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    We just completed some training this last week and it was different from the usual training. It is called BART and that stands for Basic Animal Rescue Training.

    It was started by some vetrinarians up here after they heard about the calls from Katrina and Rita about rescuing peoples animals that were left behind. They also heard that some people refused to leave because they could not take their pets with them. There also was an incident where a local FF house caught on fire and he told the FF's on scene to get his hunting dog out that everyone on the dept knew. They found him but were unable to save him.

    It is emphasized that human safety comes first and only if you have the resources available to do this. They are trying to get this going nationally and it sound like they have some support. There are even a VMAT teams ready to respond to large scale disasters that involve animals when needed.

    The training was very good. If you want to check out the website it is:


    Several departments up here have gone thru the training with many others to go.

    Take a look at it.

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    There's an animal rescue class offered at our state academy. I think it is mostly focussed on livestock. Which is fair enough; part of our charge is to preserve property, and livestock costs money.

    I haven't taken the class, though. I don't think there has been a cow in my town in a century.


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      This class is focused on dogs and cats (yes I said cats) but they also talk about large breed animals.


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        This class is focused on dogs and cats (yes I said cats) but they also talk about large breed animals. There has been one very succesfull rescue done after a semi truck accident where they saved the driver first and he told them about his dog that was with him and the FD found him and got him to an emergency vet and saved him.


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          Horse stuck in mud trick.

          Yes we have used this with the owner agreeing to cover the costs PRIOR.

          With a Vet to sedate the horse stuck up to its waist in a muddy river bed, we dug enough to get two hoses around behind the front and in front of the rear legs (doubled over for strength).

          The hoses were tied off securly and with some more digging, the Helicopter lifted the show jumper horse to the green stuff from the brown stuff.

          Then it was off home after 3 hours to wash the brown stuff off ourselves on a hot sunny day, read "HOSE FIGHT" here.

          Just a trick to remember (not the hose fight).
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            Does it cover what the PETA can or will do if a FF is faced with saving a wheelchair bound boy or a pet rat and opts to save the child?


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              BART training.
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                Haha....I can see it in the headlines now....Naked PETA protestors protest area fire departments for the failed rescue of a hamster. The boy, diagnosed with cancer since birth was saved by first arriving FFs. PETA spokesperson..."Animals have rights, too. When a building is on fire, firefighters and occupants should be sacrificied to save any pets in the house..." That would the last thing we need. But....on the other hand....some of them naked peta girls are HOT!!!


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                  Better than Fast Action Response Training - that stinks.
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                    We had the training a few months back, and we just recived a donation of 6 sets of animal O2 masks.

                    Would have been nice 5 years ago when the vet clinic burnt down.

                    doughesson--you are abslutly right on that one. People today could give a damn about a human, but let an animal die, and the FF's are pieces of ****. Got to love it.
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                      I have never had the small dog and cat rescue class. At school, we had a couple from North Carolina, one of which was a vet) come up and teach us Large Animal rescue a couple years ago. It was a fun and interesting class. Learned how to set up rigging systems to lift horses and llamas and the like. Also, how to corral them, get them out of the water and mud and we did a search and rescue drill in which we immobilized the horse (with the help of the sedation from the vet).

                      Great class!
                      The website for the class is below.
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