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    NJ,You are right, we are held to a higher standard in the eye of the public............

    You hit the nail on the head when you stated;

    ....the reaction is intensified. The public entrusts us with their well being. It doesn't matter that one doesn't use their position to assist them in committing the acts.....their trust has still been violated.

    The public finds it especially alarming when those entrusted with their protection violate the trust, break faith with them. The level of trust that the public puts in us is necessarily higher. We enter their homes, pick up their children, help them in their hour of need. We have something that the Police, and even EMS services don't enjoy. The generally unconditional trust of the public that we will not do them harm. Then a pile of human excrement comes along and damages our position of trust.

    It is a sad time in South Haven that was being made worse by the removal of a beloved Chief. When I was there Monday night, all the firefighters from a private up to the Asst.Chief were still addressing Doug as Chief. Now, he is Chief again.
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      Great news!! Welcome back Chief!!

      Now you need to get to the real issue of damage control to the department and the personnel from all the bad press. Keep your chin up, things will get better.

      I also agree with the shock factor as stated above and it is true, sells more papers and gets more ratings. The public does holds us to a higher standard. I think this is justified too because we are responsible for the public's well being and we are trusted with private issues and property.

      Stuff like this makes firefighters look bad nationwide. It's the "few bad apples" theory at work here.

      Again, welcome back!
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        Thank You

        Thank you all for your tremenous support of the SHFD, without all the gory details a "negotiated peace agreement" was reached and hopefully the agreements to be developed in the next few weeks will prevent this from happening again to not only the department, but the community of South Haven.

        The department bylaws are to be ammended to allow for a board selected Chief, once this is accomplished and a contract with the township is agreed apon, I will ask for for a vote of confidence from the department.

        The department is unified and the healing process has started from all the recent events they have faced, I can assure you that they will handle this just like they have handled the nearly 700 calls for help they have recieved thus far this year..... Together as a team.

        as a side note all hiring, rehiring, reinstatement as well as screening policies are currently under review and will be revised as necessary

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          Glad to see a good outcome -- sounds like there was underlying issues that got brought to a head by the stress of a situation that wasn't directly a "FD" problem.

          To further NJ's comment: The public AND the media hold us to a higher standard.

          It's not just firefighters.

          I saw this in the local paper today:

          MONTVILLE -- A Montville school board member, expelled from his position as assistant chief at the Chesterfield Fire Department earlier this year, was charged Tuesday with giving alcoholic drinks to a minor.

          ...who also is a member of the town's Public Safety Commission, could not be reached Wednesday for comment.

          The incident that led to charges occured at a FD banquet. But the School Board got sucked into the PR problem as well.


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