He was a Volunteer FireFighter, he went to war in Iraq to serve his Country.
He recently Graduated from the FDNY academy, he became a FDNY certified FireFighter...he served the public. He's a hero....A hero overseas to protect us from terrorism, a hero on our streets to protect us from fire.
A fallen Brother , a Fallen Soldier, a fallen hero he was.
He was a young man, a fresh rookie..probably still doing dishes for the guy's at the House. He was still fresh, he was still learning...he was still asking 100's of questions each day..but once that Bell rang..he became a hero...no rookie...no person...A hero...yes...i'm talking about Michael C. Reilly.
This is just a little Tribute to him, and how he fullfilled his dream of being a FireFighter and serving NewYork City proud..but also showing the Nation his heroism.

Thanks MICHAEL !!!!!!!!!