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  • Quaker Safety brand bunker gear

    Ok, now that I can post threads once again, looking for opinions on Quaker Safety brand bunker gear (they're out of PA), preferably from those who wear/have worn it or tried it in a field trial.

    Now I know Globe, Morning Pride & Janesville are the top 3 brands and I realize why so please don't tell me to buy these 3...I am looking for input on Quaker for a reason. They are a lesser known brand I realize but they seem to make a good quality product offering "the basic basics".

    Let's hear those thoughts...thanks!! Stay Safe...

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    Good stuff, very happy with it. We started switching over to Quaker a couple years ago. Holding up well, no major problems.
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      I just go Quaker gear not too long ago. I don't like it. My coat is too bulky, and it just doesn't fit as good as my old stuff. Now maybe they didn't measure me right. I am an A.O., so I don't wear the coat much, just the pants. I hope after a few fires that it'll loosen up.


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        Our department uses quaker gear and I have not heard any complaints about it. I really like my set, and it is very comfortable and I do not feel like I am fighting it at all.

        A couple of months ago, I was in a training fire and myself and another firefighter both had brand new gear. I did not feel the heat at all, but he had to bail out and ended up having a burn on his forearm from the heat. My gear was quaker and his was globe I believe. That gave me a lot faith in my gear. But that is just my opinion.


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          We used to use Quaker on my career department. I really didn't have much use for it. Part of it was personal preference, as in it didn't fit like I like gear to fit. Too bulky, pants came up to high, things like that.

          My major issues was that after I had it for a year and a half (it was hand-me-down from a retiree that barely wore it for a year), I had two large (6"+) gashes in the back of the pants just under the suspenders. The pockets were ripping out from the tools I carried, and the velcro was coming loose all over the place. Maybe they've fixed these kinds of issues since then, but that's my experience.

          I will say my new gear seems to be a bit better. The officer in charge of gear puchasing went with Veridian. I'm not liking the fit any better as the pants are designed to come up to your belly-button, which I can't stand. However, I haven't had anything rip out yet, but I'm developing holes in the pockets. (I know it's not about Quaker, but thought I'd throw it out there since it's not Globe, MP, or Janesville )


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            there are quite a few departments here in ND that have switched over to Quaker, its good stuff holds up well. Making sure they measure you correctly is a big part of how well you will like your gear. So far the 2 departments that I know are using it have put it through almost everything and its doing well, also is very cost effeciant.


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              Quaker gear

              First off, with any gear it's extremely important to get each person individually sized by an approved manufacturer rep and to look at all the different options you can get. We have had Quaker for many years and continue to go back to it each time we spec out new gear.

              I will admit, part of that is due to the closeness of the manufacturer/sales rep so if any damage does occur it get fixed and back in service quickly. Durability has been very good, but it also greatly depends on the exact specs your gear has.

              Cost-benefit has been excellent for us, as is their customer service.

              Some complained about stiffness/bulkiness- this is absolutely true for some of the lower end materials they (and others) have ...you can also choose between a low or high back. There are many materials/fabrics/styles to choose from..choose carefully. Of course, the more expensive gear typically is more maneuverable, but you need to make sure you test/try on every option (no matter what manufacturer) you use. Their website shows all the different variations and the weights/flame info so you can start the comparisons there.

              I've also worn Globe on another dept- that was the lightest, most comfortable gear I've ever had in 10 years. However, durability was not so great and I believe the flame tests were not as high temp as the Quaker I have today. ***I do not recall exactly what the materials of construction were, so I may not be comparing apples to apples.*** With their new Extreme it may be different, I don't know. I also wore MP but it just seemed expensive for our needs.

              I have friends on very busy depts who use Janesville- they love it but I don't know much more about it.

              Bottom line is that you have to decide what is most important within you department's needs and budget. Make sure you try on different styles/manufacturers/materials etc and see what the consensus is for everyone. We are very satisfied with our Quaker.

              Good luck...email me if you want our specs.


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