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    I am in the market for a new personal flashlight. Looking at the new LED right angle light by streamlight. Any have one ? Opinions, info on LED vs standard flashlights would be appreciared. Thanks.

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    i know a few guys that bought the led streamlight and ive heard no complaints, nice light, very bright, and streamlights have always been durable, if you're replacing an older streamlight and looking to save money, just buy the AA battery model and switch out the battery pack with the rechargeable one you already have


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      I have a Little Ed, Recoil (4-AA, LED) that I carry as a back-up to my Big Ed rechargeable. I've had it for more than a year now, and I love it. Excellent light output, rugged and the batteries last forever.

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        Depending on the light, some are better than others. I had a couple that I tried out and had very little luck with them. Inside smoky areas the light seemed to distort alot. Other times I used it worked well. It all depends, just see if you can demo one in fire conditions. I would still like to find one light for all uses, but right now I am still partial to my MAG.
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          I have a severe issue with flashlights. I have several and usually carry two or three with me every day.

          For info on the Streamlight Survivor LED click here.

          I don't have one but I have a similar light here.

          I also have several other Streamlight flashlights and love them all. As for everyday carry, I use either this, this, or this.

          I'm seriously considering getting the Streamlight Survivor LED light.

          As for the difference in LED's versus Incadecent lights.......That is a huge debate as to which is better. I lean more towards LED's because they will not blow. You never have to worry about them just 'going out' at a bad time.



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            At my old dept I had a streamlight LED. It was great for night work on MVAs and things like that because of the way the light cone is wide and bright. During some burn evolutions though I found that it diffused just a bit more than I liked and didnt seem to have a lot of penetration power in smoky conditions, but it could been seen by others really well. Something about an "eyrie glow" in the room

            However, I do have a couple of personal LEDs that I use and am still very happy with them, for regular utility use. After I get through fire school next fall, I will be checking into another Streamlight LED for fire use.
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              Pick up a Fenix P3D-Q5. You won't be disappointed.

              If the cost of Lithium 123A batteries gets you, go for the L2D-Q5 that uses AA's.
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                I have the Fenix P3D Cree Q5. That light is incredibly bright... Up to 215 lumens. What I like about it is all the different brightness settings available along with the SOS and Strobe modes. Tough, small, easy to use, well built light.

                Its really amazing just how bright they are. It matches the brightness of the hand held spot lights we use on the engine.

                I dont know how well they resist heat though.
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                  I have both the Survivor LED and a Survivor halogen. I prefer the LED everyday. I actually have 2 of them. I do not have the rechargeable battery for them. I use lithium AA batteries. The ones that are in it now have been in it for about a year and a half. I use the thing all of the time, but with these good batteries in it, it runs a long time.


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                    Take a look at Foxfury.com


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                      The CR123A's are not that expensive anymore. We sell the Streamlight one for about $1.80 each.

                      Streamlight is coming out with a new helmet light next month. It is called the Vantage. Looks pretty neat. I am guessing they modified a gun light.
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                        I just bring a Inova X5 flashlight when I do a ride-along. It's a pretty nice little thing...it's pretty bright and (according to their website) is crushproof, waterproof, and shockproof. It has 5 LEDs on it. It's not too large so you can carry it in your pant pocket. I'm not sure if it would be such a good idea to bring this into a burning structure...but either way...it's a good light.


                        If I remember correctly, I bought it for around $35.
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