipper closier inner and zelcro outer better than a snap one, much much faster.


              • #8
                Hey as long as it is BLACK with yellow stripes ya can't go wrong!

                The statements above are my own opinions

                FF Greg Grudzinski
                Oaklyn Fire Dept.
                Station 18-3


                • #9
                  After considerable research, I came the conclusion that Fire Gear's coat is tough to beat. They don't offer the high-back pants, but it is not needed because the coat has very little rise. This is due to the "T" pattern the coat is sewn on. They are also the manufacturers who pioneered (and hold the patent on) the thermal enhancement system. This involves placing dead air space where you need it most, on the shoulders and down the arms. I realize this is a controversial issue, but they are capable of building a very lightweight coat that exceeds the maximum TPP rating of 60 with no problem. Just my opinions, of course.


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