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Does anyone know what _______ means?

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  • Does anyone know what _______ means?

    Rip team???
    Masterbox alarm???
    Please respond asap thanks

  • #2
    I think your "RIP Team" may actually be "R.I.T.", which stands for Rapid Intervention Team, a crew specifically tasked by an IC with search & rescue of downed firefighters. Can't help you on the "Masterbox Alarm".

    Donald M. Street
    Emergency Services Specialist, CHEMTREC
    Volunteer Captain Maryland City VFD
    Laurel, MD


    • #3
      Never heard of a "RIP" team, it is probably a "RIT" team as Mr. Street advised.

      A Masterbox Alarm in this area is used to refer to the activity of a Gamewell Alarm System. At a local department they have radio operated Gamewell street boxes that transmit alarms to the dispatch center. Most (if not all) of these alarm boxes have "slave" alarms that report to the "Master" box that then transmits the alarm to the dispatch point. When an alarm is received from a "slave", it is dispatched as "Box X, Master Y" (x=the box number, Y=the slave location number). However, if someone pulls the "Master" Gamewell box lever, the dispatch is "Master Alarm, Box X." Often, the firefighters will refer to this as a "Masterbox Alarm."

      Hope that helps.

      Richard Nester
      Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.


      • #4
        You got your answer on the RIT. A master box is a thing of the past in most cities except mine. We still have the hard wired gamewell street boxes on every corner in our city. Thaat is a "street box" We have removed the boxes from areas where false alarms are too frequent. If we get a phone call from a resident of one of these areas reporting something, it is a "phantom box" and is transmitted as a "desk box" meaning there is no solid box at the site, only a computer generated assignment based on the location. A master box is a city owned box tied to a facility for rapid direct notification to our fire alarm dispatcher. Hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc are tied to Master Boxes.


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          Hey Allhands -

          We have them, too. I wish all the street boxes were gone - they seem to be only for false alarms and to give the neighborhood kids a thrill.


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              RIP Team in this part of the country has always stood for "Rest In Peace" Team - the worst lousy stinko ambulance EMS crew.


              • #8
                Originally posted by wrongWAY:
                RIP Team in this part of the country has always stood for "Rest In Peace" Team - the worst lousy stinko ambulance EMS crew.
                I LOVE IT!!!! Got to start using that one!

                Richard Nester
                Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.


                • #9
                  if you look in the inside of an Gamewell street box, and see a white bar with SET on it, you are looking at a master box. as previously mentioned, these were normally tied into the alarm system of a hospital, school, etc. in the days before ADT and other alarm monitoring businesses.
                  when you got a master box, your first order of business was to open the box and look at the SET bar. if it is upside down, the box was triggered by the alarm system in the related occupancy. if the SET bar was right side up, then someone pulled the box from the outside.
                  when you got finished, the alarm was re-set in the occupancy, you go out to the Gamewell box, put the test plug in, re wind it, flip the SET bar over, pull the test plug, give the alarm room an "outtap" to let them know the box is back in service, and you are done. oh the days......we lost the Gamewell system in the late 80's...


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