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Its not Red ya Moppet.

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  • Its not Red ya Moppet.

    Fire truck Colour (Kiwi spelling = propa spellink)

    Have a nosebag at this. Broadband and modem versions available.

    I LIKE IT.

    And they are the dogs bollocks when you see them. Sticks out like them as well.

    Your comments are welcome, however if you want to grunt and slobber the standard BS, take it to a light bar forum, this thread is for those that wish to discuss the issues raised COHERENTLY.

    It isn't red jim.

    HINT. Click on the link called "Fire Trucks" in the grey part in the middle of the page.
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    Whats with the fire officer they interviewed? 'E sounds like a bloody yank!

    FWIW I think the rear chevron is a step in the right direction. There's no doubt how much room the back end of the rig takes up when you see it, day or night. I wonder if reflective material outlining the sides of the apparatus (appliance?) would help the brain recognize the profile more effectively.

    Then, too, I'd like to see studies done on the "moth to the flame" effect that seems to attract drunk drivers like magnets to the shiny bits of the pumpers and an any firefighters standing in the way.

    On a semi-related note, if we're also using our apparatus for crash attenuation at emergency scenes, how good an idea can a rear-mounted pump be?

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      I wonder how well researched this was, they said FDNY painted a huge numer of apparatus lime green, while from what I've read it was just a handful. Also said FDNY found no difference in accident rates and again what I've read the lime green were in more accidents.

      I'm not sold on the euro style mega reflectors, we are getting studies that too many lights are actually attracting people to crash into parked apparatus, I don't see how (if that is true) these uber reflectors would be different. Personally I find them rather distracting.

      I think there is still alot of research to be done before we go back to the all slime green 70's and I think it really comes down to people are stupid and they are going to continue to crash into emergency vehicles and road workers regardless of what color we paint the rigs, how big we make the reflectors or how many / few lights we have.

      Ever notice how many people want to change the color of fire apparatus but we don't see alot of slime green police cars or DOT trucks.


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        Slow news day in the land of the long white cloud, Ian?

        The issue of what colour to paint fire appliances has been going on for many years. In the UK there was a move in the late 60's/ early 70's when some brigades experimented with yellow vehicles, but it never caught on. A fire service in my area (North East England) paints theirs red but with a white cab front which makes them stand out better to drivers when (and if) they check their mirrors.

        The latest versions of the appliances supplied to my service are made with a plastic body which is made from reflective materials, so at night almost all the sides of the appliance are visible.

        What the Officer (1/2 Kiwi 1/2 Yank?) could have said was how drivers could keep out of the way when fire appliances are being driven. Might save on some of the incidents which occur.
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          He might be a Kiwi who has just returned from a one year swap over with FDNY, which is done every year. Along with one to LFB.

          Or he might be an American who saw the light.

          The "moth to the flame" problem is mainly flashing lights at night time. Where they are not needed, try turning them off.
          Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
          Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.


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            On the question of "why red", I think I might have an answer. Back in the day, and I am referring to the very early days of the motorcar - there were only a couple basic colours that you could order your Ford or Dodge and all other motorcars:

            Black, Blue, silver, green and red.

            Green and red were not very common colours - from what I've seen from general studies, mostly being directed between Jaguar and Ferrari. Ford used mostly black or blue and of course Mercedes Benz is usually silver. The whole reason for this, back then was cost savings (or so I was told anyhow) coupled with not really having the technology to create "rainbow" colours.

            So, this is only a surmise, but it would seem that the origin of the red firetruck was to differentiate it from all other vehicles.
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              Best explanation I have heard ---- red was the first paint color to be avaible in a "gloss" as opposed to the flat pastels. It used a byproduct of steel making to achieve the shine.


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