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Who moderates this mess????

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  • Who moderates this mess????

    I am quite amazed to see that the same "web team" who shut down an entire thread because there was a posting with link to a webpage with a picture of a Firehouse.com member in a bikini, simply removes the posting when another member openly attacks another member and their department in their posting. Hmmm.. which is worse and what is the difference between the two members making the objectionable posts???

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Quit whinning Richard Nester


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      As a parent, I would have been upset if my daughter posted a picture of herself on the web in a bikini. I do not believe that the internet is the place to put that type of picture - especially not in a professional forum.

      With all the sexual harrassment lawsuits going on, it is only understandable that a website which is geared toward firefighters and firefighting, would not want to have a picture of a woman in a bikini displayed.

      Might the difference in "attacking another forum member" and "showing a woman in a bikini" be a possible lawsuit? Just my thoughts on the subject

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        You know gentlemen, I realize this is none of my business, and either/both of you can tell me that. I've read three different threads this afternoon where the two of you are at each other. Your animosity spreads throughout the thread, and influences the way it goes.

        I don't know that much about ISO ratings, but if I wanted to learn I'd come here to pick up some advice from the ones who have experience with it. Both of you seem to have some experience, and both of you could contribute to helping those of us less knowledgable. However rather than do that, you choose to continue battling over a disagreement that if proven would show both of you correct or wrong. I don't know, and really don't care.

        Don't you think it's time to agree to disagree, and get back to doing what you do best? Helping those of us who seek advice. I don't mean to offend either of you, but you're not leaving a real good impression for the rest of us.


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          Maybe the web team can see through the smoke and mirrors and see that you haven't been attacked. People simply pointed out mistakes in your statements.

          By the way, I noticed you still haven't given us the details on how your state is different than the rest of us in the FSRS.


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            Originally posted by LHS*:
            Quit whinning Richard Nester
            Larry H. Stevens, are you trying to be intimidating by posting my name on here or what? Do you really think it bothers me? Would you like for me to post my address and phone number too? For pete's sake man, my "regular" job is being a cop. Do you really believe that by posting my name on here (which I post myself all the time) that I am going to be upset, intimidated or even the least bit concerned? Unlike you, I am one of those members who has a complete profile with nothing to hide. I don't hide behind my initials when I make postings on here. And I don't call people names and insult their departments. It was not me who threw the first stone, I merely disagreed with you when you said things that I have shown were incorrect. I have also admitted that I was not correct as well, something you are obviously not willing to do, preferring to call me names rather than do what has been suggested here, agree to disagree and go forward with our lives.

            Richard Nester
            Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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              LHS- What exactly is "whinning"?



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