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Has anyone done business w/ thebravest.com

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  • Has anyone done business w/ thebravest.com

    Has anyone done business with thebravest.com ?

    Are they reputable?

    If so do you have a contact number to get a hold of them. There is no # on their website.

    Their email has been down or full for some time.

    If I'm not here I'm on http://ctfire-ems.com/indexc.php

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    Let me ask you a question...Why would you want to order anything from anyone that has no contact phone number and whose e-mail has been "down or full for some time?"

    I don't know a thing about this company and for all I know they sell the best products ever devised by man. But if you can't get a hold of them to order how woild you get a hold of them for follow up customer service if there were any issues with the product?

    Sorry to sound so cynical but until you can get a hold of them before you order I see little chance of getting a hold of them after you order.

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      A lot of the random stuff they have is available from FireZone's store as well.

      Good customer service there.


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        I've done some business with them.

        It's run by Tim and Chris Brown. Tim is a retired FDNY firefighter. It's a private venture and it's lagit.


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          More info about thebravest.com


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            I have done business with them and never will again. I ordered a hood from them and two months later got an email saying that my order was lost and would be processed right away. Since then I have not seen the hood and they have no contact info what so ever. I would advise ANYONE who is thinking about doing business with these people to steer clear.
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              I ordered some things from them and everything went smoothly.


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                I make it a practice no matter what it is to never deal with a company that doesn't even have something as simple as their phone number posted on their contact page. There is a fine line where just posting an email address will do, and they are much too large to do just that. For any company that either offers services, looks for ad money, or sells merchandise, not posting a phone number so you can get ahold of them easily screams "we really don't want to be bothered if you need our help"!
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