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    I was curious to know what everyone thinks is a major accident cause? I mean when I drive to work I see people going 15-20 MPH over the limit regardless the weather, and cars weaving in and out of traffic. Cars not signaling and using headlights at night or during rain. The worest in my case that I can't stand is riding up peoples a**. And do you think these are the people we are responding to calls to help or do you think the rule breakers get away with murder? No specific rules or questions to answer just spill out what you hate the most about people driving.

    I just want to hear other peoples views on road war I shall call it!

    (In my opinion if you are older than 70 y/o you are a safety hazard if you are behind the wheel.)
    Driving School Education
    Drivers Actual Written Test
    Drivers Actual Hands on Test
    Written and Hands on Test retake every 5 years
    Stronger punishment for drugs and alcohal,or cell phone(distractments)
    All the above
    None, it's fine.

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    I think driving is a major cause of accidents.
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      improper following distances and driving too fast for the situation.

      cell phone use by people who can scarcely drive without distraction.
      Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.


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        One has to look at the licensing procedure...

        Get application for learners permit.
        Fill out permit.
        Pay permit fee.
        Take test.
        Pass test, Get permit.
        Go to "driving school". Watch a few videos, take a few quizzes.
        Learn how to use hand signals (from the days before directionals)
        Go out on the road.
        Learn to drive straight.
        Learn how to make left and right turns.
        Learn how to back up straight.
        Learn how to back up into a parking space.
        Learn how to parallel park.
        Pass road test.
        Get license.

        What should driving schools be teaching?
        Vehicle control (slalom courses, emergency lane changes, etc.)
        Accident avoidance.
        Skid control.
        Threshold braking.

        Take the basic driving course, add cell phones, loud music, alcohol, food and other distractions and voila! you have accidents in the making.

        My theory:
        Get the junks off the road. Many states do not have mandatory motor vehicle safety inspections. You can drive a s**tbox held together with baling wire, bondo and bubble gum and still be allowed to drive it.

        Get the drunks off the road.. enuff said!

        Higher standards for driver education and licensing, and refresher courses every five years to prove the ability to maintain control of a vehicle.

        As far as age... bad drivers range in age from 16 to 106.

        Just my 3 cents worth... Captains have to pay a little more!
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          National Highway Safety Administration should have specific data for you. Also your state police should be able to provide data.
          Train to fight the fires you fight.


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            Originally posted by LaFireEducator
            National Highway Safety Administration should have specific data for you. Also your state police should be able to provide data.
            Yes, because such reports are accurate. Kind of like NIOSH--very reliable.
            Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.


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              Its a combination of speed and the fact that people just dont pay attention to whats going on around them.
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                Well I will have to say that I agree with CaptainGonzo 100%, I think that hits the problems right on the dot.

                I'm not sure it will help with majority of crashs but I think it will help cut down on many. Honestly if people would follow directions and there were strict rules about cars moving over for firetrucks I think at some degree it will be safer for us too.

                There should be a law for firefighters and medics that they can take the plate number or a on looker who notices someone not pulling to the side to report the license plate number to police. Similar to how school buses can do that now.


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                  Got it

                  I just figured it out.
                  We need to vote FF's to Gov. to get new laws on the books.

                  Sounds to me, WE are the only ones that have common sence.

                  The problem I see is that the Politican goes for the money backing we in EMS just want to not see so many MVA's. The point that CaptainGonzo makes hits the nail on the head.
                  You can teach a kid to drive strait, turn on a road and back up .
                  That is proven it rural areas that have 10yr old's driving tractors and such.

                  It is when things go wrong at HWY speeds that people have a brain fart or just wing it and gets them in trouble.

                  How many MVA's can you recall that was caused by overcorrecting?
                  Just off the top of my head at least 50 and thats just the ones I have worked. 12yr's of service

                  What should driving schools be teaching?
                  Vehicle control (slalom courses, emergency lane changes, etc.)
                  Accident avoidance.
                  Skid control.
                  Threshold braking.

                  I would be willing to take the new classes If the would ever implement them and I've been driving for 17yrs.
                  Hell I think the skid pad and slalom corse would be fun.
                  K Dugas
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                    Just a "Quickie" from the ICBC website (they are THE GAME in Town for British Columbia)

                    Getting a passenger vehicle licence
                    Apply | Learner stage | Class 7 road test | Novice stage | Class 5 road test | Preparing for road tests

                    It would be fantastic if you could just snap your fingers and — poof! — become a great driver. But driving is complex. Gaining the necessary skills and experience takes time.

                    It's like an apprenticeship. You get the on-road experience you need, but with special restrictions on your licence that help to reduce your risk of crashing.

                    As you gain skills and experience, these restrictions are removed.

                    Anyone who disregards the restrictions faces tough penalties.

                    How to get a licence: Step-by-step quick summary
                    For new drivers, getting your full-privilege Class 5 driver's licence generally takes about three years. Here's a quick summary of the steps you'll go through (click on the links for more detailed information on each step):

                    Apply for (Class 7L) licence
                    To apply, you must be at least 16 years old. You must also have proper identification documents to apply. You will have to study RoadSense for Drivers, take a knowledge test and meet other standards of driver fitness. Apply at any driver licensing office.

                    Learner stage
                    After passing the knowledge test and meeting all application requirements, you'll get a Class 7 learner's licence. You can now drive supervised with certain licence restrictions. For example, you must drive with an L sign [click for definition] on your vehicle. The learner's licence is valid for two years after which you must re-qualify on the knowledge test.

                    Class 7 road test
                    After twelve months in the learner stage, you are eligible to take your Class 7 road test (this may be reduced by three months if you take an approved driver education course from an approved GLP driving school).

                    Novice stage
                    If you pass the Class 7 road test, you'll advance to the novice stage of graduated licensing. You receive a Class 7 (novice) licence. Some — but not all — licence restrictions are removed. You can now drive unsupervised, but there must be no alcohol in your body and you must display an N sign [click for definition].

                    Note: If you received your novice licence on or after October 6, 2003, you may not carry more than one passenger, unless you are also have a qualified supervisor with you (immediate family members [click for definition] are exempt from this restriction.)

                    Class 5 road test
                    After 24 months in the novice stage, you are eligible to take the second road test — the Class 5 road test. If you pass this test, you exit the graduated licensing program and receive your full-privilege, Class 5 driver's licence.

                    Good luck along the way. And safe driving!

                    There are fees for each knowledge test and road test you take, as well as fees for learner's licences and driver's licences.

                    For more info: www.icbc.com/licensing/lic_getlic_passenger.asp

                    for fun: www.icbc.com/youth/
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                      The solution is simple.

                      Stricter punishments for everything.

                      People don't fear breaking the law, because the penalty is nothing.

                      I could get a drunk driving ticket, and be back outside in a day or less, and yet, I could have easily killed someone while drunk. Sure, maybe they put you on probation for for a couple years max, but thats it? for possible ending someone else's life when they could do nothing to stop it?

                      How to get people to stop speeding?

                      How many people do you think would be weaving in and out of traffic at 20 MPH over the limit if the fine was $1,000 bucks? Probably not as many as there are now. I realize we use the money from tickets to help pay for things, and we rely on it, but stricter punishments are the way to solve anything.

                      Didn't other countries (in the past, or maybe still do???) cut off your hand for stealing? Im sure they didn't hae too big of a problem with stealing.... I don't wanna lose my hand.
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                        Do a little dance, make a little rum, Italian Ice! Italian Ice!

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                          2 teens here were just given 15 days for street racing. WTF good does losing your licence for 15 days do? PHUCK ALL.

                          From Saanich News http://www.saanichnews.com/

                          Saanich police received a call at 9:45 p.m. Saturday about two vehicles tearing up the Pat Bay Highway.

                          The cars – both modified Hondas – were racing southbound when police pulled them over at Haliburton Road.

                          Police determined both drivers knew each other and had begun racing near Sidney and reached speeds of up to 160 km/h.

                          Both drivers were issued a 15-day driving prohibition, fines for excessive speeding and their vehicles were impounded for 48 hours.
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                            Stats from down here prove that over 75% of fatalaties are caused by trees and power poles. BAN THEM.

                            Make all roads at least 300 yards wide, with rubber buffers between lanes, and no car can go over 10 mph.

                            We should be safe then.

                            Oh, and I bet most of the maroons you witness on the road have had their Road Kill Ticket for years.

                            And consider themsleves a safe driver. Ala the "I am better than average" mentality.

                            PS. I am, and have military and fire courses to prove it.
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                              Originally posted by MWJSFireT4
                              (In my opinion if you are older than 70 y/o you are a safety hazard if you are behind the wheel.)
                              I've worked many more accidents involving young & middle-aged people than I have worked with senior citizens as the at-fault driver.


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