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  • What do they check?

    What are the official background records that fire depts use during hiring processes?for ex: how can they find parking tickets when those dont even show up on my criminal background?
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    If you did it...

    ...they'll find out about it.

    I was on the search committee when my department hired its first paid staff. We paid for a nation-wide criminal background and MV check, a credit check, and a reference/credential check. And used everything except the credit report.

    The key is being straight with the hiring department. Small things won't kill you, unless you try to hide them. If you do, and get caught, you are dead meat.

    Note also that if you lie on an application, you not only can be denied a job, you can be terminated at any time in the future if your lie is discovered.


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      Originally posted by jobdreamer
      What are the official background records that fire depts use during hiring processes?

      Depending on how the law is where you are at. If you were a juvenile and commited the act then you can still put down that you were never convicted at least in TN. Unless you were tried as a adult.

      There is actually some bad stuff going on with juvenile records being deciminated in TN.

      Here is the article

      Miscommunication leads to release of juvenile court records by TBI
      By Jared Allen, [email protected]
      November 14, 2006

      Sealed juvenile court records have been released to the public in Davidson County, costing at least two young mothers their jobs amid a governmental snafu that has agencies at the state and local level blaming each other.

      State and county officials are trying to determine the exact scope of what they fully admit is a serious problem.

      At the same time, officials in both the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) and the Davidson County Public Defender’s Office said Monday that thousands of juvenile court records are co-mingled with adult criminal records in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) database — and have been for years.

      News of at least two cases in which former juvenile delinquents who are now adults were recently fired after their employers requested TBI background checks — and the TBI inadvertently relayed juvenile arrest records — caught many local officials off guard.

      Were it not for a lone juvenile public defender who was alerted to the error after a former client called to complain, the Davidson County Juvenile Court might have continued sending thousands of juvenile records to the TBI without altering a policy that those officials now say is clearly broken.

      Juvenile Court Clerk Vic Lineweaver, as well as Juvenile Court Judge Betty Adams Green, on Monday said court, justice and law enforcement officials will soon convene a “working group” to look at possible solutions.

      But some believe damage already done may be irreversible.

      “I have two females who are now 25 years old. They’re single mothers, they had good jobs, and they lost them. And I have confirmed with the TBI attorney that, yes, in fact, TBI released their records,” Holly Ruskin, the juvenile public defender who first learned about the situation, said in an interview Monday.

      'We made a mistake’

      “It’s safe to say that we made a mistake,” said Jennifer Johnson, TBI spokeswoman, acknowledging that TBI is aware of two incidents in which completed background checks included juvenile detention information. “But, yes, we need some help from those other agencies, too.”

      A large part of the problem, Johnson said, has to do with the manner in which fingerprint-based information of juveniles is fed from the court to the TBI.

      In every Tennessee County but Davidson, the juvenile court feeds manual fingerprint-based records to the TBI. Davidson County does it electronically.

      “When the manual [prints] come into TBI headquarters someone has to look at those,” Johnson said. “But the ones that are sent to us electronically, they dump into the system without anyone ever looking at them.”

      That has become a major issue, Ruskin said, because in at least two instances, TBI did not differentiate between adult and juvenile charges while processing a background check.

      TBI’s Johnson and TBI staff attorney Nancy Myers said their agency requested “six-to-eight” months ago that prints coming from the juvenile court be in manual, rather than electronic, form.

      “We need to receive juvenile prints manually,” Myers said.

      Taking responsibility

      At a meeting last week – in which officials from the TBI, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office, as well as Juvenile

      Court Judge Betty Adams Green, began discussing the matter – TBI officials reiterated their request for manual records.

      As of now, that request has not been met, Johnson said.

      Lineweaver said it is Juvenile Detention officials — not his office — that assumes responsibility for taking fingerprints and passing them on to the TBI.

      Attempts at contacting Juvenile Detention officials were unsuccessful Monday.

      But Lineweaver and others said that no detention officials were present at a hastily-called meeting last week, in which officials scrambled to come to terms with what was actually happening, many of those in attendance described.

      Contacted Monday, Judge Green said she left last week’s meeting before the inadvertent dissemination of juvenile records was brought up.

      “I can’t really comment on that because I left before that particular issue was discussed,” Green said. “But if that’s the case we need to put a stop to it. And I think that if anything was released that shouldn’t have been — either by us, by the detention center, by the clerk’s office, or by the TBI — we need to get it straight.”

      So far, no mention has been made of how to deal with the two women who were fired after their bosses came to believe they lied about not having prior records.

      Ruskin feels as though they have been unjustly victimized.

      “Everybody at juvenile court has told them that when you go to apply for a job you can tell them that you’ve never been convicted of a crime because this is juvenile court – it’s a delinquent finding, it’s not a crime,” Ruskin said.

      “But now these kids are going to get jobs when they get older, and then these employers are running their record and, low and behold, TBI releases it containing their juvenile information,” she continued.

      Johnson said that even though the court sends thousands of electronic juvenile records to the TBI database annually, she does not believe the problem is necessarily bigger than the few isolated incidents that officials – including TBI officials – are aware of.

      “I don’t think we’re talking about a widespread problem,” she said. “Before any of the 80,000 [annual requested background checks] go back into the hands of the people who submitted them, we look at the charges and if there’s a notation on those that lets us know that they were juveniles, then those records are not being released.”

      “If they are being released it should be an isolated incident,” Johnson continued.

      Vows to fix problem

      For now, all officials contacted for this article said they are just now becoming aware of an unfortunate situation they have already vowed to fix.

      But at least one private attorney is aware of the issue and is looking into the possibility of a civil lawsuit against one or more agencies on behalf of an unknown number of former juvenile defendants.

      “The entire goal of the juvenile justice system, as opposed to the criminal justice system – is to rehabilitate, not to shame, the individual,” Patrick Frogge said. “But the fact that, because of a clerical error, children are being are rendered infamous as felons is outrageous.”


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        Here they check criminal background (NCIC and ACIC), driving record,credit check, work history, reference check... We're EMT's and the state does same checks and take's finger print's...

        Main thing is just let them know... No matter how small or big... LET THEM KNOW UP FRONT AND DON'T hide anything as was said they will find out some how or some way... I've seen great people that would have made excellent firefighters not hired because they lied...


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          NCIC and ACIC

          what do these stand for?


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            NCIC and ACIC

            is there anyway that I can check my personal NCIC and ACIC?


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              Traffic tickets will show up when your fire department runs your 27 in their pre-employment checks.


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                Jobdreamer- You need to ask all of your hiring question in ONE thread in the "Hiring Forum".

                This 4 different threads thing is silly. If youre even in a process, you need to be able to follow directions. Posting in the right areas would be a good start.



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                  And WHAT are you really worried they will find out?
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                    NCIC is a Federal database. ACIC is probably a system unique to whatever state you reside in.

                    Parking tickets will not show up in a criminal background. However, they will be on record with your states secretary of state office which is separate from your states ACIC system.
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                      If the tickets went unpaid, then threre would be a record with whatever agency handles motor vehicle licenses and registrations.

                      I know that in Massachusetts.. unpaid tickets can prevent one from registering a vehicle or renewing a license... and having a driver's license is a job requirement.
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                        NO you can't check these yourself... You'll need to have PD officer do it for you as each request is logged into the computer system... Or aleast it is around here...

                        On the NCIC and ACIC they are National and State crime records that both go into big computer system... So if you have anything on your record it will show up...

                        NCIC is National
                        ACIC is Arkansas
                        TCIC is Texas

                        This what the PD checks when you get pulled over...



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                          If you want to pass the background check be completely honest about everything, even the small stuff that may seem unimportant. You are representing your trustworthiness. If you lie, even on small things, it doesn't make you look good. Honestly will usually win over.
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                            NCIC = National Crime Information Center (FBI basically)
                            ACIC = Arkansas Crime Information Center
                            TCIC = Texas Crime Information Center

                            Each State has their own version of the National NCIC which is the central repository of criminal records of that state. Nothing gets by either one of these two types of record keeping.
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                              I know NJ has NCIC and ATS/ACS...not that it matters...just figured I'd add my 2 cents lol
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