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  • I.A.F.F. Convention

    I am shocked and amazed on the lack of discussion regarding the 48th IAFF convention. It was a fantastic convention and the Fire service should be paying homage to the International Association of Fire Fighters. On behalf of Cicero Illinois Firefighters Local 717 we would like to thank our great General President Harold Schaitberger, Secretary-Treasurer Vincent Bollon, all the Vice Presidents, (but most importantly Tom Miller 8th district), AFFI President Rick Merrill, AFFI V.P. at large Russ Hunt, AFFI 1st district V.P. Dan Fortuna, and all the delegates who attended. We truly are always on the fronline - Two Great Nations, One Great Union. Thank you my brothers and sisters.

    Eric Habercoss
    IAFF Local 717

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    Since you are shocked and amazed at the lack of discussion, why don't you start some?


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      Let's not forget about Kevin Gallagher who walks the walk and talks the talk for the 1st District.
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        I saw a picture of Schaitberger hugging Hilary Clinton. She must have made an appearance at the conventin last week.

        Mark these words in 2008: IAFF FIREFIGHTERS FOR HILLARY!!!!

        I think I'm gonna go throw up! Why don't they take a real vote amongst the membership instead of telling everyone to drink the "Kool-Aid".


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          Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is a friend of firefighters. I didnt realize she was running for president at this time. I am looking for someone to dispute the fact she is pro-firefighter. I hear a lot of people who do not like her. I am interested to know why you do not like her.... Real reasons. The usual line is, "I just don't like her". I am a firm believer is supporting those who support us.


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            Originally posted by NortheastFF

            I think I'm gonna go throw up! Why don't they take a real vote amongst the membership instead of telling everyone to drink the "Kool-Aid".
            Interesting concept. So you are proposing that the International should have an election to see who we should endorse? Hmm... I am interested to hear how you would do this.
            IAFF-IACOJ PROUD


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              The usual line is, "I just don't like her". I am a firm believer is supporting those who support us.
              I agree with you in that I support those who support us. Hillary may, or she may not. What exactly has a senator from New York done to help me here in Wisconsin, or anywhere other than New York? My experience with politicians, and specifically those who we work hard for, after giving them our endorsement are all talk. We have done a lot of work locally for politicians, had them elected, only to have them turn around and cut us.
              Plenty of politicians give us lip service, but that is all it really is. Because of that, I am not able to get beyond my political views to vote for someone who my be “pro-firefighter”. All politicians say they are “pro-firefighter”.


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                Yep, Tom Miller is a class act. Always a pleasure to speak with.

                The bottom line here is you support those who support you. Regardless of political affilitation or sex for this matter. There support is not based or something say, its based on past voting on OUR issues. I have not seen her voting record but I am sure they can be looked up.
                Local 216


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                  I also support those that support firefighters. However, in my opinion at the federal level we always seem to endorse the liberal candidates because we think they’ll do more for us. If the AFL-CIO says this is the guy, than that’s who we’re throwing our PAC money after.

                  Mikey being pro-firefighter is a lot like being pro-education and pro-job growth – everyone’s for it. Imagine a candidate getting up and saying “I’m against firefighters, think kids should quit school and want to eliminate any new jobs from my district”.

                  Judging from your location I assume that you’re a Chicago fireman. What’s your opinion of Chicago’s famous Rev. Jackson? You know that Hillary and the good Reverend are political allies.

                  How much have Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry done for the fire service? Are small communities running engine and truck companies with one firefighter each heavier staffed now? Probably not. Ironically, police departments don’t seem to have these problems to a larger extent.

                  As for Sen. Clinton here are two of my gripes:

                  1) In Grutter v. Bollinger the case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 involving the University of Michigan Law Schools admissions process Sen. Clinton was a supporter of the plaintiffs having agreed that “diversity in higher education is a compelling state interest that can justify the use of race in university admissions”.

                  Sen. Clinton also said “For millions of Americans, affirmative action has knocked down the barriers of the past that prevented them from attending college, law school, serving in the military, or working in our country's leading companies and the small businesses in our hometowns and neighborhoods.”

                  I have to believe that there are people that post on these boards that have taken entrance and promotional exams in Departments represented by our Union that were denied these positions because of affirmative action.

                  Source: http://clinton.senate.gov/~clinton/n...003623932.html

                  2) Sen. Clinton is also anti-gun. According to Judicial Watch, Sen. Clinton has supported “filing massive product liability and negligence lawsuits against major handgun makers”. Personally I am pro-gun and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Given that at least six guys that work on my shift shoot handguns at ranges while off-duty I have to assume that most firefighters are also pro-gun.

                  There’s two issues for now – there are others.


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                    So you would rather that a dozen or so individuals that may or may not have their own personal agendas speak for the 250,000 members?

                    Why couldn't a system like the electoral college be established, based on Union size to give the members the chance to speak? In my firehouse alone there are 45 members. In 2004, I knew of 1 that openly supported Sen. Kerry.


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                      Northeast, thanks for the post. I am actually trying to start some decent discussion, which you have provided. I work/live in the southern suburbs of Chicago. Jesse Jr. is my congressman. I like him better then the old man. I am not supporting Hillary Clinton for president but believe it or not the IAFF is a democarcy. We have the power to elect leaders who represent our collective views. I personally like the direction the union has gone in recent years when it comes to being run more business-like. The EDF and Guardian policy come to mind when I think of how the union has helped enormously at the local level. The IAFF is also known ffor having some semblence of bi-partisianship. I believe that the Executive Board will tread lightly in 2008.
                      IAFF-IACOJ PROUD


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                        Everytime the subject of IAFF endorsements come up I am amazed at the misconceptions about how the process works.

                        Every member does have a voice in who, how, when, etc the IAFF makes endorsements. In order for that to happen though you have to understand how your voice is heard. This also means you need to get involved.

                        The General President and District VPs are elected at conventions. The votes for these positions are made by the delegates attending the conventions. Those delegates, by LAW, have to be elected by the membership in the individual locals. If you want different leadership speaking for you and/or making endorsements then you have to hold your delegates accountable for their votes.

                        There are other mechanisms available to you. At every convention their are dozens of resolutions that are voted on by the delegates. These resolutions can be submitted by your local. If you want the IAFF to develop a new way to endorse canidates then submit a resolution outlining how it should be done and what the cost per capita would be. It will then be voted on by the elected representation of the IAFF locals in attendance.

                        The IAFF is probably the most bi-partisan AFL-CIO member and they routinely endorse canidates from both parties. Unfortunately the GOP has less members who support fire fighter issues- SAFER, The FIRE ACT, National Collective Bargaining, etc. There are serious efforts being made to change that including have high profile members of the GOP attend the IAFF Legislative Conference.

                        The Hillary issue is going to be a problem. I am sure the Executive Board and General President are losing a little sleep over it already. She has an outstanding record on the issues I mentioned and has been a supporter of the IAFF and its members for years. She is also an extremely polarizing figure and I am sure that the IAFF does not want to go through what it experienced during the 2004 election. It is going to be fun to watch.


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                          RE33FX, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Being active in the state and international level is the only way to voice your concerns. You cant set around the firehouse and complain amongst yourselves and praise good ole "Stay the Course" You see, there were obviously more delegate Ayes for endorsing Kerry then Neyes. Was he the right guy......maybe not......was he the wrong guy....not by far. Just look at Gw's approval rating.
                          Local 216


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                            IAFF Convention

                            All I can say is what are you professional firefighters thinking?

                            Are we brothers?

                            Do we risk our lives together?

                            How can we support those who do not support us?

                            I have not posted as of late because I am arbitrating a contract, 3 unfair labor practices and about 30 grievances.

                            I want to thank Mikey for his constant support (as you said we know each other but I wish i knew from where). You are a true brother who gets the big picture.

                            I can say the same for you RE33FFX.

                            When will we learn.

                            We risk our lives everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I can not tell you how many times my brothers and I have almost bought it at a fire.

                            Why would we not support someone who supports us.

                            I will support whomever the IAFF supports.

                            The IAFF is the only organization who supports us.

                            Without the IAFF we would be fighting for minimum wage and some sort of death benefit for our families when we buy it.

                            Because of the IAFF we have a decent wage (not what we deserve) and a decent death benefit that insures a small peace of mind as I rush into a burning building not knowing if I will ever see my family again.

                            The IAFF has provided all Fire Fighter with more than they can imagine. Open your eyes and shut yor mouths. Be apprecative to those who appreciate you,

                            We need to be smart and political or we will cease to exist. I am sure there are private corporations who will be happy to capitalize on what we do. Just ask Broadview Illinois whom I hear will be run by a private company. A Fire Department run for profit? This is a sad story.

                            Politicians say they can not afford us!!!! But private companys are fighting to take us over. But if there is no money to be made, why take us over?

                            Taking money to protect lives and property, how repulsive.

                            We do not do this for the money, as all true fireman know.

                            This is what we do because we care.

                            Hillary Clinton is fighting for your brothers and sisters who are sick and dying because of condtions they faced on 9-11. If you do not support them, you are not my brother, and I wish you would leave the fire service because you just dont get it. And there is nothing I can do to explain it to you.

                            Wake up and fight for your chosen occupation.

                            I would rater die on my feet than live on my knees.

                            Anyone who is with me welcome to our fight. Anyone opposed can go to hell.


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                              All polititions are crooks ! I don't need anyone to tell me who to vote for and neither do you, make your own choice.

                              To tell someone to goto hell just because they will not vote for someone they want is just assinine. The world does not evlove around firefighting and sorry to tell you that its not one of my main things for picking a politition.

                              ------GOD BLESS AMERICA ! ------


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