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  • PG COUNTY #2

    The other one was closed because you had to attack each other. Do that on your own time and get back to the other stuff that was going on in here.

  • #2
    I'm amazed the citizens of this county have not found out about the staffing problems and supposed negative rivalries between companies here. I'm sure they would freak if they only knew the half of it, especially in this day of lawsuits and holding others accountable for every little thing they do or don't do. I think it is only a matter of time. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD


    • #3
      It is to my belief that the last thread was shut down because someone who didn't want things being seen that were being said shut it down, using personal attacks as an excuse.

      To me the last thread was not only informative, but it also gave us a chance to discuss some things we are not usually able to discuss, whether it be for personally reasons or whatever.

      I, and I hope everyone understands, was not trying to attack anyone, only to see GhettoGhost's response to my assumptions. Now if I offended anyone then I apologize.

      At that note, lets try and keep this one alive.


      • #4
        i was not offended by anything said volunteersmokeeater and took your comments in the context they were meant to be. Its funny the forum i started as to why the forum was locked out is now also locked out. It looks to me like county censorship

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        • #5
          I agree ghost........funny how the second forum about why it was closed is now closed.......and i was half right........one of the 2 Seat Pleasant forums was erased again. HHMMMMMMMMMMM.............very strange


          • #6
            Maybe we ought to look for another location to host this forum. The censorship here is pretty pathetic. I'm seriously considering writing a letter to each advertiser on this site.


            • #7

              This is getting ridiculous, frankly. If you want to attack other departments, poke fun, attack individuals for their voice on the radio, accuse other groups of being elitist, then move on to another forum. We removed posts which were frankly attackative and outrageous and some of the worst since these forums launched two years ago.

              Thank you


              • #8
                I have not seen what the problem was, I know they said the posts were deleted but why certain threads, and the webteam didn't seem to mind when the PG County Forum was supporting and/or bashing 33.


                • #9
                  WebTeam you have just described a conversation in any firehouse in this country. Firemen make fun,argue,complain, and brag everyday so why not on the firehouse site. I never heard someone say they were offended by the material as long as its not vulgar, or discrimatory against race,sex or relgion let people speak their mind


                  • #10

                    Is that a real word?


                    • #11
                      The other forum is closed along with the other ones about co. 8. So what, get over it. Just keep this one going with fire stuff, not wondering why or if politics shut the other forums down. Who cares, it's over.


                      • #12
                        6873 you are absolutely right,,,,kinda makes you wonder about all the secretive dealings,,


                        let's keep this one alive,,,,and talk about something other than Kentland, Ritchie, and Seat Pleasant.

                        How about Hyattsville?????


                        • #13
                          Well, lets see. I'm not allowed to blast the union, the county, the pgcvfra, 8, 37, 26 (apparently 33 is ok), communications, radio traffic, driving habits, politics, or list people by first & last name. hmmm, that just dried up about 99.7% of firehouse discussions. Anyone for coffee & a game of uno?


                          • #14
                            I thought the PG forum was mild. The ISO forum was very "attackative" and look how long that went on? Why didn't that one get shut down as soon as the personal bashing started? I thought I could hear gunshots in the background while reading that thread.

                            Let's all play nice and hold hands for the evening prayer.


                            • #15
                              Just thought of something postable: Statistics. On the recently deceased thread, someone asked about 8's stats not being printed in the convention book. They did not turn in a statistical report. They weren't the only company not to turn in a report either. However, that's the way it works, you don't turn in a report, you don't get listed in the book. I don't use the county's stats because they're wrong. So, while I have your attention, get those reports in.


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