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State Farm Withdraws From ISO

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    What? Somebody with sense enough to go to the source when there is a disagreement? What is the world coming too?

    Great post truck, glad somebody is willing to do a little research when exposed to conflicting information.


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        Oh! I almost forgot.
        Hey Rich! you out there?

        He's still here, using a new name now - Engine69.


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          [This message has been edited by truck (edited 03-09-2001).][/B]
          For Christ's sake "Ride-a-long Larry".. would you please learn how to use that Spell Check function!!! There is no need for me to respond, I know from OUR inspection, what I said was correct. I don't give a hoot what your "sources" have to say. And the last thing I am going to do is call some ISO big shot and tell them the person who inspected us did it all wrong. Maybe we got more credit that we should have, gee, does that make me an "ISO Slayer" too????

          BTW, got all them daggers out of your back from the 911 forum on America OnLine? I see you can't post fast enough under all your anonymous names to keep up there!


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            Hey Rich, why do you think everyone that disagrees with you is LHS*?

            Is it that the way things are done up there in Orrville are the only way to do things, and nobody else should challenge you on obvious false and misleading information?

            Tell you what, if you have any at all, send the same email to Ed Straw at [email protected] Show something and find out for yourself. Here's your big chance to put all of us that have the nerve to doubt what you say in our place. Show that we're the ones misinformed.

            Here's the text of a nice generic email you can use:


            Dear Mr. Straw,

            On an internet discussion forum there is a debate going on regarding several issues related to the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule and I was wondering if you could clear up some confusion:

            1. How many feet of 1.5" or 1.75" hose is required to be carried on an apparatus if it has a preconnected booster line?

            2. How many feet of the 1.5"/1.75" hose in question 1 is required to be preconnected?

            3. If there is no preconnected booster line, how many feet of preconnected 1.5"/1.75" is required to be carried on the apparatus?

            4. Is the spare hose required to be carried on the apparatus for full credit?

            5. Why is a a high volume nozzle required on a service truck that has no pump and carries no water?

            6. Will a 500gpm nozzle get full credit for the required high volume spray nozzle?

            7. Can a hose clamp be substitued with an extra hose clamp and section of 2.5" hose?

            8. What is the difference between the current FSRS and the 1980 edition?

            9. What is the difference between the Ohio FSRS and the FSRS in other states?

            Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.



            The hard part is done for you, all you have to do is open your email program, type in Straws address, cut and paste the text above (you can change it if you like) put your name under Sincerely and hit send. What could be easier?

            The reality is you won't do it. Too big of a chance you'll find out you were mistaken when you misread what is clearly printed in the FSRS and on the apparatus equipment sheets. Then you'll feel bad for getting all bent out of shape with the folks that were trying to help you...


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              Originally posted by mongofire_99:
              Then you'll feel bad for getting all bent out of shape with the folks that were trying to help you...
              Oh Larry... you are so amusing. I don't feel bad at all. I have received alot of e-mail from folks on here that supported me (and not a single one from anyone trying to help me understand your safecracker "magic book").

              This all started with my asking what other unusual ISO requirements people have had to face. It was you and all your screen names that responded with personal attacks and insults to my department. You obviously have too much time on your hands if you can sit down and write letters for other people. The bottom line is, we have finished our ISO inspection, so I could care less now what you and your "magic book" has to say.

              Hate to spoil your fun, but I am not going to respond to anymore of your sophomoric postings on here. You'll have to find someone else to antagonize. I have dealt with many who are much better than you. and you're just not worth the trouble.

              Just remember.. it was not me who started calling someone names on here... and it was not me who said your department was full of it. We're all brothers and sisters on here... and because of that, I forgive you.


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                That's too bad. I thought you'd at least be interested in collecting all the evidence and getting to the truth. Guess I was wrong...


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                  Richard Nester
                  Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

                  MetalMedic...aka Engine69 Or whatever screen name you are on today.

                  Well, you asked the questions. You said you didn't know. A handful of people answered your questions. They all offered the sources for their info. Over and over they asked you to support your position and like your last post you just won't respond to simple direct questions. Then you posted on two boards that we were all wrong. Over and over we posted where you could find out for yourself. We even offered to send it to you. No not good enough for you. We even put you in contact with the author of the rating schedule. Not good enough. One poster even wrote the letter for you to send. I got a letter today from an FD where ISO made a 3.54 point mistake. Yes your ISO guy is wrong. Going into this we all figured you wanted answers to your questions. Obviously you have another agenda. So fell free to slam me, attack spelling, to run and hide from this subject...I am not every screen name on this board, don't be so paranoid.. either way you are still wrong. As far as your alleged e-mails, who cares a public board is just that, they like you are simply hiding from the truth, can I send you some sand to stick your head in? Brotherhood of firefigher? Yeah right. Don't ask questions if you don't want the truth on a public board. Multiple sceen names, golly you seem to have another one and you are replting in first person with it. Go play hidden email where no one can call your bluff.

                  I feel we all know the real you.

                  bye bye, ba bye, bi bi, bub bi,


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