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Just when you think you have seen it all....

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  • Just when you think you have seen it all....

    Just when you think you have heard it all.........

    I took a call the other night from a crisis line who transferred a guy to the police department for help with suicidal thoughts. As I talked with the guy, he told me the following story.

    He said he felt like killing himself after a bad divorce, lost his job, can't see his kids, his mother had recently died...blah blah blah. He had been drinking heavily as well.

    He said he wanted to kill himself so he saw an electrical extension cord in the closet and strung himself up to the ceiling fan. He stood on the coffee table and stepped off. He said he passed out and when he woke up, his weight had pulled the fan out of the ceiling. He thought, Bummer.

    He then decided to take some sleeping pills and other medication. He took what was left in the bottles of several sleeping pills and meds. He said he again woke up the next day, this time with a killer headache.
    Bummer, again.

    Now he was kinda mad at himself and thought "man, I really am a looser who can't even kill himself." He then decided once and for all that he was going to end it all by carbon monoxide. He went into his garage and even sealed the garage doors with towels and rags to seal in the CO. He was pretty proud of himself that he thought of sealing the doors off. He then started the car....click. The car would not start. He raised the hood and fixed whatever the problem was and started the car again. Just when he was getting dizzy and sleepy from the CO, the car started chugging, it ran out of gas. Bummer, yet again.

    Now all of a sudden, he had an epiphany and started thinking about his exploits. He came to the conclusion that God did not want him to die and he suddenly had purpose in his life again and decided to call for help.
    He was transported by ambulance to the hospital for CO poisoning and mental evaluation. Last I heard he is bright and cheerful with a renewed sense for life.

    I swear, you can't make this stuff up.
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    Sounds a lot like a story I heard from the Vancouver FD a few years ago. Guy lost his girlfriend cuz he was a druggy. So he tried to OD. That didnt work; so he tried the CO thing. No go there either (can't remember why that one didnt work). Anyhow, he jumps in his truck and figures to find a convenient brick wall somewhere. Short story is he tried to drive off the edge of the highway, over an embankment. Only thing is other drivers saw this and dialled I-X-II and emergency services were dispatched.

    Upon arrival, they found the truck and it had rolled over a few times, but was more or less back on its wheels. Driver was self-extricating and after finding himself more or less whole, took a screwdriver out of the tool box and proceeded to "ventilate" himself.

    Last word was that he was in hospital on a dry-out program, but otherwise doing remarkably well.
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      Thats an awesome story. Sucks the guy hated life so much that he wanted to kill himself, but awesome that he found a new reason to want to live.
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        Great story!
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