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Trust Fund For Firefighter Kade Kotheimer

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  • Trust Fund For Firefighter Kade Kotheimer

    Kade Kotheimer started out as a cadet years ago on my department here in Ohio, below is a letter from his new department. If there is anyway that you are able to help it would be greatly appreciated. You can also view this information on the department website at www.speedwayfire.org.

    Friday morning 24 year old probationary Speedway Firefighter Kade Kotheimer was left gravely injured when a van driven by a habitual traffic offender savagely struck him. Leaving Kade, face down 70 feet away, clinging to life and nearly a half dozen other vehicles and drivers scarred and damaged. According to public safety accounts firefighter Kade received expert emergency medical care from the A Shift Engine 884 crew from Wayne Township Fire and life prolonging immediate treatment from skilled veteran paramedic Pat Rupenthal a legendary street medic here on the west side of Indianapolis. Even still these efforts by the heroic and skilled professional Fire & EMS personnel could not reverse the horrific damage and injuries Kade sustained from being initially struck then launched over 70 feet and subsequently ran over by multiple vehicles.

    Firefighter Kade was rushed to Methodist Hospital while emergency medical experts fought to restore his airway and battle the massive injuries that were threatening to end his life. Upon arrival at Methodist Hospital, the trauma team worked to discover and deal with this life threatening mass of injuries. He was placed in I.C.U. and listed as critical. His injuries include but are not limited to: severe closed head trauma and injuries, increased intracranial pressure due to swelling, intracranial bleeding, multiple avulsions and lacerations all over limbs shoulders and head. Both tibia and fibula in both left and right legs were crushed and required 51/2 hours of surgical intervention to repair. Severe swelling and bruising over the majority of his body surface area. He is in a coma as a result of his injuries, indwelling I.V.s and an intracranial pressure gauge installed to monitor pressure levels on Kades brain. His vital signs are encouraging as they are stable and we hold every hope and prayer for Kades recovery from this horrible tragedy.

    As if these injuries and the monstrous incident aren’t enough, Firefighter Kotheimer has more working against him and his family. Kade and his wife Denae were just recently married looking forward to a life together; they had just closed on their first new house 2 days before his being struck down. In fact he and his young wife were looking forward to their first painting party to make this house, their home. So a new marriage, new home with a fresh mortgage and a new career. Yes, Kade is a probationary Firefighter here in Speedway. He came on the job 08/01/06 and has been looking forward to a career of excitement, challenge and brotherhood. His pension, now that he is gravely injured so early in his career will fall painfully short of what he and his wife will need... Kade’s challenge now has a single focus, survival.

    Representatives from our administration, Fire Chief Curtis Dean, Assistant Chief Ken Komlanc, Division Chief Mark Watson, Captain John Mathews and Kade’s shift leader Lieutenant Jeff Hartman, met with Kades wife, parents, family and friends. Along with the help of Speedway Town manager John McCurtain, they have secured places for the out of town family to sleep, and through the wives of Chiefs officers and shift officers have gotten food and drink to them also. Fire Marshall Robert Fish burn has been very helpful meeting needs for information and meeting with various persons and agencies concerning Kades situation. Local 416 officers Mike Reeves, Randy Adams and Ted Waldrip were at Methodist within minutes of being notified of the news, union Officer Mike White has also been very helpful. Lt. Eric Emerson and Private Brad Hall combined efforts with off duty and on duty firefighters to raise a considerable donation of funds at a moments notice at the Speedway home coming football game. Firefighters passed the boot through the crowd and stood at the gates asking for donations and so many gave generously.

    We now have a few different ways that we are asking you to help us help our young brother in peril.

    1. A trust fund has been established at NATIONAL CITY BANK as: TRUST FUND FOR FIREFIGHTER KADE KOTHEIMER. You can donate any amount! At any National City Branch. All amounts gratefully, accepted please give what you can.

    2. OCTOBER 3rd @ Applebee’s on Crawfordsville Rd. in Speedway will be FIREFIGHTER KADE KOTHEIMER DAY come and eat , drink and bid on some raffle items all to benefit Kade’s trust fund. From 11am till 11pm 15% of all purchases accompanied by an event flyer will be donated to this worthy cause. Great raffle items and door prizes! Hosted by the Speedway Firefighters and Applebee’s. Also there will be a custom motorcycle show and competition with prizes and trophies to be awarded. The show is sponsored by Indianapolis chapter of The F.O.O.L.S (Fraternal Order of Leatherhead Society) and Harley Davidson Special Guest Judging done by The Hooters Girls. With Musical guest the Emerald Society Pipe Band.

    3. Cell Phone and ink cartridge recycle drive! We will be accepting any undamaged used cell phones and any used undamaged laser ink jet cartridges to be sent to a professional recycle company. This will help our fund raising and keeps the environment cleaner. 1 old cell phone can pollute 10,000 gallons of water, with its internal contaminants. There will be drop off containers at SFD stations 201 1410 N Lynhurst Dr Speedway and Station 202 5639 W 25th St. Speedway . If you have a larger quantity of phones call Mike Cheney 508-4633 and I will come pick them up from you! Remember they just need to be intact. We will also accept cell battery packs that are intact!

    We will send along more information as it becomes available to us. For now this is a good start towards the serious needs that Kade and his family are and will be facing. If you have questions call me , if you have any leads on good raffle items for donation call also. If you have a monetary donation for the fund that you wish to go directly to a firefighter , Lt. Jeff Hartman can assist you , contact me and I will get you in touch with him. If you have a larger sum or corporate donation , or just wish to have declare a deduction , we can assist you with obtaining the correct tax forms. Thank you for reading this update and request for help for Kade. God Bless each of you for your thoughts , prayers and assistance . There will be more information soon, stay safe.

    With many Thanks,

    Mike Cheney
    Speedway Professional Firefighters Dist. Pres.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Kade, his family and friends and the Speedway Firefighters that Kade has a full and speedy recovery. Take care.


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      How awful. My prayers are with you Kade. God be with you, your family, friends, and FD.


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        Per the website at www.speedwayfire.org Update as of 15:00 9/22/06 there will updates only if there is a change in his condition.

        Kade was removed from the ventilator and is now breathing on is own, he is also opening and shows movement in his right eye.

        if there is anyway the firefighters on this site can donate to Kades trust fund it would be Greatly appreciated.


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