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Apparatus Slogans/Names

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  • Apparatus Slogans/Names

    I know some of you out there belong to Departments that have a slogan on or a name for a piece of apparatus....what does your slogan/phrase/name does your apparatus carry?? Be Safe!

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    I work out of a station that is in the center of the entire district. Therefor, we have the "Midtown" engine, our company to the east has the "Beast in the East", and the company on the west is the "Pride of the Westside". The east side boys also refer to their engine as "The Fat Chic". It's fun to drive, you just don't want your friends to see you in it. It is the oldest engine in our fleet, scheduled for replacment this year.


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      Our newest pumper came with white roll-up doors. Some of the people on our apparatus committee were worried about not being able to see white scotchlite on white doors, so they opted to go with blue scotchlite. It has ben called "Smurf 11" since the day it was delivered.

      Stay safe out there!


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        We have a hunk of $hit that for some reason we still have in service.

        Eng. Co. 9

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        "In order for us to achieve all that is demanded of us, we must regard ourselves as greater than we are."


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          We have 3 station.
          Station 10 slogan is "Old House on the Hill"
          Engine motto: "Stand and Deliver or the Devil he Shall Take You!"
          Rescue Squad motto: "Pride of the East Side"

          Station 13 Slogan is "Pride of Midtown"

          Station 18 Slogan is "Retirement Home"
          Engine 18Motto: "Were here if you need us"

          Station 20 Which is under costruction will Be called Prince William Commons
          Engine 20 motto: "Parkway Express"


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            Our station two is on the south side of Peoria. Engine Two and Rescue Two - "The Pride of the South Side".


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              We have three stations, one on the west, one in the center, and one on the east side of the township. The east station, where I run, has the motto "Taming the Beast in the East". Our patch is a single firefighter facing down a fire-breathing dragon with an 1 3/4" line. We toyed with the idea of putting "The Village Express" on the front brow of our new Pierce, since we're first due engine company at an apartment complex called Centennial Village that's notorious for its false alarms, malicious alarm pulls, careless cooking, and yes...even fires!

              The central station's motto is "Just a Walk in the Park", a reference to a homeowners' association in their district which the locals still call by its former name, Lacey Park.

              The station on the west side has the motto, "Grabbin' it by the Horns", and their patch mascot is a bull in turnout gear.


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                When I was a federal firefighter we ran AMC-Generals and one of them had problems with the odometer - it would read 10 miles when we only went 2 - so we called it "The Time Machine."


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                  We are the only department in the County to have white apparatus. When we received our most recent engine (Engine 69), we nicknamed it "Casper" from the cartoon series. The truck sports an image of Casper wearing a fire helmet. The next truck we received was a new aerial, so we went back to the "Casper the Friendly Ghost" cartoon and found one of Casper's brother Ghosts was named "Stretch", which seemed fitting for an aerial.

                  Now that we have a new tanker about to go in service, it will take the name of one of the other two ghosts, "Stinky" or "Fatty". The tanker will be in our second station, which right now has named themselves as the "Ghostbusters" since the new trucks are at the main station and not theirs. They have magnetic signs with the emblem from the movie on the sides of their trucks. Not sure what they will do when the tanker gets assigned there.

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                    Our equipment on our Ladder 3 is color coded purple. It kinda gets called "Lavender 3" at times. Our Station #1 is the "Southside" which is on the front of our Tanker and Engine.

                    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
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                    • #11
                      Our Station is on the main ave. in the business hub of the county. We run a high volume of calls in this corridor. Called the Ave. Boys by the other out lying depts. So years back they took this ave. boys nick name and soon put in the middle front on top of the cabs THE "A" TEAM fitting enough hun?


                      • #12
                        We used to have a tanker truck we called "Eileen" because it did, whenever we turned a corner.


                        • #13
                          When we obtained our new rescue truck the Asst Chief in charge of setting it up spent so much time at the station that his wife named it "Wilma" or the other woman. Well we also bought an engine at the same time and it became "Willie".


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                            We have 4 pieces of Equipment each with a diffrent Slogan attatched to them...Been with 'em for years where they originated not sure but here they are..

                            Engine 6411........."Feel the Heat"
                            Engine/Rescue 6413.."The Crew to the Rescue"
                            Ladder 6414...."Any Job, Any Place, Any Time"
                            Working on a New One for this piece....
                            One Idea was "14 Truck...Half way to Heaven"

                            Utility 6415....."The Power House"

                            These Slogans are not Gold Leafed on as of yet ...But each piece has a flag with the slogan and a design for each


                            • #15
                              We had a plate made for one of our engines that says, "You will get wet on this ride." I thought it was pretty cool.

                              Stay Safe,
                              Lt. James Woda


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