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Danvers, MA explosion

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  • NJFFSA16
    Late Update

    DANVERS, Mass. (AP) - It could take weeks to determine what
    caused a pair of explosions that ripped through a commercial and
    residential neighborhood here, knocking homes off their
    foundations, waking people sleeping miles away and sending
    residents fleeing.
    Nearly 90 homes were damaged early Wednesday - about 25 are
    beyond repair - in the explosions, which were heard more than 20
    miles away. Though 300 people were believed to have been home at
    the time, only 10 suffered injuries, all of them minor.
    "The site is like an urban bomb, that has just completely
    devastated and destroyed not just the building in it, but the homes
    all around it," Sen. John Kerry said after touring the site late
    Wednesday. "I really think as tragic, obviously, as this is,
    particularly hurtful and difficult on the eve of Thanksgiving,
    there's a lot to be grateful for."
    State and local officials said late Wednesday it would be at
    least Friday before residents in the most-damaged areas would be
    allowed to return home. Those staying in homes with less damage
    were given carbon monoxide detectors after inspectors found cracked
    or broken chimneys.
    Federal and state emergency workers and the Red Cross were
    scheduled to staff an assessment center Friday and Saturday to help
    displaced residents.
    The explosions occurred about 2:50 a.m. at CAI Inc., a
    manufacturer of solvents and inks. It sparked a 10-alarm fire that
    attracted a response from 30 cities and towns surrounding this town
    about 20 miles northeast of Boston.
    The chemical plant, which was empty at the time, was leveled. A
    building next door housing a pizza shop and bakery was heavily
    damaged, and homes as far as neighboring Salem had broken windows.
    "We were working and all of the sudden - boom - and everything
    gets dark," said Luis Ferreira, owner of the Danversport Bakery.
    He and three others, including his father-in-law, were working
    overnight baking bread and pies for holiday customers.
    Ferreira said the bakery immediately went dark, and through the
    flour and dust, he and the others called out to each other.
    "We had no idea what happened at the time. We just got out of
    there," said Ferreira, who suffered scrapes on his face and
    sported a bandage on his left temple.
    Danvers Fire Chief James Tutko and State Fire Marshal Steve Coan
    said CAI had a commendable safety record. The U.S. Chemical Safety
    Board planned to assess the site Friday to determine if a full
    investigation was needed.
    "All of us at CAI are shocked and devastated by this
    accident," CAI treasurer Paul Sartorelli said in a press release.
    "Our foremost concern is for the safety and well-being of our
    neighbors and employees."
    Sartorelli said the company had an "impeccable" safety record
    and underwent major safety upgrades in 2001.
    The company was inspected once, in 1990, as part of a planned
    visit by federal officials and no violations were found, according
    to Ted Fitzgerald, a spokesman for the Occupational Safety and
    Health Administration. The lack of inspections indicates a lack of
    complaints to OSHA, he said.
    "A lot of people never knew it was there, that's how benign
    they were," said one neighbor, Jack Fratus.
    The Danversport neighborhood along the river is among the oldest
    in the town, dating to the 1700s. Officials said it always has had
    a mixture of business and homes because it was developed before
    there were zoning laws.
    Mike Nalipinski, on-scene coordinator for the Environmental
    Protection Agency, said preliminary tests showed low levels of
    toluene, a solvent, but nothing of significance.
    AP reporters Jay Lindsay in Danvers and Mark Jewell in Boston
    contributed to this report.

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  • onebugle
    Massachusetts Task Force 1 (MA-TF1) FEMA USAR based out of Beverly, MA

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  • skipatrol8

    Who does USAR in MA? I don't think Danvers has there own as they aren't that big, and the DFS only does hazmat and rehab etc. do they bring in boston for this?

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  • DianeC
    There's a video clip here:


    People as far as Maine felt the explosion...

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  • onebugle
    The explosion actually occurred at a chemical plant that makes solvents and inks. Tolulene seems to be at least one of the products involved.

    We are 4 towns away from the blast sight. The on duty shift was awakened when the fire house shook after the blast. We ended up at staging before being released after 0600.

    The news footage from the sight at daylight is unbelievable. It's a miracle that no residents were killed from the blast. It's being reported that up to 100 homes/businesses have been damaged or destroyed.

    The USAR team is conducting searches to verify no victims. All the injuries from the blast ahve been minor in nature with a few people being admitted to the local hospitals. State hazmat team is on sight doing monitoring.

    This is a photo of the pizza/bakery in front of the blast sight.
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  • MalahatTwo7
    "Good luck and stay safe" to the folks working this one.

    Found a news update from Fox.

    Explosion Sets Fire to Massachussetts Town
    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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    DANVERS, Massachusetts — An explosion at a U.S. chemical plant early Wednesday sparked a massive fire and destroyed homes and businesses, but caused only minor injuries, officials said.

    The explosion just before 3 a.m. was felt miles away from the CAI Inc. plant in Danvers about 20 miles north of Boston.

    About 10 people were injured, Danvers Fire Chief James P. Tutko said.

    "With the exception of chest pains, we don't have anybody who's seriously injured," said Philip Cormier, the chief operating officer of Beverly Hospital, where he said "fewer than 10 patients" were treated.

    Fred Grenier, 25, was asleep in a rear, second-floor bedroom with his girlfriend, Trisha Lynch, 22, about 200 yards from CAI Inc. when the explosion woke him up.

    "The windows came caving in. The (air conditioner) fell right on me," he said.

    His girlfriend's sister, Jennifer Lynch, was asleep in a bedroom that faced the plant and needed stitches for cuts on her face, Grenier said.

    "There were windows gone, doors gone, vinyl sliding off the houses," Grenier said, describing the scene when he went outside.

    Electricity was knocked out. "Everyone was out in the street making sure everybody's all right," he said. "When you went out on the front porch, you could feel the heat."

    Other neighbors told WBZ-AM radio that they thought there had been an earthquake, and one compared the scene to footage of the Blitz in London during World War II.

    Buildings were silhouetted in orange flames and smoke. Police prevented anyone from approaching the area.

    People who live near the area, including residents of a facility for the deaf and a nursing home, were being evacuated to local schools.

    CAI Inc. makes solvents and inks.

    There is an Eastern Propane facility close to the CAI facility, but that was not the cause of the explosion, said company spokesman Jeff Taylor. He said all the company's tanks are secure, although the property suffered some minor damage.
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  • Heretic
    started a topic Danvers, MA explosion

    Danvers, MA explosion

    Just pulled this off the AP:

    DANVERS, Mass. - Firefighters were battling a massive fire following an explosion Wednesday morning.

    Police confirmed to The Associated Press that there had been an explosion, but could not immediately provide any further details.

    The explosion occurred between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. at a propane storage facility, a resident of the area told WBZ-AM radio. Other neighbors told the station that they thought either a plane had crashed in the area or there had been an earthquake.

    The explosion was felt several miles away.

    Danvers is located about 20 miles north of Boston.

    WCVB-TV reports that several homes in the area were on fire or damaged

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