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  • What's your workout?

    Curious what everyone does here as far as physical training. We all work in different locales with different buildings and usual obstacles. I am curious what those of you who do workout do, and if you tailor it to your daily job requirements. For instance, my workouts consist of stepmill for 45 mins at a level of 8 or better or running for 3-5 miles at a speed no less than 7mph. After cardio I turn to weights and alternate muscle groups and do 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each exercise and i do 3 of them per muscle group.

    Where I work its 90% 6 Story Multiple dwellings, hence the reason for the emphasis on cardio.

    Whats your workout?

    Stay Safe!

    And in the words of Jim Meyerjack, 'Train for Life'

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      My current weight lifting routine has me focusing on functional strength. Exercises such as the deadlift (with trap bar), squat or leg press, bench press, standing military press, bent over rows, dips, and chin ups. All with freeweight barbell. I have those exercies divided into 2 workouts, A and B. I work out 3 days a week, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. So like A,B,A...B,A,B...etc. 3 sets on all exercies except weighted dips and chins, where I do 2 sets. 5 reps is the target on the barbell lifts. I use progressive overload principals increases some of the lifts by 2.5LBs per workout, or 5lb increase for lifts such as the deadlift and squat or leg press. That's it in a nut shell, if anybody has any more questions on it PM me or ask on here.

      As for cardio, I have recently implemented a certain type of High Intensity Interval Training immediately after my workouts. I use the Tabata protocol on a stationary bike. This has been proven to increase VO2 max more than a 45-60 min lower intensity cardio workout, burn more fat, and even increase anaroebic capacity a substantial amount where lower intensity cardio does nothing for that. Oh yeah, and the cardio only last 4 minutes, excluding a 5 min. warmup. I can link to studies and write ups if anybody would like.


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        I go to the gym on my days off 4 times a week.

        I do cardio while Im on shift and also throw in some after my workouts.

        We do 3 workouts and 3 sets each workout sometimes we do 4 workouts. Supersets count as one workout. We try to do different routines so our bodies do not get use to it.

        First day we do Back

        Second day chest and Biceps

        Third day Legs

        Fourth Day Shoulder and triceps

        Stay safe


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          With a mix of residential and commerical district I try to incorporate both strength and cardio into my workouts. My workout routine goes as follows: On Mondays and Wednesdays I do bench press, incline bench, dips, abs, pec/deltoid fly, and lat pulldowns. I also take Karate on Monday's and Thursdays where sometime during training I find myself working the heavy bag. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do leg presses, bicep curls, running a mile or two, and leg extensions. I also cardiobox on my own 80 pound heavy bag here at home on the weekends. I usually vary my reps on each exercise. On the abs, pulldowns, dips, and flys I generally do three sets of 10. On the bench I usually do 8-6-4-2 on Mondays; while Wednesdays usually go 6-4-2-1. I try to eat a protein rich diet and I take GNC creatine as a supplement although I'm still no where near the size I'd like to be.
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            Gym 4x a week and eat healthy. My workouts are an hr long, hit 2 muscles per workout with cardio in the end with no suppliments...bad experiences.


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              erics99, I would be interested in taking a look at your cardio exercise you talked about. If you could post the links that would be great, Thanks.


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                erics99--I'm also interested in your cardio workout. Could you post some more information? Thanks.


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                  Cool red protiens.
                  Hot white carbos.
                  12 ounce curls.


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                    Originally posted by E229Lt View Post
                    Cool red protiens.
                    Hot white carbos.
                    12 ounce curls.
                    Exactly! 12 oz curls, 15 reps, 6 sets.
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                      I do a weight circuit 3x a week. Monday emphasizing shoulders, Wednesday back, and Friday chest. I do about 16 exercises total body including a lot of leg work. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I do at least 40 minutes cardio. Mostly running. I also eat right at least 5x a day. I started in Aug 05' and by Mar 06' I went from 305 lbs. to 215 at 6'5". I have actually lost another 5 so I currently at 210. I have found that it is a lifestyle change. As far as the job is concerned, I get at least 18-20 minutes from a bottle now as opposed to 12-15 that I used to. Also doing stairs and tight spaces aren't a problem any more. And uniforms are cheaper
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                        about 15 minutes of standard stretching.

                        Push-ups-3 sets of 15 reps
                        sit-ups-2 sets of 25 reps

                        10-bleacher runs (or basicly 10 stories of stairs)

                        jump rope for 15 minutes.

                        1 mile timed run

                        30 minutes-weight room alternating each day between upper and lower body.

                        5 minute at ease jog (cool down)

                        I do that 5 days a week
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                          To those who requested more info on the Tabata H.I.I.T. cardio routine:

                          PUB MED Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/q...=pubmed_DocSum

                          The Tabata routine has been proven to be more effective than moderate-intensity cardio that even lasts 60 minutes. Also, H.I.I.T. routines have been proven to be more effective for fat loss as well. However, be advised, the Tabata protocol, while only lasted 4 minutes (excluding 5 min warmup and cool down), is brutal. You bust your *** for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat. Each 20 seconds is considered a "bout" or "interval". You do 7-8 of these. The study was done on stationary bikes, which is great for this. You pretty much pedal as fast as you can for 20 secs, rest for 10, etc. If you are interested, read over the links above carefully and read the abstract of the study done. This routine was actually developed for Japanese speed skaters. If you do start this routine, especially if you are not in the greatest shape, you might want to ease into it a bit, but you still need to bust your *** to reap the benefits. Also, be sure to drink down at least 25-50 grams of a good whey protein and 50 or so grams of high GI carbs ASAP after workout, ESPECIALLY if you are on duty. Might want to have it handy before you start your workout. I do my cardio right after my weight lifting, so I take in some protein and carbs before my workout, and immediately after so my muscles can start repairing themselves and so my glycogen levels are restored. Any more questions feel free to ask.


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                            I watch this and do 12oz curls of the old red-white and blues!



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                              I workout at least twice a day.

                              Morning Practice - Mon/Wed/Fri - 545-745 am- Swimming
                              - Tues/Thurs- 645-800 am - Lifting/Running

                              Afternoon Practice- Everyday- 3-6 pm - Swimming
                              *** Average swim practice is a little over 5 miles, a long one might be around 8 miles. On Mon/Wed/Fri, we have two full swim practices.

                              No creatine or supplements here......unless you call vitamins supplements.

                              I eat try to eat healthy all the time, but from xmas to the end of swim season, I eat extremely well, no pop, etc.
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