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    I am doing an eagle project which involves making sure that everyone has smoke detectors and house numbers. I am making the house numbers from donated wood and paint. The thing I need is smoke detectors. If anyone has any extra smoke detectors from a drive or knows where I could get any would you please email me at [email protected].

    Thank you for your help.

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    I can't help you my friend, but just wanted to say; Way to go!

    Try your local hardware store too. If you tell them what you are doing and why, they may donate a few. The bigger the store, the better the chance of a reasonable donation.

    And giving extra 9V batteries can be just as valuable for those who never test them.
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      Congrats on making it this far in scouting, the skills and experiences you have gain will help you later on in life.

      As for trying to get smoke detectors. Try to use on of the big box home improvement stores (Lowes or Home Depot). I got the lumber for my eagle scout project from Lowes (this of course was some years ago). They were more than happy to help and gave about 2000 dollars worth of materials to my project. Just talk to the store manager and see what they can do for you.

      If you need any advice please fell free to ask me.


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        Write to Kidde, First Alert, BRK, Black and Decker. Explain your project and ask them for assistance. Many times these companies will send you products or coupons for free products.
        Either way, save copies of your letters and the responses for your journal, as you know, all the time counts.

        My son made Eagle last March and it helped him get into his first choice college.

        Best of luck.


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          Congrats. Good idea for your project. Check your local Walmart. The give out monetary "grants" to local charities. Go through the process to apply. Explain to the manager that should you receive the money, you are going to turn around and spend it in his store on smoke detectors for your project.

          Everyone wins. You get free detectors. He shows he's donating to charity and increases his bottom line by the same money being spent right back in his store.

          Just make sure he has an idea of how many detectors your going to want. I am sure they will have to order extra in order to have them on hand.

          Your fellow Eagle Scout,
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            Call your local FD, they might have a stockpile as well. Some do some don't.

            Best of Luck from another Eagle Scout.



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              Local red Cross may have some good contacts for you as well


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                How many do you need?
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                  We get the free from the American Red Cross. All you have to do is let them know how many and go pick them up. They come with papers that must be signed by the end user, but that is no big deal. I would try calling your local Red Cross Chapter.

                  Good Luck! Great Project!
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                    If all else fails have a car wash fund raiser or a dinner.
                    When I went before the Eagle Board it was brought up that I should have raised the funds instead of getting donatations of materials, but the head of the board didn't like me cause I was OA Chapter Chief.

                    And way to go!

                    Your Fellow Eagle



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                      Remember to check you local building codes/ordinances. Many communities have specific requirements for house numbers (IE Color/Size/Contrasting backgrounds) as well as smoke detector requirements. Under the International Code Council requirements (which many communities adopt) a smoke detector is required inside each sleeping area as well as in one in each common area/hallway adjacent to sleeping spaces, plus at least one on each level of the home in a common area/hallway/foyer.

                      Good Luck!
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                        Try Radio Shack as well. They did a smoke detector donation a few years ago. They gave out thousands and thousands of them across the country to agencies to give to elderly/low income residents.

                        Kudos on a very worthwhile project!

                        Good luck!

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                          our local fire and rescue got some sort of grant/dontation for smoke detectors... to give to people in the community who didnt have them...

                          may be something to look into


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                            Fantastic Eagle Project!!

                            As others have suggested, I would suggest calling local hardware stores. Big businesses may be more willing to donate large quantities because they have more of a cushion for that sort of thing.

                            Good luck with your project and the completion of your Eagle!

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