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Third Watch...

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  • Third Watch...

    Now there's a cliff hanger for ya. I'm programing my VCR now to tape it next week so I don't forget!


  • #2
    How can this be a cliffhanger at hall? Take down two points. He took a shot at point blank range in the chest. Besides when you hear Kim as an echo, you know he is dead


    • #3
      The preview last week said one of the team would die this week(no cliffhanger). I wouldn't set my vcr so soon. No previews to next week means rerun!



      • #4
        I would have to agree with JAMES. I think that next week's will probably be a rerun. It is too bad someone had to die, but, I am glad it wasn't Kim.


        • #5
          It's a shame that he had to die, if he does. He was one of my favorite charecters. I can't believe that Paulie killed him after they've been friends for so long. And over some drugs. I sure hope that something happens, and that he doesn't die, cause he one of the best charecters on the show.


          • #6
            It's a shame that the "Bobby" character will be gone. Paulie just signed his own death warrant I think...If Boscoe went ballistic when some jerk beat up his Mom, what do you think he'll do when someone murders one of his friends?

            Glenn Ralston
            Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue
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            • #7
              It's defenetly going to be reruns next week, but the word "fall" just sticks with me. Is he really dead, or just really badly hurt. Plus another side note; Anyone notice that "Doc" recovered very well from last weeks episode. Just in case anyone forgot, he also got shot, but it was in the stomach and he went into shock..... He's alright already. I think NBC is slipping.


              If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!


              • #8
                Originally posted by Firelover:
                Plus another side note; Anyone notice that "Doc" recovered very well from last weeks episode. Just in case anyone forgot, he also got shot, but it was in the stomach and he went into shock..... He's alright already. I think NBC is slipping.
                I did notice that-and a lot of other chronological inconsistencies. BUT WHY BOBBY?!?!?!they could have just as easily killed Kim off and I'd still watch the show. Understand that I have trouble respecting anyone who:

                  [*]Uses the extrication saw to amputate a dead woman's leg.[*]Has a son but nevertheless sleeps around with the guy from the newsstand,Bosco,her Ex,etc.[*]Pays so little attention to her son that he becomes an arsonist and even then doesen't get her attention.[/list=a]

                  Just my opinion of her.



                • #9
                  Ok I knew it was going to be Bobby, But damn I didn't expect it to be like that, That was somewhat of a shocker


                  • #10
                    I don't think that NBC wants this show to last they keep showing reruns and no scenes from next weeks show, who cans who is going to be on Leno or Conan for that matter, maybe we should write NBC and voice our opinions.


                    • #11
                      Usually when someone gets killed off it's the ACTOR'S choice (i.e.-he's leaving for greener pastures). I agree that it was extremely lame for Doc to bounce back from being gutshot in a week, but then again, when you have civilians writing scripts about our world, lame is the least of their problems. All in all at least it's not another LA Firefighters or whatever that disastrous farse was called.


                      • #12
                        I've written the producers of Third Watch and so far they've not given any response to my inquires


                        • #13
                          I found this on the NBC site, it looks like the next episode is in two weeks.

                          When one of the paramedics goes down with a life-threatening gunshot wound, Bosco, Yokas and their fellow cops scour the city in search of the shooter -- a desperate drug addict who's on the run while hoping to score one last fix. Meanwhile, a helpless Kim watches the emergency room doctors labor to save the victim's life and casts a vindictive eye at the junkie's equally overwrought sister

                          From what it reads to me, Bobby is still alive.


                          • #14
                            Not Bobby! Not Bobby! Noooo....

                            Why not simpering Kim or that idiot Jimmy?

                            Well, maybe he will pull through. Who knows?

                            Dang, what has this network got against medics?! They keep shooting them. First it was Doc's original partner, then Doc, now Bobby.

                            Speaking of which, wish they'd put a little more firefighting in the show... Seems like they forget they have firefighters hanging around in that firehouse!

                            Stay Safe...
                            Rebecca Richardson FF/EMT
                            Isles of Capri Fire Rescue
                            South Florida

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                            • #15
                              Have you noticed that there is no "outside" info? Usually when an actor is leaving a show, the news has an interview to explain why. So maybe he is going to come back, after he gets a raise 'cause we all complain that they killed him.

                              And last episode did have some good firefighting stuff, a potato gun off the roof, excellent!


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