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    Any one tried the new Glober Magnum boots? (link) From what I've seen of em they look great. I havn't been able to find a dealer that carries them or even an online store for that matter.
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    Tried them on in Baltimore. They were very comfortable, but fugly as hell.
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      I havn't been able to find a dealer that carries them or even an online store for that matter.
      Globe is shipping the boots out to all dealers on the 22nd (Friday) with the dealers selling them as fast as they receive them. No one is getting them until then.
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        I tried on a par at the New England Fire Rescue Expo. They made my Warrington Pro5000's feel like rubber boots in comparison.

        They may be fugly, but they fit oh so nice!
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          To ugly for me

          I tried them on at FDIC. Not bad for comfort, but the models they showed at FRI this weekend alrteady had cracks in them, so I'm worried about the durability. How long does it take them to make those darn boots ? Still not available, but they've been showing them off for more than 6 months already. I like our Pro's, also getting my newbies into those boss boots from airboss. Cheaper than the pro's, and almost as comfy. The globe's are too disco for my taste, and too expensive for my budget.


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            To all:

            We started our wear tests about a month ago and we should have boots in our store around the 1st of October. We can only sell to FF's in Illinois and areas not covered by a Globe Dealer currently. If you are interested in the boots, shoot me an e-mail and I can let you know who is your nearest dealer.

            Thank you and have a good day!



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              Hi rfd599 !

              Do you carry the boss boot from airboss ? I'm having problems finding a dealer in my area.


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                Yes, we are an Air Boss Dealer, we just don't have them listed on our website. Shoot me an e-mail if you need info or pricing at [email protected].

                Thank you,



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                  where are they?

                  I've been asking for info and all I get is the same flyer for the last 6 months. They said they don't have a dealer for Iowa so I'm checking out the guy's store from Illinios and hopefully he can help me out. I'm really only interested in the 6" step in for duty boots/EMS calls.

                  Hey, how old are you guys? They don't look that "disco"!!! A little yellow does a boot good. :-)

                  B SAFE!



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                    THREAD HIJACK d'oh

                    since we are on the topic of a new boot what about Black Diamonds new X-boot link ??


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                      Saw those boots at FRI

                      I wasn't that impressed with them. They look good from afar. But up close they look and feel more like a plastic boot than a leather boot. The feel was average, not even close to our Pro's, or even the boss for that matter. I'd rather save me some real money and get a good pair of rubber boots, or two even, instead of buying just an average leather boot. My local dealer told me it was made in China, which I'm not too fond of either even if they are cheaper. I'm union through and through, and I don't like it when these guys take our union brothers' jobs to China. Made in USA all the way !


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                        Does anybody know if The Fire store will pick'em up or any other online dealer that can sell nationally?


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                          I received your e-mail today and forwarded it on to our regional rep. I should have a concrete answer by Wed. or Thursday. Sorry for the delayed response, but I was in Atlanta for a meeting today and had to travel from ATL back to Chicago this evening, so I am just getting around to e-mail.


                          I don't believe TheFireStore will have these boots or that they will be made available nationally. Globe is very protective of its dealer network and works hard to make sure that they have exclusive rights to certain territories.

                          If anyone is searching for a local dealer, I can probably point you in the right direction. My e-mail is [email protected].

                          Nick Dinges, V.P.


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                            Want them magnum's!!!

                            i'm hopfully a future probie with Balto city FD (just completed oral and agility) Really feelling those magnum's and i'm taking in yall's opinion of them, but wondering their average price and if B-more would let me wear'm on the fireground! anyone from B-more, MD?


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                              We are selling them for:

                              14" Pull-On (1-11): $274.95 + s/h
                              14" Pull-On (12+): $264.95 + s/h

                              12" Front Zip (1-11): $299.95 + s/h
                              12" Front Zip (12+): $289.95 + s/h

                              I am guessing that is is about an average price for them.

                              Good luck!



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