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  • Knife???

    I am new to the whole volunteer thing, about 2 months into it. I know a few people who keep tools in their gear pockets. Is a knife a good idea to have and if soo which one is recommeneded. Thanks

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    James welcome to the fire service.

    There are many past posts that you can get a lot of information from. There is a search key above that will help you tremendousley.

    But to directly answer your question look at www.thefirestore.com for some great options.


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      Thanks, i have been looking at the fire store. I was trying to find a search for the forum, but now i see if i type at the top and then go from there it works I never noticed the search. Thanks


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        Spyderco makes an excellent line of knives for the emergency services. I have used one for about 10 years now.

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          Check out http://www.emersonknives.com/

          Also great place I belong to for special ops and first responders.


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            I keep a slim box cutter, one of those that's only as wide as two credit cards, right on my helmet strapped down.

            Not only because they are effective in cuttin' and keepin' the blade sharp by changing them; they also are cheap to replace.
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              A lot of the guys in my station have either a Gerber or Leatherman multi-tool. Personal choice is for Gerber but to each his own. Mostly I think it depends on the application that you are looking to carry/use it for.
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                I carry several knives...

                I have a Gerber Gator attached to my bunker pants, a Gerber multi tool on my duty belt and one of these on my leather radio strap. http://www.benchmade.com/products/pr...l.aspx?model=6

                The Benchmade is an awesome cutter that will also cut clothing from a patient better than trauma shears, and will cut a seatbelt like it's tissue paper.

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                  I always keep a Kershaw assisted opening knife in my left fron pocket. The knife is absolutely awesome and it has held up for about 5 years now and it holds a razor edge to it. Being a firefighter-emt, and going to school to be a cop, I never leave the house without my trusted knife.


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                    Alot of guys around here carry these..............

                    Among other things in my pockets, I carry a leatherman and a run of the mill pocket knife, nothing special about it though.
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                      this is what I carry in my pocket...

                      I like her because she is wearing a dress and fits in my pocket.
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                        Welcome to the fire service James.
                        There is several options available like has been stated. Depends on what your looking for. A multi tool is usually a safe bet. You want something that is accessible and easy to use with or without gloves. Also there is options for multi purpose trauma scissors (if you do rescue or EMS at all). Check this for knife listings.

                        Hope this helps!




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                          In my opinion, if you're looking for a knife to carry in your gear, don't spend a lot of money....get something functional but inexpensive. As soon as you go out and get a $75 knife to carry in your gear, it will get lost, broken, gunked up, etc.

                          Get a good knife for your pocket, something "replaceable" for your gear.
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                            CRKT new knife

                            I carry a benchmade river rescue in my bunker pant pocket, a gerber800 on my suspender and a CRKT bear claw on my Right jacket lapel. I also carry a small Stanley mini crow bar. Many times I need to pry a window or something that would ruin a blade. Now CRKT came out with a new line of rescue knives. that would replace by benchmade and crow bar. Here is a link

                            All this besides a Gerber/Emerson Auto Alliance and Gerber Auto Recoil Multi tool on my person. I can't help it, I have an addiction


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                              This knife is very sharp and if i loose or break the thing it's no big deal. It think it's less than $10 at Home Depot.


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