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Think I'd go defensive on this one!

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  • Think I'd go defensive on this one!

    Trio hurt after fireworks factory fire.

    Three people have been taken to hospital after a blaze broke out at a fireworks factory in North Somerset.
    One person was treated for smoke inhalation and two for shock following the fire at the Firemagic factory at Kenn Court Business Park in Clevedon.

    A spokesman said some fireworks caught alight causing "an impromptu display", which lasted 40 minutes.

    Tony Jackson, from Avon Fire and Rescue, added: "It was pretty spectacular when we first got here."

    Two containers of fireworks caught alight and exploded on Friday evening, with two near-by houses also affected by the blaze.

    Fire crews were damping down on Saturday morning.

    One eye-witness, Nick Stokes, told the BBC: "We got there shortly after the police had first arrived. You could see the fire from the M5 as you come over the crest from Portishead.

    "There was a massive fireworks 'display' for about 40 minutes of constant bangs.

    "We counted eight to ten police cars, four fire engines, an ambulance and various unmarked emergency vehicles."

    The blaze is not being treated as suspicious.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    I Dunno...........

    Martin, would this qualify for "Make Pumps Fifty"??
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      Not sure if I'd go that high Harve, but I would make sure my driver could find reverse in a hurry!!

      You have to admire the understated Britishness of the quote by the OIC, "It was quite spectacular when we first got here"
      United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.


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        Isn't this one of those times where you wish you had a Ferret Scout Car? 5 forward gears and 10 REVERSE!

        As for the OIC, at least he didn't say "Well, when we arrived, there was something of a bang and flash happening."
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