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    Indianapolis Fire Department

    31 Engines 17 Ladders (and growing due annexation of surrounding fire departments)

    850 Firefighters
    Start Pay $36,000
    3rd yr. FF $50,810+ incentives (medic, college, longevity, holiday, etc.)


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        Maumelle, Arkansas
        Population - 15,115
        Third fastest growing community in Arkansas
        One Station
        16 career firefighter/EMTs, two chiefs, 21 volunteers
        1145 runs in 2006
        60% Non-Transport EMS, 22% Fire, 18% Other

        Probationary salary begins at $25.2k with increase to $28.9k after one year. Currently, firefighter pay tops out after eight years at $40.8k.

        Average home price is $241,685.77 (approx. 2000 sq. ft.)



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          Henrico County, VA

          Starting salary: $36,716
          9.6% incentive for EMT-I, 14.8% incentive for EMT-P

          246 square miles; 300,000 population
          Mixture of rural, suburban, low income, very high income, commercial, heavy industry ... you name it!

          20 engine companies, 5 truck companies, 3 heavy squads, 3 battalions
          12 ALS ambulances

          500+ personnel
          Career Fire Captain
          Volunteer Chief Officer

          Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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            Farmington, CT $40,552 (~30,000 population, most volunteer, suburban)

            New Haven, CT $32,000 for a Probie in training; $67,000 after 4 years (~120,000 population, urban)

            Those numbers are probably pretty typical for Connecticut today -- most of the smaller departments pay like Farmington, the big cities like New Haven. Given the cost of living -- especially housing costs, it's not bad money, it's not great money.

            One other item to consider when looking at salaries is the normal work schedule -- the Northeast down into Maryland and out towards Western PA (I believe) usually work a 4 platoon system or about 42 hours/week.

            Most of the rest of the nation, outside of isolated pockets like Houston, work 3 platoon systems or about 53 hours/week. Do the Federal guys still work a 2 platoon, 72 hours/week schedule?
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              Our very rural New Hampshire department, which is 90% volunteer, started its first three paid guys (driver/operators with FF2 and EMT-B) at $22 per hour, plus a fairly decent town benefits package. Not a lot of money, I realize, but those three guys are all in the top 5 highest paid town employees. You can only do what you can do.

              No premium for medics.


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                St. Louis, MO

                Population: Residential 350,000....DayTime over 1.5 Million

                Firehouses: 30

                Engines: 30 (75' Quints)

                Hook&Ladders: 4 (2 100' TL Quints, and 2 125' aerial Quints)

                Squads: 2

                Chiefs: 7 Battalion, and 1 Deputy 24/7

                Medic untis: about 12

                Starting Pay: $35,000 and change

                Top Pvt. Pay: $52,000 and change
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                  Norfolk Fire Rescue, Norfolk Virginia

                  Population 250,000-300,000. Gets up to close to 1,000,000 during the work day

                  Square miles: 62

                  Stations: 14 Fire Stations

                  Call Volume: 40,000+ per year

                  Busiest Engine Co. 4000 calls a year

                  2 Rescue Companies
                  7 Ladders
                  14 Engine Companies
                  11 Medic Units
                  1 Haz-Mat

                  500+ personnell

                  We are a combined Fire/EMS Starting pay is roughly 35,000 out of the Academy, and a little more if you are an EMT-I or EMT-P. Lots of old homes and we catch a decent amount of fire for our size.


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                    I dont have our contract in front of me, but I think we start FF/EMTs at $36,900 and FF/Medics at $39,900. All firefighters must be at least EMT level. About half are Medics.

                    We have an ALS engine company an ALS truck company and an ALS squad (heavy rescue) company out of 2 fire stations and 1 EMS station, covering about a 10 mile strip of barrier island and a 4 square mile block of the mainland with a population of 7000 to 10000 depending on time of year. We have 12 on duty per shift working 24/48s. We run about 5000 calls a year with about 75% being EMS.

                    Our pay is average for our county which is made up of 17 departments and approx 60 stations.

                    Cost of living is good, except for housing. Its not so much the price of the homes, although thats gone up quite a bit in the last couple years. Its the cost of property insurance which is through the roof due the last couple hurricane seasons which have been bad. Mine has gone up 150% in two years.

                    A great number of firefighters cant afford to live in my county, unless they already have a place, as the cost of new home policies is outrageous. The only reason I can stay here is I have an old house with a low mortgage. Forget trying to buy new here on firefighters pay.
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                      Pine Bluff, Arkansas

                      Pop. 55,000
                      Pop. in Prison 7,000- we have 3

                      Black (65.9%)
                      White Non-Hispanic (32.0%)
                      Hispanic (0.8%)
                      Two or more races (0.7%)

                      Land area: 45.6 square miles

                      Median house value: $51,800 (year 2000)

                      BASE PAY
                      First Year Firefighter $29,878
                      Second Year Firefighter $34,110
                      Third Year Firefighter $38,703
                      Forth Year Add 4%
                      Fifth Year Another 4%
                      Add Money for College
                      Add More if on a team (Haz-Mat)

                      After that you can take the Drivers Test. Pass and Get $3,000

                      Most Lt's make a little over $45,000
                      Capt's at about $50,000
                      Asst. Chief $60,000
                      Chief $70,000

                      All you need is FF1 and FF2. You get that in your first year. We only do First responder, MVA's, Life Threating Emergency's. BLS and ALS is by ambulance.
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                        That's some great info everybody. My class is on Tuesday, so keep it coming. I think this should be a sticky, and everyone keep it going. It's amazing how much difference in pay that there is, which depends on a lot of other things, like population and cost of living. We are trying to get a company to do a pay study for our department, but the other city workers want to get in on it, which slows everything down. As well as raises the cost.


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                          West Hartford, CT:

                          FF Starts @ $51,298
                          + 12 Holidays for a total of $54,680
                          42 hour week

                          84 members on the line
                          2 In the inspection dept.
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                            Texarkana, Arkansas
                            Pop. 36,000
                            5 - Stations
                            3 - Engines
                            2 - Quints
                            54 personnal
                            Avg. 1500 calls year

                            FF starting entry pay 32,142.00 plus benfits
                            5 pay steps 1,2,3,5,10 year top pay 39,822.00

                            Eng. entry pay 41,006.00
                            3 pay steps 1,3,5 year top pay 42888.00

                            Lt. entry pay 45,043.00
                            3 pay steps 1,3,5 top pay 47,775.00

                            Housing cost go from 50,000.00 up to 300,000.00 plus
                            Renting runs from 450.00 to 1000.00...



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                            Upper 300x250