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hello, many volunteers here?

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  • hello, many volunteers here?


    im new here, anyways i did 3 years in the army, been out about 2 and kinda bored with the desk job, its great make awsome money just would like something a little more. i know the cheif of the local fire dept. (he is the only full time everyone else is volunteer, anyways i told him i was thinking about something a little more. and he said i could come and try a few runs if i wanted and he talked to a few guys and they would like to have me, only prob is im worried about is how much it will interfer with my currect job.

    anyways just saying hello and seeing how many volunteers are on here.


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    GO FOR IT!

    I'd be willing to bet that you could work it out so that you could be an active member of your local fd and work your normal job. There are countless (well not really) volunteers on this board, many of them chiefs or asst. chiefs themselves, and I am sure that they would be eager to give you advice.

    Welcome to the forums!
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      Easy solutoin.

      Quit your day job and join the fire dept. You won't regret it one bit.

      Really though, it is very easy to stay active in the FD without interfearing with your day job.


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        tfdping1018....... Nice to see ya on the boards! Welcome Brother!

        And yes, it is fairly easy (for most of us) to work a day job and still be active.


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          yes, i work durin the day doin security, and i'm still one of the more active members in the department. Most departments will work with ya. Good Luck
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            I'm an engineer at Ford and a member of a volunteer department. Being a firefighter has only caused one disruption in my job and that was due to a fire one moring before I left for work. My supervisor knows I'm a vollie and when my wife called to tell him I would be late he had no problem whatsover.

            As for repsonses, my Chief knows most of us work outside the response area during the day so it's not an issue with him either.

            On the subject of excitement, it is very exciting and gets your adrenalin pumping. However, you must temper that with good judgement in the way you respond to the hall/scene and your conduct in the field. Tunnel vision is a bad thing for a FF.


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              Well I got ya all topped! I am a Canadian Soldier, working in Washington, DC at the Embassy, AND a volunteer with Vienna Volunteer FD, Fairfax County. heheheheheehee

              Welcome to the Boards, and good luck if you decide to take a "job" with us.
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                day job...night volunteer

                I work in a town about 30 minutes away from my house so I am not available much during the day, but like many have said my chief knows that many of us have jobs out side during the day and it has never been a problem....you should go for it!!


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                  Like MalahatTwo7 another Canuck Soldier, Not working at the embassy or with a Fairfax County FD but I do volunteer on the side. Never really had a problem leaving work in the past as long as its not a busy day.
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                    Give it a shot..

                    I probably work the weirdest schedule of all. I work on a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I go out for 21 days and in for 14days. When I am in I catch up on all of the paper work that I missed. I still have found time for FF1 and Haz mat AW. I will be taking Haz mat OPS in Feb. and FF2 in March.

                    One reason that it works is when I am off I can respond during the day. That takes the load off of the Chief and some of the other guys. We are lucky in the since that we are a small rural town. Many of the employers do not mind if the guys on the Dept. leave for a call. Most of them although only roll for Structure calls. This alows a good relationship for the all nighters and early mornings that will cause them to run late for work.

                    We ran 312 call’s last yr. 06’

                    I’ve been an Asst. Chief for 4 yr. and in the dept. for 12.

                    If I can do it any body can.
                    Welcome aboard and to the Brother hood
                    Stay safe, We all come home
                    K Dugas
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                      Join up!

                      I work shift work at a Nursing Home. I also have 6 years on with my local volunteer department.
                      I make as many runs and meetings as possible.

                      The fact that you are otherwise employed is a concept that is extremely familiar to volunteer departments. Your employment skills may even benefit your department when you have time to contribute them.

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