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National Volunteer Fire Council Junior/Youth Emergency Services Survey

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  • National Volunteer Fire Council Junior/Youth Emergency Services Survey

    Junior Firefighter Department Inquiry

    Dear Forum Users

    I'm writing as the Program Coordinator for the NVFC's Junior Firefighter initiative. We are in the process of conducting research into what different departments do nationwide for participation by youth in the fire and EMS service, and would like to ask for your help.

    The NVFC and Spartan Motors have partnered to create and promote the first national Junior Firefighter Program aimed at supporting existing volunteer departments by fostering relationships and engaging youth in learning abuot the emergency services. The main goal of the program will be having participants in a non-operational support capacity.

    Below are a few questions about youth emergency services programs in your department. If you could please take a moment to review them, and respond back to me at [email protected], we would greatly appreciate it.

    For more information on the program itself, please read the recent press announcement here: http://www.nvfc.org/news/2007-spartan.html. Additional details will be coming in the months ahead as this exciting program gears up.

    Thanks for your continued support,

    Dave J. Iannone
    Program Coordinator

    AGAIN, PLEASE E-MAIL (DO NOT POST HERE) RESPONSES AND QUESTIONS TO [email protected]. Please include an adult contact name/contact information with any reply. Thanks.

    Junior Firefighter Department Inquiry

    1) What are your department's requirements for participation by youth? Do you have an age limit or requirements for both non-operational (around the firehouse, special event, fund raising, etc.) support and operational? What are these requirements? Please forward a summary, any supporting materials (documents, rules, etc.), and any contact information for your department's lead for these types of programs.

    2) If you have a junior firefighter/Explorer program, how many active participants to you have and what are their ages? What is the breakdown of operational duties versus non operational? Please include the type of department, location and Web site address.

    3) What do you feel are the biggest needs to support junior firefighter programs for fire/ems departments today?

    4) In what ways do you recruit youth from your community to participate in your department (denote both non-operational and operational capacities).

    5) Does your jurisdiction or state (please specify) have set age limits for participation in the fire/EMS service, in both an operational and non-operational capacity? If so, what are those requirements or what is the best contact (State Fire Marshal's Office, etc.) to obtain those requirements?

    6) Does your state have any established junior/non-operational fire/EMS service related programs? If so, please briefly describe as well as provide any suggested contact information.

    7) Are there departments/organizations in your state that you know have significant/successful junior firefighting/explorer programs you feel would be good examples to follow on a national level? If so, please list the department name(s) and contact information or Web site address if available.

    8) Please feel free to provide any additional information on junior/youth emergency services programs you may feel beneficial to the NVFC in launching a nationwide initiative.
    Dave Iannone
    Founder & Former Publisher, Firehouse.com, now Forum participant

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