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training ideas

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  • training ideas

    I was Wondering if i could get some good ideas for training topics for the winter time. preferably ideas that could be more classroom based.
    Thank You LT-5-11-1

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    Well, This may be a little off kilter to what your looking for, but . . . I am the newly elected Jr. Advisor in my FD and have about a half dozen Jr's in class at the moment and I was looking for something good to reinforce the basics they are getting in class now - both indoors & outdoors type stuff.

    I just got a copy of Virgina DFP FF I & II Student Guide and it is great !! The book is (mostly) made up of "Performance Standard Guides" (which is basicly a fancy term for check off sheet) for everythng from Transmitting & Ordering Multiple Alarms to Setting up Emergency Lighting for Fire Ground Operations.

    They are lain out much like the traing guides you can get from MFRI and include an Objective, Instructions, Notes, Prep & Equipment, and IFSTA Referance on each sheet.

    Based on the look of the guide (It's a set of loose 3 hole punched pages in shrink wrap) I doubt if this is an IFSTA or NFPA publication, but it is based on and references all NFPA & IFSTA material. It was also designed to follow the 4th Edition IFSTA Essentials book.

    It is available from the Va DFP Bookstore for about $6 US per copy.

    If it sounds like somethin you'd be interested in - feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll put you in contact with the Book Store.

    Take Care - Stay Safe


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      How about a class on propane safety. If you go to propanesafety.com they have scenarios. Also click on instructors workshop for some visual aids.


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        I agree with Dave - the propane council has done a great job on training materials -and it doesn't cost you anything!! I had 3 vollies that needed 4 more hours of haz mat to be certified- but we shared their last 4 hours with the rest of the dept. using this class. Any training officer will find it easy to get a 4 hour class out of their material!! (24 hours if you want more!) Propane Council has done a great job on this!! And I must also recommend the VFIS driver's training class. I've used it extensively. (Promise - I have no affiliation with either of the above - but I sure do appreciate their help!!) My other best source is the state forestry for winter classes - but, not knowing where you're from, don't know if that could help you or not.

        God is our Fire Chief;
        Jesus is our Incident Commander.


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          As a training officer, let me assure you that there is no shortage of indoor stuff to do. Just to name a few ideas:
          -CPR/AED cert or recert
          -Bloodborne Pathogens
          -Haz-Mat Awareness
          -Fire Behavior
          -Incident Comand System
          -Rope & Knots
          -Cold weather Ops
          -Hot weather Ops
          -First Responder/EMT
          -General Fireground Safety
          -Any subject utilizing lecture, videos, overheads, discussion, etc.-do the class now, the drill later
          -Bring in speakers from the gas or electric companies, airport, industrial facility, etc.
          -Fire Alarm Systems
          -Arrange a tour of some local facility such as a mall, school, nursing home, hospital, factory, warehouse, chemical plant, hotel,

          The list goes on and on. Use a little imagination, ask neighboring departments for ideas, ask your members for suggestions.

          Try to do a few classes jointly with some of yur mutual aid companies. It puts you all on the same page, plus you get to know the personnel you may be working with.

          Good luck.

          Never stop learning, and keep safety first and foremost always!

          [This message has been edited by SafeTrain (edited 02-07-2001).]


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            go to the training section of this web site. there are dozens of good training ideas there.


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