The NFPA Labels in fire fighter turnout gear have the in service date marked in them on the NFPA label. We have a monthly inspection and documentation of the all of our protective clothing and gear. The State Commission inspects our protective gear annually. If a repair is needed, the garment is sent to the maufacturer for repairs. If the garment has been damaged or has a failure of some type, it is removed from service and replaced. I hope I've worded this right. Is there an expiration date, or time period that goes by when protective clothing must be removed from service? Protective clothing sees fire duty and is washed per manufacturer specs. Obvious wear factors may be visualized and appropriate action taken. But what about years of service? How many years of service can one expect to get out of protective clothing? Will repeated exposure to fire combustion elements and washings over years take its toll on the make-up of Nomex or PBI? Is there an expiration date or time frame for taking protective clothing out of service? What do you NFPA gurus know about this one? Just curious. Thanks, Joe