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Raleigh Vs. Charlotte.. Durham or Greenville

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  • Raleigh Vs. Charlotte.. Durham or Greenville

    Raleigh Vs. Charlotte.. Durham or Greenville....

    Can Someone anyone please give me as much info as you can about these departmnts... How hard it is to get into them?, Will paramedic help, will an associates degree help, what are the best ways to try and obtain a job in a city in north carolina?

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    THE BEST way is the same Nationwide...Be a Veteran. Yes, I think a Medic certificate would be VERY helpful unless a department doesnt do ems...Of course year after year more fie depts. ARE running ems.


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      There is no easy way to get hired. You have to take the same tests that everyone else does and even if you have all of your certs you still must attend a full length accademy. Raleigh and Charlotte both are now using the CPAT as their agility tests. The other tests associated with getting onto the departments are different. Most that apply for these depts aren't hired their first times. They are all good depts. and have their problems just like any dept does. If you PM me I can give you some email addresses of some of their members and you can ask them directly. I hope this helps. By the way Raleigh has a new chief who has only been in town for about a year and is making some good changes. He was formally a Fire Commissioner in Philly.
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        Well, it depends. What type of department are you looking for? I don't know much about Charlotte other than it appears to be a good place to work by all accounts. I do, however, know people who work on the other three. I live in Greenville during the school year, and while it's a good department, its probably the slowest of the three. Greenville isn't exactly the best place to live and some say it's in the middle of no-where. They have Quints and if I'm not mistaken ( I might be) they are a few trucks short of the total quint concept. You'll work one month on the truck, one month on the engine, and one month on the medic unit. I don't know as much about the inner workings of RFD other than it seems to be where everyone around here tries to get hired at. I do know that it is probably the highest paid (living cost is more than likely higher in Charlotte) of the four and a guy I know works there said that his station runs at least 11 fire related alarms a shift. Finally, it's been said that Durham is the "Hell's Kitchen" of NC. The living conditions and inner city of Durham are rapidly deteriorating and the city is crime ridden. The academy is ran like a military boot camp, but by all accounts, they have a fair amount of working fires. I know this was long, but I hope it helps.
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          Hey GFDLT1 what does " PM " you mean... my email is [email protected] if you want to send me those email adresses.
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            the forums at www.firenews.net can give you a lot of information about NC departments.

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              Originally posted by DaveKiefer View Post
              Hey GFDLT1 what does " PM " you mean... my email is [email protected] if you want to send me those email adresses.
              PM: private message, one of the features on the user CP.
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                So does the paramedic and asociates degree help in north carolina or not... prefeably in those cities... not to mention concord or shelby..?
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                  Being a paramedic will help in Greenville...they are the primary EMS provdier for the city. As far as I know all the other cities only do basic level first responder.


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                    The associates degree will help more than the paramedic cert. There are not that many depts. around the Charlotte-Metro area that have paramedics on companies. Send me a private message I'll be able to tell you some specifics.


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                      I live in Durham and there are worse cities in NC than Durham. Been to Fayetteville lately?

                      Durham FD runs Intermediate squad rigs and the guys that run on the squads are very good. I worked for Durham County EMS for a........good while shall we say.......and the fire department there is very good at what they do.

                      I warn you with this, if you do not like running EMS runs than Durham is not for you. DCEMS, DPD, DFD, and the county Sheriff's office all work EXTREMELY well together. In fact was all prided ourselves on how well we work together.

                      Now if you hate running EMS, you can go join the Raleigh Fire Department and bitch about it with the rest of the guys there (as I hear thing being told by numerous Wake County Paramedics.)

                      A very large portion of the Intermediates and Paramedics on the Durham Fire Department work per diem for Durham County EMS. This is why we work so well together. We respect each other, watch each others' backs, and train/play/work together. No territorial ****ing contests.

                      And yes, Durham does burn and has a great deal of trauma from the gangbangers and morons that can't drive well.

                      Unfortunately DFD does not pay well, but no stupid 56 hour work weeks.
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                        Originally posted by profire1 View Post
                        THE BEST way is the same Nationwide...Be a Veteran. Yes, I think a Medic certificate would be VERY helpful unless a department doesnt do ems...Of course year after year more fie depts. ARE running ems.
                        I am not saying it is sound logic, but veteran does not a mean a thing around here. All that will help you is paramedic. Already being firefighter and EMT certified is not even a guarantee.

                        I have always heard good things about Charlotte.
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                          How to get into the firefighting feild in NC


                          I am new to the world of firefighting but I am determined to get in. I do want to go to school in this feild eventually but not at this moment. My girlfriend's brother is a firefighter in willmington. He got started by just trying out and got in. I do not have any major qualifacations except that I am in the army reserve for the last 7 years. I am now in a drill sergeant unit 3rd bn/ 518th ifantry reg. I have been overseas in 05-06 and have veterans status, I am 26 years old. I am trying my hardest to get into a fire dept unit by the means of trying out or anything else except school right now. If anyone has any way to help me I would greatly appreciate it thanks and godbless.


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                            I live in the central part of the state and the past few months I have been looking into different departments across the state and starting the application process.
                            In January I applied to a metro department in NC. 200 people applied for 18-25 possible positions. First was the open house, you had to sign-in so that they could see who was the most interested in getting the job(200 people turned in applications). About two-three weeks later I got a letter in the mail saying I moved to the next round of hiring which was the physical agility test( about 150 applicants were left). The firefighter in charge of the agility test said I performed above-average for the time trial; two weeks after that I got another letter stating I moved on in the process and to attend the three hour written examination and submit a background check.(around 70 applicants left) One week after that I got a call from the chief in charge of hiring; he told me I passed the test and I moved on in the process and to schedule for an interview in front of a seven member interview board of various fire department officers.(35 applicants left) I was told by word of mouth from some of the fire fighters within that department that the board was impressed with my oral interview. Two weeks later I got a letter saying that I did not make the final selection, so I basically made it to the final round of hiring my first try at getting a fire department job with only some volly experience and having recently graduating an academy and getting my certs. They ended up sending around 22 out of the 35 final applicants through their own four month department academy before putting them on a truck because the chief's view is that he wants all his firefighters to have the exact training for the job.

                            Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, wilmington, and the other major metro fire departments around the state are not the easiest to get a job at. Having paramedic will help some but most of these departments are about the same and they only run BLS. One of the Battalion chiefs that helped with hiring said that a two-year or four-year degree will help as they are looking for highly motivated and educated people, but it helps more if the major is fire related. At the major metro departments they pay like an extra $1500-$3500 more annually if you have a two-year degree and about double that if you have a four-year degree.

                            The best way to go about getting a job at a major metro department in NC:
                            1.) Try if possible to arrange to meet and get to know the chief in charge of hiring for the department before you apply to get your name known.
                            2.)If you know anybody on that department use them as references
                            3.)If you are in good with any high ranking fire offical in the state with alot of strings talk to them about putting in a good word for you with the hiring chief
                            4.) I was told to re-apply because they keep track of the people that didn't get selected; so if you are not hired the first time re-apply, they are looking for who really wants the job.
                            5.) Try your best at each step in the process, be doing alot of cardio and leg work, most of these jobs make you do a CPAT or something similar so be in shape. If you have to take a written exam look or ask for a practice one, I know a practice exam for mine was offered and believe me I was told out the 70 people that took my exam I was one of about 30 that actually passed it. Be ready for the interview, ask someone who has been through a department hiring interview to sit down with you and practice with you. They are going to be firing out personal questions one after another about your life, your goals, your experience, and your character and traits.
                            6.) You might want to consider getting hired at a smaller department and working there for around three years give or take a year and then apply to a bigger department after you already have some experience.
                            7.) Try to grab some certs from weekend colleges held twice anually at various colleges around the state because it shows that you are motivated and you want to be the best and most knowledgable at anything fire service related.
                            I have made no claims at knowing all the answers or having years of experience, all this information I gave to you I was told personally by someone within the fire department during the hiring process so i figured I would give me own personal experience with applying to metro fire departments in NC. Message me back for more information.

                            Beenie your military experience should help you out, the bigger departments show preference towards veterens. It shows you have discipline and that you can perform well as a member of a team. If your an officer it will help as well because it shows you have some leadership qualities.


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                              Raleigh will be taking applications beginning on June 28th, you can download one off of the city's website. The city is growing exponentially (I think that Wake county adds 36,000 residents a week), and therefore is planning to run academy's at least once a year. The department is getting busier everyday and the new chief is instituting new policies and ideas to help deal with this growth. Durham is just to the north west of Raleigh and is growing at a slower pace. Durham might be the place for you if you enjoy being a medic, as you will definetly get to work some challenging truamas because of the gang and drug problems that exist. If you want to get hired by Raleigh the best time to apply is now, because competition for the job is only going to get stronger as the city continues to grow. To be honest, most of the suburbs of Raleigh are becoming combination (paid and volunteers), it might be a good idea to come work for one of those depts. while you wait for Raleigh to call you into the academy.


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