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    10 Jobs That Let You Drive Fast
    By Candace Corner, CareerBuilder.com writer

    You pity the 9-to-5 fools, holed-up behind their desks, bug-eyed from staring at their monitors all day. With one lead foot on the gas and a double-fisted power grip behind the wheel, your idea of work involves high velocities and sound salaries. But where does someone with your need for speed turn to when looking for a job? Consider these gigs that let you put the pedal to the metal:

    1. Automobile Tester
    What they do: Test drive new car models and help determine performance and safety ratings.

    What allows it: When considering how an automobile is handling, testers need to observe every element of the vehicle and how it handles.

    What it pays: The median hourly earnings are $16.54.*

    2. Race Car Driver
    What they do: Professionally race automobiles competitively around tracks or in designated areas at top speeds.

    What allows it: Racecar driving is the ultimate job to let you drive fast.

    What it pays: The salaries of race car drivers are generally undisclosed unless a legal case requires the figures to be released. Annual salaries can start at $100,000, plus drivers can earn a bonus based on race results.

    3. Pilot
    What they do: Operate aircraft for different companies or purposes including commercial, agricultural or entertainment reasons.

    What allows it: It's simply about getting the passengers or cargo to the desired destination as fast (and safely) as possible.

    What it pays: The median annual earnings of airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers is $129,250 and the median annual earnings of commercial pilots is $53,870.

    4. Firefighter
    What they do: Use strategy and equipment to confine and extinguish fires.

    What allows it: Firefighters need to have quick response time and drive as fast and safely as possibly to get to the scene and take care of things.

    What it pays: At the state and local levels, firefighters make a median salary of $40,000 a year.

    5. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
    What they do: Drive to the scene of an emergency to administer medical treatment and transport the injured to the emergency room.

    What allows it: The response time to meet the emergency situation is crucial. Sirens and lights alert other drivers and pedestrians while ambulance drivers race through red lights and pass traffic.

    What it pays: The median annual salary for an EMT with one to four years of experience is $27,500.

    6. Taxi Driver
    What they do: Drive automobiles, with passengers in tow, around cities and towns to their destinations.

    What allows it: They need to get customers where they want to be on time.

    What it pays: The median annual salary for a taxi driver with 1 to 4 years of experience is $35,000.

    7. Valet (Parking Attendant)
    What they do: Park and retrieve customers cars.

    What allows it: While a valet position hardly allows the freedom to hit high speeds like a race car driver or even taxi driver might, the focus is still getting the car back to its owner as fast as possible.

    What it pays: The median salary for workers ages 18 to 25 is $22,000, and $47,000 for workers ages 25 to 44.

    8. Ocean Lifeguard
    What they do: Use expert swimming and training skills to rescue people and animals from water-related accidents and oversee the safety of the water area they are observing.

    What allows it: As a lifeguard, the question of how fast the response is becomes a life or death situation. When overseeing a large body of water, speed boats and other faster modes of transport are needed.

    What it pays: The median annual salary for government employed lifeguards is $21,000.

    9. Bike Messenger
    What they do: Use bikes as means of transporting letters and packages from one destination to another.

    What allows it: Keeping up with car traffic is essential to getting the job done and staying safe while doing it.

    What it pays: The median annual salary for company-employed messengers is $25,940.

    10. Delivery Driver
    What they do: Take goods from businesses and consumers to clients via automobile or truck.

    What allows it: While delivery drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road, they need to know the fastest route possible.

    What it pays: The median annual salary for company-employed drivers is $34,000.

    *Salary information from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Payscale.com, CareerProspects.org and FortWayne.com.

    Candace Corner is a writer for CareerBuilder.com.

    Copyright 2006 CareerBuilder.com. All rights reserved. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without prior written authority.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless


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      PS - They didn't mention Police Officer in that article? Odd.


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