Hello Everyone. My name is Brendan Corcoran and I am a career firefighter and age-group triathlete. I have started a not for profit organization and endurance sports team, Team Firefighter. Team Firefighter is looking for aspiring or current firefighter athletes. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k or do an Ironman Triathlon, join Team Firefighter today and represent Firefighters nationwide. Even if you are thinking of participating in any event in the future please join us today. The more members we have the greater the opportunity of obtaining sponsors and helping out our brother and sister firefighters.

As many of you know over 50% of on duty deaths for firefighters is due to heart attacks and we want to change this statistic. Some of these deaths are due to heart disease and others due to severe dehydration/electrolyte imbalance in conjuction with extreme physical stress during structure fires or other emergencies. We feel that both of these could potentially be prevented with regular fitness programs and knowledge of nutrition, hydration and electrolyte replacement.

Team Firefighter’s goal is to improve the health and safety of Firefighters by supporting personal fitness programs and encouraging participation in competitive sports. We plan to provide a supportive training environment (forums, events etc), training advice, discounted fitness products and equipment donations to firehouses.

Visit www.teamfirefighter.com to learn more and sign up or make a donation. Contact Brendan Corcoran at [email protected] with any further questions. I have attached a pdf file with the uniform designs.

I just wanted to add that the registration fee has been suspended until the end of January. Any firefighter wishing to join our team there is no fee other than the $3 Active.com processing fee. We are hoping to get a surge in registrations by suspending the fee and obtain uniform orders shortly as it has to go in to the company and reorders will take 2 months or more. So any Firefighter looking to join please go to http://active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1267604 and sign up today. Or visit http://www.teamfirefighter.com for more information.

Brendan Corcoran
Founder Team Firefighter